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Small arms survey 0531

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Small Arm Survey with crime mapping report, statistical data and analysis news.

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  • 1. Small Arms Survey

2. News / on-line sources 3. Articles and Polarity on Dashboard 4. Most frequently mentioned countriesMost frequently mentioned countries (from Sep. 2011 to Mar. 2012) 18000 16000 14000Number of mentions 12000 10000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 2011/092011/10 2011/112011/122012/012012/02 2012/03 5. The 5 most mentioned countriesPercent distribution of all occurrences in articles with keywords35.00%30.00%25.00%20.00%IranIsrael15.00%LibyaSyria10.00%United States5.00%0.00%2011/09 2011/10 2011/112011/12 2012/01 2012/022012/03 6. Most frequently mentioned countries (Oct. 2011 and Mar. 2012) Oct-2011 Mar-201216000140001200010000 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 7. Most frequently mentioned countries (Oct. 2011 and Mar. 2012) 8. Thematic maps on mentions of countries 9. Wordcloud - MilitaryOctober 2011 March 2012 10. Positive negative wordcloudsNegative Positve 11. Rate of mentions of keywordMilitary 12. Survey / Report 13. Survey/report system overview Survey (with sample management) Report (without sample management) Architecture Client server Client On-line (2G/3G/WiFi coverage, on-line synchronization Off-line (synchronization if 2G/3G/WiFi coverage available) All data stored in DB in smart phone 14. Survey system main features Face-to-face interviewing without any paperby using cheap Android phones Sample management with address lists orrandom route Full tracking of interviewer work on the fieldvia GPS coordinates and map view Continuous central monitoring and control Online reporting 15. Survey system Sample Management Sophisticated sample management covering all types of projects: Individual lists Address based samples (based on available address list or coordinates) Random route (the starting point can be randomly selected from any address database or generated as random coordinates within a selected area using Google Maps) 16. Android application - main features Functionalities: Render questionnaire Manage tracking data (date and location) Working modes: online / offline Data storage locally and harmonization with the server only for survey Manage visits and outcomes Sophisticated person selection process Manage appointments through Google calendar 17. Android application - main features Fieldwork Requirements for the device: Android phone/tablet with GPS and WIFI / 3G Fieldwork: Interviewers need to have a GOOGLE accountwhere project notification will be sent Interviewers downloads the GeoIndex Mobileapplication and after start up it downloads theproject details and the tasks assigned to theinterviewer Interviewer can start working 18. Android application - main features Person selection process The application controls the whole process of theperson selection depending of the projecttype, including the selection of the dwelling (andflat), the household and the person. Person selection can happen via RandomSelection, by using KISH grid or quota system 19. Management and location 20. Multi-lingual 21. Question types 22. Off-line map 23. On-line map 24. Crime mapping / reporting 25. Illegal use of firearms 26. Public Disorder and Weapons 27. DOWNLOAD!