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1. All In OneMessagingMultiple Channels Of CommunicationFor Estate Agents And Letting Agents 2. ContentsWhy All In One Messaging ?How It WorksPricing InformationAdditional Estate Agency Services12342 3. 3Do Any Of These Apply To Your Agency ?Struggling To Compete ? Need more sales ? Need more listings ? Need more buyers/renters ?Marketing Producing Poor ROI ? Old Style Marketing not working ? Internet not generating desired business ?Constraints Do you have a limited budget ? Struggling to keep up with change ? 4. All In One MarketingWe offer a way to communicatesimply and effectively with bothpotential and existing clientsusing the very latest technologyand the most popular marketingchannels.This isnt about scrapping yourexisting marketing plan. Rathersupplementing it, making itsimple to implement whilstgetting a much better ROI 5. We will show you how to : 6. Todays digital generation has gone multi-channelMobile+Email+Voice+Chat+SocialImprove your marketing ROI by using all channelsCOLLECT - contacts easilySEND - new listings and updatesENGAGE - customers interactivelyANALYZE - campaignSingle Integrated Dashboard6 7. Our Solution Includes SMS Marketing A simple way to get new clients tosubscribe to your list and updatethem with new listings and pricechanges etc Text messaging has beenestimated to be 5 times moreeffective than direct mail and 10times more effective thannewspaper advertising 8. Why SMS ?Mobile phones arealways onMobile phones arealways with us97% of SMSmessages are 01905 909 852 9. Building A Subscriber List Include TEXT Company Name to60607 in all marketing (including ForSale signs & window displays) Your listings should all include the callto action You can have a separate Page onyour website for sign-ups or anembedded form (see example People can subscribe from Import existing database and askthem to subscribe (via a text)See This In ActionText buywsh to 60607You will get a welcome messageand 60 minutes later a link tocurrent property listingsWhen someone subscribes youwill get an SMS and/or emailalerting you so you can contactthemWhen you get new listings wesend a text to subscribers 10. 15Text Appointment RemindersUse this to remind clients of viewings 11. Our All In One Marketing SolutionInInccrreeddibiblyly S Simimpplele RReeaacchh a alll lC Coonnttaaccttss AAlll li nin 1 1 P PlalacceeOne user interfacefor all channels BUT we dothe work for you with ourManaged Service !No need to learnmultiple productsFor example - Emailreaches 20%; Mobile Text60%; Social 20%, etc.Honoring preferredchannel for each contactOne vendor. Oneprice to pay.One database16 12. The All In One Marketing SolutionDrive traffic to your Estate Agency by using the most popularchannels of communicationGrow customer contact lists by making it easy to subscribeInstantly inform clients by delivering new listings and updates in real-timeGather valuable customer insight using pollsReduce scheduling problems, through no-shows andcancellations by creating a mobile reminder serviceAnalyze the effectiveness of your mobile marketingcampaigns reach through the use of easy-to-useanalytic toolsOrganize customer lists and campaign distributionmethods in a comprehensive web-based 01905 909852 17 13. Features: Collect ContactsFeature DescriptionIMPORT CONTACTS: Import current customer database from a spreadsheet file.MOBILE KEYWORDS: Utilize mobile keywords or shortcodes to encourage customers to opt-in tothe mobile distribution list, then use bulk SMS texting to send marketing messages to the list.ONLINE SIGN-UP PAGES: Customize each Sign-up page to be unique for every occasion so thatit's catered to the look and feel of your website.FACEBOOK WIDGET: Connect with your existing fans and friends who are on Facebook. Collectcontact info and have it automatically update your customer database.18 14. Market Leading RatesNo Long Term ContractsText Credits Rollover Never LoseThemUpgrade Or Downgrade PlansWe do everything for you19 15. Whats In The Set-Up We will build a GUI for you and setup your keywords andmessages We set-up a Facebook Business Page and Twitter A/c (andconnectivity) Create website sign-up Page and embedded sign-up form Access to your own GUI where you can manage client details Provision of marketing materials 16. Like To Know More ?22Email 01905 909 852For more information 17. Other Estate Agency Services Custom QR Code Design perfect for Estate Agencies givepeople on the move the property information they require Custom Estate Agency Mobile Optimised Website if youdont have a plan for mobile then you dont have a plan forgrowth Custom Facebook Business Page Your Agency needs to beutilising the power of Facebook Custom flyers We can create beautiful flyers for your listings SEO and Google Places Listings Get more organic traffic Reputation Marketing 18. QR Codes Give People On The Move The Information24They WantWe can create custom QR Codes which automatically link to the propertylisting for an example of this technology download a QR code reader fromyour app store and scan the code above.If someone sees a For Sale sign and the property looks interesting to themthey can scan the QR code and be given the requisite information or be re-directedto the listing Page for the property.More information at 19. A Fully Optimised For Mobile WebsiteIt is estimated that by 2014 more people will be visiting yourwebsite from mobile devices than desktop devices. If your site isnot optimised for mobile then people will be frustrated, willleave quickly and will not return.Our solution is an estate agency site which resizes in ANYbrowser. (the normal solution is to have 2 separate sites astatic and a mobile site) see a demo at worcs.getonthenet.orgFor more information visit - 20. Custom Estate Agency Facebook Business Page Increasingly people are using social sites to getrecommendations from friends you need a presence there Using social sites like Facebook can help with your SearchEngine rankings There is a trust factor with Facebook over 90% ofFacebook users expect you to be there We can turn your website in to a Facebook app or build aseparate site within the Page Visit to see an exampleNew To Facebook ? More Information 21. Custom ListingsWe can create custom listings for your properties freeing upyour time to get on with the job of sellingPlease ask for our more examples 01905 909 852 22. SEO And Google Places ListingsOur SEO services can drive more traffic toyour website via the search enginesHaving an optimised Google Places listing isvital now that local is so important to GoogleWe specialise in Free Inbound Marketing getting traffic to your site from free sourceslike Google, Youtube, Facebook etcAsk about our plan which includes ALLour Estate Agency ServicesFor more information on SEO and ourservices visit 23. Thanks !Thank you for taking the time to watch thepresentation.If you would like a chat about All In One Marketing orany of our services - please give us a call01905 909 85207800