Flash: A call for sanity

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Ever since the infamous ‘thoughts on flash’ letter that Steve Jobs wrote in 2010, Flash has been regarded as a dying technology, abandoned in favour of HTML5 and web standards. But is HTML5 really ready for the rich media prime-time, and does Flash really have nothing left to give? In this talk, I’ll explore some areas where Flash is continuing to make a huge impact both in and beyond the browser, cut through some of the confusion, PR fails, and straight up deception in the front end wars and share some ideas on the appropriate use cases for both Flash and HTML5 in the ever changing digital landscape. To paraphrase Douglas Adams: if flash is dead then it hasn’t stopped moving yet.

Text of Flash: A call for sanity

  • 1. Flash and HTML5A call for sanityA talk by @andrewdotdobsonCreative Class Meetup | 11th November 2012 | andrew dobson

2. Thoughts on FlashAn exercise in FUD 3. FUD in actionAdobes Flash products are 100% proprietary. They are onlyavailable from Adobe, and Adobe has sole authority as to their futureenhancement, pricing, etc. While Adobes Flash products are widelyavailable, this does not mean they are open, since they are controlledentirely by Adobe and available only from Adobe. By almost anydefinition, Flash is a closed system.Steve Jobs, 2010. 4. Is Apple committed tostandards?Then why dont theyimplement HTML5 video? 5. Product or platform?What actually is Flash? 6. Evolution of the web 7. Web platformsApplication Code + RuntimeActionscript 3 and Flash/AirLAMP.NETHTML5 and the browser 8. Where Flash falls downPoor coding standards (GUI)AdvertisingCompatibility 9. Coding standardsKnowing how to use CS5 !=understanding a technology 10. Flash banner advertisingSpecifications still in AS2AVM conflicts andperformance drag.Pressure for reform required 11. CompatibilityShould flash be on mobile? 12. Not everything needs to be mobilehttp://www.remembrance2012.co.uk/ 13. Its politicalHe who controls thestandard, controls theuniverse. 14. http://www.caniuse.com/ 15. Setting expectationsClients and users do not careabout technology 16. Whichever way you cut itBrowser support is inconsistent 17. WebGL support:H.264 support: 18. CSS3 Transitions support:Media Query support: 19. HacksCSS PieModernizrBranched sites 20. Developer overheadStandards dev is more intensiveTesting/QAHacks and exceptionsSheer amount of typing 21. A simple logo animationhttp://codepen.io/andyunleashed/pen/jnpHc http://html.adobe.comhttp://g-plus-follow-me-animated-button.tumblr.com/animations-examples/ae-text-effect 22. Things that HTML5 cannot do(effectively)DRMWebcamStreamingFull screenAdvanced audio/DSPAdvanced animationReal-time 3DConsistent layouts, rich text and transitions 23. CompromisesAccessibilityValidationConsistency (branding!)Performance 24. Flash use cases1. Augmenting the browser2. Extending beyond 25. Cross platform adaptiveapplicationsSingle codebase, multipledeployments, smartassets efficient,scaleable and rapidlydeveloped.Quick porting of currentweb properties into nativeRapid visual prototyping 26. Stage3D and StarlingGPU access for gaming,mobile applicationdevelopment and rapid visualprototyping 27. http://gaming.adobe.com/ 28. Contemporary FlashdevelopmentSorry Adobe 29. ToolingAdobes developer tooling is largely poorPros use: Flash Develop (PC), FDTFlex SDK includes Air be wary of beta releasesDebug tools: Monsterdebugger, Monacle (coming soon)Game dev studioAlchemy, native extentionsUnity, Cadet3D, Prefab for 3d modelling and animation 30. Frameworks and open sourceGreensock LoaderMax, TweenMax, ThrowpropsStarling and Foxhole for GPU 2DAway3D, Flare, Minko for Stage3DCasaLib utilitiesRobotlegs, PureMVC, Gaia Design pattern frameworksAS3NUI, In2AR, OpenCV image processing and NUINape, Box2d PhysicsOSMF, Tonfal, Stardust media playback, audio, particlesMinimalcomps UI componentsLiterally hundreds of great libs 31. Summing upWhat have we learnt? 32. NO IDEOLOGIES 33. Thanks.@andrewdotdobson