Choosing Between My Children And My Sanity

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  • Choosing Between My Children and My



    Question: I want to leave my marriage and

    my children for the sake of my own sanity


    I have never been maternal My marriage is smothering me

    with obligations and expectations


    I have thought this through This is the right decision for me

    and them How do I get my husband to

    allow me access to the children?


    Answer: You are going against the norm

    by leaving your marriage as well as your children

    This is not about right or wrong This is about security


    You do not feel secure inside or outside of the relationship

    You want to leave the marriage so that you can survive and grow


    You will need a lot of courage How do you prepare yourself

    and your children? Find self-love before you do

    anything else


    Your relationship has a natural life cycle

    Holding on to the relationship at all costs is not a solution


    Find your good traits so that they can balance out your other traits


    For example you feel like a failure as a mother

    What if your husband is frustrated by your lack of conformance and a better carer than you?


    Not all mothers feel a mother instinct

    You want to follow your heart


    The alternative is to stay in a relationship at all costs


    When you find self-love, your children will know you are all right

    Your husband will also find clarity


    Wait until you can leave feeling happy and without self-blame

    Your relationship with your children will benefit


    You have a soul contract with your husband and children

    You are living that soul contract


    Love means accepting and loving yourself, so that you have love to give to others


    Thank You