Advanced Pinterest for Real Estate Agents

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  • Advanced Pinterest for

    Real Estate AgentsHow-To Drive Traffic to Your Website

  • Why Are You Here?

  • Why are you here?Real estate agents struggle to get visitors to their website and arent sure how to drive more traffic.NAR says Pinterest is driving more traffic than google+ & YouTube.AND the largest category on Pinterest is HOME, but most real estate agents arent capitalizing on this.

    Today I reveal THE system that drove over 2300 unique visitors to my site in 30 days.


    Eyes on your website

  • How do you get visitors to your website?



    FBTwitterPinterestGoogle+Other social mediaDirect mailBusiness cards

  • One click to your website / blog

    Go to Pinterest

  • Disclaimer

    My results are not typical...the law requires me to make sure you know all of this requires effort. Everyones results will differ

  • What this is aboutPerfect for agents looking to increase your: following transactions web traffic your income

  • Who is this for?

    Top Producers Buyers Agents Listing Agents Mortgage Professionals

  • Not for?

    Attorneys Investors Buyers Sellers

  • Social Media (Pinterest) isnt going anywhere

    Pinterest is the fastest growing website EVER!

    Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter 80% of all pins are re-pinned opposed to

    1.4% of tweets that are retweeted Pinterest has a long lifespan - 50% of visits

    happen 3.5 months after a pin is pinned

  • Pinterest User = Homeowner?

    80% of Pinterest users are female The majority of the Pinterest users average

    income is $75,000+ - real estate consumer? More Pinterest users live in the suburbs than

    the inner city

  • Benefits of Pinterest for Youthe Real Estate Agent

    1. Drive traffic to your site immediately2. Traffic brings google ranking - organic

    search results will be bolstered over time3. Grow your sphere FAST

  • About meReal Estate Broker from Scottsdale, AZ.Worked Short Sales hard for 5 years. Author of Pinnable Real EstateTested, tested & tested some more.

    I love Pinterest! Driven more web traffic than blogging & direct mail ever did.

  • Pinnable Real Estate - the book

  • Charlies Top Keywords for Pinterest Boards

  • The Challenge - Web Traffic

    Are you avoiding social media / internet marketing? (Pinterest)1. Do you think Pinterest is a waste of time? 2. Do you think Pinterest is a fad?3. Do you think Pinterest is hard?

  • Web Traffic = More Leads

    What other options do you have for leads?

  • My Top Pin - Over 10,400 pins...

    How does that happen?

    I will show you the step-by-step system to succeeding on Pinterest.

    = Web Traffic

  • AND 32 new followers last week& 250% growth in followers in 60 days

  • October 2013

    Started with 100 followersEnd of December - 350 followers

  • Now You arent using Pinterest Most REALTORS I meet dont know how to

    get visitors to their site. 997,148 Realtors in the US - May of 2013

    (NAR) 984 Realtors on Pinterest (My count)the goal: get traffic to your website / blog using Pinterest

  • Now to the ResultA= Now B= ResultNot sure what to do Social media savvyNo web traffic Tons of trafficNo google ranking google ranking no one seeing your blogyour blog being seen

    completing more salesKeep the cycle going

  • End ResultConfident Pinterest RE ExpertWhat would it mean if you could? Get effective web traffic Have a strong web presence Generate more leads

    & Find Clients you LIKE!

  • Are you not generating enough leads?

    Avoiding social media? Not sure what to say? Not staying in contact with your previous

    clients? Potentially missing deals?

  • Shift in Thinking

    Newspaper marketing? Postcard marketing? What if there was a system to help you

    connect with your potential client & NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR IT?

  • Pinterest brings $

    Average order amount of a Pinterest shopper $153 vs Facebook shopper $85

    A pin generates $.78 in sales 47% of Pinterest purchases are happen


  • Why this is AwesomePinterest can benefit you! 1. You can connect with your ideal client based on interest2. You dont have to call FSBOs, send postcards or pay for other ads. 3. You get more web traffic than you need! More leads = more clients (pinterest user is more affluent)

  • Today: Steps NecessaryOverview

    1. What are you going to Pin2. Pinning3. Your Site4. Common MistakesThe goal = LEADS = SALES

  • Best FREE Lead Generator (PINTEREST Marketing)

    Your mindset: Social Media is hard - too much work, too much time. FLIP IT! Im connecting & engaging I see Pinterest as a way to connect with my

    potential clients.

