Who To Follow On Pinterest For Real Estate? Check Out These 25 Pinterest Pro's!

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Pinterest & the real estate industry are like bread and butter! Pinterest is an incredible tool for professionals who are in the real estate industry. In fact, it's the number one traffic source to my blog, www.RochesterRealEstateBlog.com, with the exception of organic traffic. So, how should you use Pinterest? Who should you follow on Pinterest for Real Estate? Look no further than this list of 25 professionals who are in the real estate industry and whom are extremely active on Pinterest!


  • 1. rochesterrealestateblog.com http://rochesterrealestateblog.com/whos-who-real-estate-industry-follow-social-media-pinterest/ The Whos Who of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media Pinterest Kyle Hiscock The Whos Who of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media Pinterest With the evolution of the internet over the past 5-10 years, real estate industry professionals have had to drastically change the way they market themselves, their products, and their brand. Whether a real estate agent is promoting a new listing or a mortgage broker is promoting a new loan product, these professionals must be creative with their marketing efforts. Not only has the consumer become more and more dependent on the internet for information, but the consumer has also become more and more visually demanding. So, how does a real estate industry professional become more visual with their marketing efforts? The first tool and/or website that should be mentioned is Pinterest. If youre a real estate industry professional and youre not using Pinterest, youre missing out, big time! Pinterest is an incredible marketing tool for the real estate industry! Pinterest has a board for any person and certainly the real estate industry is no different. The Pinterest Real Estate Board is just one example of a Pinterest board that is an invaluable tool for real estate industry professionals. Pinterest, if used correctly, should be a top traffic source for any real estate website. By interacting, networking, and pinning with other top professionals is a great start to building a nice following on Pinterest. Just like any social media network, interacting, being
  • 2. reciprocal, and being social is one of the keys to building relationships and gaining followers. Since the first installment of The Whos Who of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media Google Plus was such a hit, with no further ado, Id like to introduce the second installment. This installment will feature those in the real estate industry to follow on Pinterest! With the help of my friend and top selling Coral Springs, FL real estate agent, Lynn Pineda, Im happy to introduce the second installment of The Whos Who of the Real Estate Industry to Follow on Social Media Pinterest. This installment will feature 25 professionals and/or companies who create and pin excellent real estate industry related graphics and information on Pinterest! Point2 - Real Estate Marketing Tools Based out of Saskatoon, SK, Point2 has been helping real estate agents for over a decade by providing excellent marketing tools! Point2 provides quality information for buyers, sellers, and real estate agents alike on their Pinterest page. With 28 boards and over 1,400 followers, Point2 is an absolute must follow. Are you ever having a bad day and in need of a good laugh? Point2 has a board titled Real Estate Humor that will have a pin that can brighten almost anyones day! Point2 also provided tips in their recent pin for Halloween Marketing: Seasonal Decorating Ideas. In their article they provide good and bad tips for decorating for Halloween! Point2See On Waterfront Properties - Jupiter, FL Real Estate Brokerage Firm Specializing in Waterfront Property Waterfront Properties and Club Communities (WFPCC) has been serving Jupiter, FL for over 30 years. Waterfront Properties has a board for every community and area you could think of in their coverage area. With over 250 boards and almost 4,000 followers on Pinterest, WFPCC can give you an inside look at the beauty that their real estate market has to offer! WFPCCs Internet Real Estate Marketing board is an excellent area to find quality pins relating to marketing theories and ideas! If someone ever questions the beauty of Florida and their beaches, make sure to refer them to Waterfront Properties and Club Communities Pinterest page! Waterfront PropertiesSee On Veterans United - Mortgage Lender Serving Those Serve Proud to serve those who serve! With over 4 million followers across all social media platforms, Veterans United is a well-known Mortgage Brand, world-wide! Veterans United has over 9,600 Pinterest followers to go along with 69 boards! Veterans United creates some excellent graphics that are displayed all over Pinterest! They have boards and pins that can be helpful to any buyer, seller, or real estate industry professional who is looking for quality information on real estate! An example of their excellent graphics is a recent pin for first time home buyers, 4 Simple Ways To Start Your House Hunt. The graphic and article is easy to understand, straight to the point, and most importantly, easy for a first time home buyer to understand! Veterans UnitedSee On The KCM Crew - Real Estate Website Providing Tools & Information for Real Estate Agents Most real estate industry professionals have heard and/or read an article that was done by The KCM Crew. Since 2007, The KCM Crews goal has been to provide tools and information to real estate professionals to ensure success in any real estate market. With over 350 followers on Pinterest and 10 quality boards, The KCM Crew is a great company to follow!
