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Paperless Geocaching by Brian O’Connell AKA aerospacecase

Paperless Geocaching

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Paperless Geocaching . by Brian O’Connell AKA aerospacecase. Workflow – mass geocache selection. Log in to geocaching.com Perform pocket query Load pocket query .zip file into GSAK Filter GSAK for specific areas and conditions Export .gpx files to Pocket PC or Palm OS PDA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paperless Geocaching by Brian O’Connell AKA aerospacecase

Page 2: Paperless Geocaching

Workflow – mass geocache selection Log in to geocaching.com Perform pocket query Load pocket query .zip file into GSAK Filter GSAK for specific areas and conditions Export .gpx files to Pocket PC or Palm OS PDA Export Streets and Trips .csv files to Microsoft

Mappoint Export filter results to Garmin 60CS Export filter results to Garmin Nuvi 660

Note: filters are saved in GSAK and used in macros to allow one button automation

Page 3: Paperless Geocaching

Filter geocaches using GSAK

Page 4: Paperless Geocaching

Macro saves several geographical areas FILTER name="Arleta" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Arleta.gpx" FILTER name="Camarillo" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Camarillo.gpx" FILTER name="Long Beach" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Long Beach.gpx" FILTER name="Malibu" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Malibu.gpx" FILTER name="Los Padres Forest" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Los Padres Forest.gpx" FILTER name="Lake Cachuma" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Lake Cachuma.gpx" FILTER name="Lancaster" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Lancaster.gpx" FILTER name="Pyramid Lake" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Pyramid Lake.gpx" FILTER name="Angeles Forest" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Angeles Forest.gpx" FILTER name="Riverside" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Riverside.gpx" FILTER name="Dana Point" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Dana Point.gpx" FILTER name="Palm Springs" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Palm Springs.gpx" FILTER name="Corona" EXPORT Type=GPX File="c:\GPS\GPX_Export\Corona.gpx"

Page 5: Paperless Geocaching

Macro to update Microsoft Mappoint #Creates Streets and Trips CSV files to be used by

MapPoint #These create color coded pushpins linked to these files #Leave them on the hard disk #Use the Update links command from the MapPoint Data


DATABASE Name="Default" FILTER name="Archived Unavailable" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoints\

ArchUnavail.csv" FILTER name="My Found Caches" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoints\MyFinds.csv" FILTER name="My Hides" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoints\MyHides.csv" FILTER name="MyDNFs" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoints\MyDNFs.csv" FILTER name="Parking Etc" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoints\Parking.csv" FILTER name="Traditional" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoints\

Traditional.csv" FILTER name="Virtual" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoints\Virtual.csv" FILTER name="Multi" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoits\Multi.csv" FILTER name="All Others" EXPORT Type=SNT File="c:\GPS\Waypoints\AllOhers.csv"

Page 6: Paperless Geocaching

Mappoint displays cache info

Page 7: Paperless Geocaching

Nuvi allows large POI descriptions

Page 8: Paperless Geocaching

Select description for TTS conversion

Page 9: Paperless Geocaching

Text to Speech (TTS) program

Page 10: Paperless Geocaching

Read description via TTS to MP3 file

Page 11: Paperless Geocaching

Create Geotour with audio descriptions

Page 12: Paperless Geocaching

Garmin Tourguide formatallows MP3 audio and JPG pictures

Tap button tohear MP3 audio of cache description

Tap button toview photo

Tap button to navigate to cache

Tap button toview map

Tap button tosee more details

Tap button toreturn to cache list

Tap button tosave cache to Favorites

Page 13: Paperless Geocaching

GSAK macros automate .gpx production

Map shows geographical coverage of .gpx files

One button click on GSAK generates multiple .gpx files and loads to PDA

Page 14: Paperless Geocaching

GpxSonar shows cache description and recent logs from geocaching.com web site