  • Pinterest Basics

    Lets go to Pinterest!

  • What to Pin?

    Categories: Your Interests Real Estate - Direct (Screams i sell r.e.) Home related (i.e. home decor, storage, etc) Community (Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert)

  • What are you going to Pin?

    Whats your thing? Whats working in your current Pinterest


    why is it so great?

  • Pinning: What you NEED to know

    Basics1. Image2. Source: from a website3. Call to action?

    Advanced Tip: Your fave pins wont be the top pins

  • 2 Types of Pins

    1. Re-pins : Pinning pins you find on Pinterest Testing topics

    2. Your Own Pins: Pinning your blog posts

  • Your Blog Cycle

    4 Topics for your blogIdeas:1. Real estate in your city2. Home decor3. Home Storage4. Your interests5. Your community

  • Edit a Pin

    Lets edit a pin!

  • What to do

    Start Pinning 4-5 pins each day in each category Use Keywords spread out your pins Be engaging

  • Boards

  • Your Site - Where are you sending trafficOptions: Self Hosted Blog Other Blog Google+ Page FB profile Other mini-blogs

  • Your Site - Things to Consider

    1. What do you want your potential client to see when they click your pin?

    2. Do you want to own where you are sending potential clients?

    3. What is the next step when they get there?

  • Top Pinterest Mistakes Pinning: Listings Only Team members photos Business Only Corporate Vibe

    Advanced Tip: 80% not business

  • From Now to Results

    now: no leads from PinterestResult: Confident web traffic DRIVER

  • What will this do for you?

    1. You will be confident in using social media, Pinterest in particular

    2. You will create an entirely new stream of web traffic

    3. You will connect with your potential clients4. You will be in front of your ideal client!

  • Resources

    Pinnable Real Estate - Follow us on Pinterest (Pinterest for real

    estate) If youre local, join the monthly mastermind 5 week Pinnable Training

  • Requirements

    Willing to use Pinterest regularly Willing to learn each week & ask questions

    on the weekly call Want have more leads Willing to work professionally with your

    clients Want to actually help homeowners


    5 weeks of hands on training with me personally

    One hour of one on one phone consultation (skype or google hangout) with me to work through anything

    BONUS: Website Evaluation from me

  • Phase 1: Five weeks of Intensive Training Mondays: I teach you what to do Thursdays: Live Q & A Each week we cover a major milestone you

    have to pass through By the end of week 5 you should be gaining

    followers / web traffic quickly

  • Week 1- Pinning - Your Foundation

    Evaluate your starting pointGet your Pinterest boards upGet pinningProfile completed properly

  • Week 2 - Nichify

    Find your interestsSee how popular your interests areTrack our results

    Your Blog

  • Week 3- Keywords

    Advanced look at keywords

  • Week 4 - Track

    Tracking results is the most important factorThis isnt the most fun step, but necessary for success

    BONUS: Make Your Pins Prettier Tutorial

  • Week 5 - Advanced Tips

    How to use Pinterest & Google+ togetherAdvanced Pinterest Tools

    BONUS: Hashtag Training

  • One hour of one on one phone consults I would wait until the end of the 5 weeks,

    otherwise your questions may be answered in the weekly calls

    Use this time to answer situational calls Save up your questions from real life


  • Total Value

    Five week training : $5997One hour of live consulting: $625Website Review : $250

    Total Real Value = $6872

  • The Bottom Line

    One time payment: $997

    Or Two installments: $597

  • By Application Only

    Only 5 spots available $200 REFUNDABLE deposit


  • Fast Action Bonus

    FIRST 3 DEPOSITS ONLY $697 (Save $300) one time payment

    or two payments of $397

  • Heres how it works You enroll at: www.pinnablerealestate.

    com/pinterest-course/apply (save $300 by going fast)

    $200 deposit totally REFUNDABLE

  • Heres how it works My assistant will contact you to set up a time for us to

    talk personally this week I will call you and we will talk for 15 minutes If you are a good fit, you pay the balance, if you are not,

    I refund your $200 immediately

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