  • 3. The KCM Crews board Blog Posts is a great place to find quality pins and articles! In the recent pin from The KCM Crew, Dont Wait! Move Up to the Home You Always Wanted, the table is a valuable tool to provide to any potential buyer or seller who is thinking of waiting to purchase a new home. The table shows what happens to a mortgage payment as the interest rate increases. Its clear that if interest rates increase, a buyers purchasing power, will decrease! The KCM CrewSee On The Real Estate Labs - Powering Real Estate Agents Socially Looking for information on various social media website? Not sure on how to utilize social media for your business? Look no further than The Real Estate Labs Pinterest page! Even though many of their boards are geared towards real estate agents, a lot of their information can also be used for other real estate industry professions. With over 4,300 followers, 10,000 pins, and 51 boards, The Real Estate Labs is a great company to follow on Pinterest! Still dont believe that this company is worth a follow? Check out their Social Real Estate board which features over 700 pins relating to social media and real estate! Here you will find pins relating to not only Pinterest, but also Google Plus, Twitter, and many other social media websites! TheRealEstateLabsSee On Lynn Pineda - Top Selling Coral Springs, FL Real Estate Agent Creative and eye appealing are two words that sum up Lynns graphics she creates for her content! Not only are her graphics creative, but so are the articles she writes on her blog. With 100 Pinterest boards and over 2,400 followers, the pins that Lynn shares should not be missed! Lynns board Coral Springs Real Estate is an excellent place to find high-quality pins with high-quality content! One of the most important traits that a professional in the real estate industry needs to have is honesty. In a recent article and pin by Lynn, 20 Cold, Hard, Facts in Real Estate Buying, she provides 20 tips for buyers, some of which may not want to be heard by a buyer. The graphic is very eye appealing and grabs the attention of anyone reviewing her blog or her Pinterest page. Lynn PinedaSee On The Highland Group - Top Selling Frederick, MD Real Estate Team Anything and everything about Frederick, MD can be found on The Highland Groups Pinterest page. Whether youre looking to purchase a home or looking for information on a local neighborhood, The Highland Groups got it covered! With over 2,500 pins, 80+ boards, and almost 1,100 followers, The Highland Group is a great contributor to Pinterest! Selling a home in Frederick, MD? Check out The Highland Groups Pinterest board, Are You Selling a Home? Here you fill find lots of great home selling pins. In a recent pin created by The Highland Group from their Getting My Home Ready for the Real Estate Market article, they designed a creative pin and provided some excellent content within the article! The Highland Group provides some inexpensive and quick fixes to get a home ready for sale. The Highland GroupSee On Andrew Fortune - Top Selling Colorado Springs, CO Real Estate Agent Crossing every T and dotting every I (or being very detailed) is an extremely important thing for a real estate agent to do so. Its also very important to being a successful pinner on Pinterest! Andrew certainly does not lack this as
  • 4. his graphics are very detailed. With over 1,300 followers and 35 boards, Andrew has a very solid following on Pinterest! Buying a home can be a very confusing process, if not explained to a potential buyer. Andrews recent pin from his article First Time Home Buyer Tips: How to Buy Your First Home is a mega-graphic explaining the process in simplicity! The pin explains the process in 3 simple steps, starting with finding money to finding a real estate agent to getting the keys! Check it out, youll be impressed! Andrew Fortune - GreatColoradoHomes.comSee On HouseHunt.com - Providing Home Buyers Qualified Real Estate Agents and Information HouseHunt.com provides buyers visually appealing and easy to understand infographics. The topics covered in their graphics on Pinterest range from 20 Ways to a Healthy Home to graphics on moving with pets. With over 8,500 pins, almost 250 boards, and over 7,800 followers on Pinterest, HouseHunt.com is a resource that anyone with interest in the real estate industry will find useful! Since Pinterest is all about creating awesome graphics, what better than their pin, 5 Tips for Making Great Graphics. With