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Overview of Concrew Training's one day workshop on train the trainer training


<ul><li> 1. Train the Trainer </li> <li> 2. This Workshop Explores 20 good habits of an effective trainer Why things can go wrong Group Dynamics Learning Styles Personal Development </li> <li> 3. It includes A Training Toolbox </li> <li> 4. The Training Toolbox Ways to plan and prepare How to use resources Sample exercises that work Effective communication tips Ways to manage difficult people Handling evaluations </li> <li> 5. Ways of Working Talk and Chalk One to one Group work Problem solving Materials Role play </li> <li> 6. Ground Rules Exercise 1 Working with a partner develop some ground rules for this workshop This is the first activity for any trainer/training </li> <li> 7. Find Out More TODAY </li> <li> 8. Concrew Training Commerce House Victoria Way Pride Park Derby DE24 8AN Telephone: 01332 640 230 </li> </ul>


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