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Why Paperless? GreenRoads™ Realty New Mexico’s First Truly Green Real Estate Agency

Why Paperless

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Page 1: Why Paperless

Why Paperless?

GreenRoads™ RealtyNew Mexico’s First Truly Green Real Estate Agency

Page 2: Why Paperless

The average real estate transaction uses 5 reams, or 25 pounds, of paper.

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 3: Why Paperless

Depending on the location of the clients, an easy 200 total miles can be spent driving to get signatures and initials on documents . . .


GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 4: Why Paperless

Hundreds of dollars inExpress/Mail Services which create CO2 emissions using ground and air transportation


GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 5: Why Paperless

Hours in copier and faxprocesses which use paper, chemical toner, electricityand people’s time... Generating even more paper!

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 6: Why Paperless

Every year, more than 1.1 billion trees are cut down in order to satisfy the needs of office workers around the world.

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 7: Why Paperless

The world’s paper consumption exceeds 350 million metric tons per year… which results in over 80 million metric tons of carbon dioxide per year from the the pulp and paper industry.

This does not include the emissions from the logging industry, the shipping industry, or simply the consumer’s car to purchase paper at the store.

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 8: Why Paperless

Over the last fifteen years, paper consumption has increased 3% per year, due to the increased accessibility of printers.

40% of all landfill is comprised of paper.GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 9: Why Paperless

The pulp and paper industry represents 10% of all global greenhouse gas emissions

and uses more water than any other industry.

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 10: Why Paperless

Each ream of paper not printed reduces carbon dioxide levels by 18.5 pounds.

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 11: Why Paperless

Each GreenRoads Realty paperless transaction reduces carbon dioxide levels from paper production alone by approximately 92.5 pounds.

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 12: Why Paperless

PLUS, WE REDUCE• Transportation emissions and costs• Chemical-process pollution• Electricity use (coal-fired plants) • Lost paperwork• Lost time• Unnecessary duplication

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 13: Why Paperless

Be Part of the Solution!• Save time and fuel costs not meeting

to sign documents• Facilitate your transaction for a

smooth on-time closing• No more lost or misplaced paperwork• No storage of cumbersome files

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 14: Why Paperless

You will always know – and control – where you’re at in the transaction processANDyou’ll be helping the environment.

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 15: Why Paperless

Remember, besides paperless transaction management,we are a virtual company, minimizing all paper use, printing and transportation to be New Mexico’s first truly “green” real estate agency.

GreenRoads™ Realty

Page 16: Why Paperless

We look forward to working with you to Inhabit Your Dreams™while creating a cleaner, healthier planet.


GreenRoads™ Realty