the help of fellow member of the Whos Who to follow on Pinterest for Real Estate, Andrew Fortune, HouseHunt.com provided an infographic providing a a 5 step process to creating great graphics. The infographic gives great tips such as picking two or three colors, using creative fonts, and selecting a great graphic software! HouseHunt.comSee On Bill Gassett - Top Selling Holliston, MA Real Estate Agent Planning a move to the Metrowest Massachusetts? Or are you just looking for quality real estate articles? Either way, you must check out Bills Pinterest profile. Compiled of great information on his local real estate market along with humorous, witty, and clever pins from his blog articles, you must follow Bill on Pinterest! If you decide to follow Bill, youll be joining over 6,300 followers who enjoy his 35 high-quality boards. Bill has an incredible footprint on Pinterest. He is the founder/creator of the Pinterest Real Estate Group Board which has almost 4,300 followers! Here you will find quality pins from many of the professionals highlighted in this Whos Who to follow on Pinterest for Real Estate! Just one example of Bills humorous pins he creates for his content is a recent pin from his How to Sell a House with Tenants article. Check out Bills Pinterest profile today, you will not be let down! Bill Gassett - RE/MAX Executive Realty See On Placester - Creating Easy-To-Use Technology Solutions for the Real Estate Industry Founded in 2010, Placester is a company whose goal is to create tools to build tools to create value for the real estate industry. Seeing as this Whos Who list is focusing on the real estate industry to follow on Pinterest, Placester is a great addition! Many times companies will say they are doing one thing but actually doing another, however, Placester is a company that provides great value to the real estate industry. They have a very nice following on Pinterest with over 325 followers and have almost 30 quality boards! My favorite Placester board is their Placesters Marketing Academy Tips. New professionals are entering the real estate industry, especially real estate agents obtaining their license, on a daily basis. Their board is an excellent area to find quality graphics with great information about online marketing. Their pin from their recent article, Beginners
  • 5. Guide to Real Estate Social Media Marketing, is an absolute gem for new agents or even experienced agents who havent adapted to social media. PlacesterSee On Kyle Hiscock - Top Selling Webster, NY Real Estate Agent Kyle is very active on Pinterest with contributions to many real estate group boards, such as Bill Gassetts. The graphics found on Rochesters Real Estate Blog are thoughtfully created by Kyle and pinned across Pinterest! With 35 boards and over 200 followers on Pinterest, Kyle provides valuable pins to his followers! Recently created board, The Real Estate Industry Social Media Experts, features not only pins from Kyle but also many of these great professionals and companies! Recently pinned on this board was a graphic from Kyles article, Real Estate Pricing Mistakes that Sellers Need to Avoid. Just like the graphic shows, pricing real estate needs to be spot on in and balanced to reflect the condition, area, and features of a home in order for a home to be sold in a relatively short amount of time. Kyle HiscockSee On Cribsuite.com - Bringing Social Media & Real Estate Together Looking for information on social media statistics? When to post to reach the largest audience? Perhaps some design tips for your home? Cribsuite.com goal is to provide Realtors a chance to brand their voices while empowering home buyers and sellers. Their Pinterest following is very strong with almost 35,000 followers, more than 7,000 pins, and over 20 boards filled with quality pins! Cribsuite.coms Pinterest page has a very nice diverse mix of boards. From social media marketing to everything mortgage to business and social media, there is a board for everyone on their page. If youre in the real estate industry or not, Cribsuite.coms Pinterest page will have many pins that will be helpful! cribsuite.comSee On Gene Mundt - Top Chicago, IL Mortgage Lender/Consultant With over 35 years of experience in the Mortgage Industry, Gene Mundt is one of the top Chicagoland mortgage consultants. Gene is very active on many social media platforms and Pinterest is no exception! Gene has a very strong following on Pinterest with over 80 boards, over 13,500 pins,...