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As gambling and betting brands adopt push notifications as a way to re-engage or maintain user activity within their apps, how can they manage the customer lifecycle and communications via automation through the app as they would through web? Paul Putman, CEO of Donky will talk through the meaning of automation for apps, what types of automation there are and how these can be implemented to draw out an entire customer journey for gambling apps.


<ul><li> 1. MARKETING AUTOMATION FOR MOBILE@mobiledonky | | hello@mobiledonky.comPUSHSHOVEwithout the</li></ul> <p> 2. ENTERING OR EXITING THE RANGEOF A BEACON TRANSMITTERWhy not set up your automation to send amessage or update your internal systems when acustomerEnters/leaves or is in range of your beacon forspecific time@mobiledonky | | 3. CROSSING OF A GEO-FENCE@mobiledonky | | hello@mobiledonky.comenters/leaves a geo-fence 4. PLACING A BETWhen they place a bet online or in the app@mobiledonky | | 5. IN-APP DEPOSITIf they make a deposit online or in the app@mobiledonky | | 6. @mobiledonky | | hello@mobiledonky.comWINIf they win 7. If they lose LOSS@mobiledonky | | 8. A NEW USER REGISTRATIONWhy not send a welcome message?Or update your CRM?This can be automated easily upon any newregistration online or in your app.@mobiledonky | | 9. A PERIOD OF INACTIVITYReignite your lapsed users by sending a temptingoffer to get them back online playing before theyforget about you and go elsewhere.@mobiledonky | | 10. A PERIOD OF RETENTIONWhy not send a message to check in howthe first week/month has gone?Or do special annual anniversary offers@mobiledonky | | 11. A RECURRING TIMEUnderstanding your customers playing/bettingbehaviours means you might know that Dave Smith isalways online between 6-7pm Monday ThursdayYou can pre-deploy messages to send to him during thistime to keep him online longer or engage him in othersports/games you have available.@mobiledonky | | 12. HOW TO ACTION THIS INFORMATIONcustomer completes action depending on the action you can eithersend a messageexecute a pre-deployed messageupdate your CRM/internal systems@mobiledonky | | 13. CUSTOMER REGISTERS@mobiledonky | | 14. CUSTOMER REACHES 1 WEEKHi Jason, you have a free 10bet waiting for you! Fancy yourchances for tomorrows 4:30pmhorse race at Doncaster? Clickhere to place your bet.@mobiledonky | | 15. CUSTOMER IS INACTIVE FOR 1 MONTH@mobiledonky | | 16. CUSTOMER ENTERS/EXITS A GEO-FENCEAT CHELTENHAM RACESHi Jason, we see youre at theCheltenham Festival. We hopeyou have a great day! Why notfree-up your drinking time andplace your bets now.@mobiledonky | | 17. CUSTOMER COMES WITHIN RANGE OFBEACON AT A BETTING SHOPHello, youre near our PeckhamHigh Street branch of BetDonky,fancy a flutter on the football?5 free bet with this code:#Peck5k2xC@mobiledonky | | 18. CUSTOMERS BIRTHDAY@mobiledonky | | 19. CUSTOMER PLACES A BET@mobiledonky | | hello@mobiledonky.comIN-APPBET 20. CUSTOMER WINSHi Jason, CONGRATULATIONSyouve just won 42.14 on theMega 5. Click here to view youraccount.@mobiledonky | | 21. WHERE IT CAN ALL GOWRONG@mobiledonky | | 22. OVER-COMMUNICATIONTOO MANY MESSAGES IN TOO SHORT A TIME@mobiledonky | | 23. NO METHOD OF RESPONSEUSERS CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH YOU VIA THE APP@mobiledonky | | 24. NO UNITY OF APP AND CRM VIA DATA EXCHANGE@mobiledonky | | 25. NO UNIFICATION OF COMMS CHANNELSFOR IN-APP EXPERIENCE@mobiledonky | | 26. NO UNIFICATION OF COMMS CHANNELSFOR IN-APP EXPERIENCE@mobiledonky | | 27. @mobiledonky | | hello@mobiledonky.comNEXT..ADDSTEPS?VALUE 28. CONSTANTLYIMPROVE@mobiledonky | | 29. WHAT YOU NEEDGEO-FENCING TECHNOLOGYBEACON PROVIDER FOR HARDWARE AND SOFTWARESECURE NETWORK TECHNOLOGYTRACKING CAPABILITIES FOR LOCATION BASED SERVICESAUTOMATION FOR MORE THAN MESSAGINGLINK EXISTING DATABASE/CRM WITH APPRULES TO PREVENT USERS RECEIVING TOO MANY/NOT ENOUGH MESSAGES@mobiledonky | | 30. DONKY HAS THE (0)3333 448 880 </p>