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<ul><li><p>YOUNG MARKETERS ELITE PROGRAM SEASON 3</p><p>ASSIGNMENT CA NHN</p><p>Trng Lim</p></li><li><p>BackgroundCONCLUSION</p><p>44% urban housewives is aware of SSC but are </p><p>not currently consuming this product. 36% of </p><p>which do not find it necessary and opt for </p><p>substitute product like DWL, water, dry cloth </p><p>instead</p><p>CATEGORY PROBLEM</p><p>Low Penetration: Only 6% across Vietnam</p><p>Low Consumption: 1.5 is the average frequency </p><p>consumer buy SSC in a year</p><p>Substitute Product: DWL, Water, Cloth</p><p>SURVEY RESULT</p><p>Carried out among 64 urban housewife </p><p>36%</p><p>27%</p><p>11%</p><p>13%</p><p>13%</p><p>Why those who are aware of SSC but do not </p><p>consume it</p><p>Cm thy nhng sn phm </p><p>nh vy l khng cn thit</p><p>S nh hng ca ha cht, </p><p>cht ty ra n sc khe</p><p>Khng tin tng vo kh nng </p><p>ca nhng sn phm </p><p>S nhng tc dng ph nh n </p><p>mn hay lm hi b mt</p><p> th s dng nhng khng </p><p>cm thy hi lng</p><p>39%</p><p>44%</p><p>17%</p><p>Awareness and Consumption</p><p>Bit v ang s </p><p>dng</p><p>Bit v khng ang </p><p>s dng</p><p>Khng bit</p><p>TET OCCASION</p><p>65% SSC buyers are first-time buyers</p><p>Higher demand in Tet through the year</p></li><li><p>Target ConsumerUrban housewives 25-35 years old</p><p>Income: AB</p><p>Medium to high living standard</p><p>Having a strong need for self-</p><p>expression</p><p>Looking for result that justifies the</p><p>effort she puts in keeping her</p><p>home looking the best</p></li><li><p>Cif can get your home not just clean </p><p>but beautifully clean, which justifies the </p><p>effort you put in cleaning your home</p><p>CATEGORY TRUTH</p><p>Easily clean stubborn stains on small </p><p>surface like grease, rust, burnt on </p><p>food, mold, yellow, bacteria</p><p>BRAND TRUTH</p></li><li><p>CULTURAL TRUTH</p><p>Cleaning the house in Tet is a cultural habit of </p><p>Vietnamese. People see this activity as a ritual to:</p><p>- Rearrange things of old year</p><p>- Lift up spirit to get ready for new year</p><p>- Welcome wealth and luck to the house</p><p>- Connect family members</p><p>Many hold a belief that the more guests visit their house during Tet, the wealthier and luckier they may become in the new year</p></li><li><p>Consumer UnderstandingObservation</p><p>When asked about what they feel after cleaning the house. The </p><p>top-of-mind answer is tired, followed by several other emotions </p><p>like excited, happy or fulfilled, etc.</p><p>Why? </p><p>Because I have to set higher standards than usual and try harder </p><p>to clean stubborn stains only on this occasion</p><p>Why?</p><p>I want it to look the best, not just clean as usual when people </p><p>visit my home</p><p>Why is it important?</p><p>A clean house reveals much about the manner and personality </p><p>of a woman or a housewife and I want the guests to see it </p><p>especially in Tet</p></li><li><p>INSIGHT:</p><p>As a Vietnamese housewife, I </p><p>want my house to look the best, </p><p>not just clean during Tet as it </p><p>reveals much about my manner </p><p>and personality when people visit. </p><p>However, this means I have to put </p><p>a lot of endeavor in dealing with </p><p>stubborn stains, which is not </p><p>always likely to be removed. I </p><p>need a cleaning substance which </p><p>justifies my efforts to get my house </p><p>beautifully clean so that people </p><p>will see me as a good housewife</p><p>Category </p><p>truth</p><p>Brand </p><p>truth</p><p>Consumer</p><p>truth</p><p>Culture</p><p>truth</p></li><li><p>Big IdeaLET THE HOUSE REVEAL</p><p>ApproachCif will persuade people to change thehabit of using water or other substituteproduct for cleaning stubborn stains byask them to exchange the currentproduct with Cif then help them to cleantheir house</p></li><li><p>BUSINESS MODEL</p><p>Key PartnersOnline newspapersOnline forum (Webtretho)Social seeding</p><p>Customer SegmentUrban housewives 25-35 Medium to high living standardHaving a strong need for self-expression Looking for result that justifies the effort she puts in keeping her home looking the best</p><p>Value PropositionFunctional: Get your house beautifully cleanEmotional: Let the house reveal about your manner as a housewife</p><p>Key ActivitiesActivation: Exchange 1 bottle of water for the shine for your house</p><p>Key ResourcesCif multipurpose productsCif cleaner cruise</p><p>ChannelPOSM at stores and supermarketsResidential apartment</p><p>RelationshipsSupporter and Counsellor for cleaning housesSales</p><p>Cost Structure Revenue StreamSales after the campaign</p></li><li><p>Phase 1 TriggerKey hook: TVC</p><p>Objective: Evoke the desire of getting the house </p><p>beautifully clean </p><p>Content: The TVC illustrates a typical modern family during </p><p>Tet when the grandparents pay them a visit. During the </p><p>visit, the housewife try to hide several stubborn stain which </p><p>she once tried to clean with water but could not, from her </p><p>mother in law who is strict one. At the moment the mother </p><p>in law enters the kitchen which is not very clean, she </p><p>suddenly scream and the time pauses. That is when Cif</p><p>cruise appears and tells her that she could have cleaned </p><p>such stains easily with Cif</p><p>The Cif cruise help her clean the kitchen rust and burnt </p><p>quickly before the time starts again. After the kitchen is </p><p>beautifully clean, the housewife confidently welcome the </p><p>mother to the kitchen and show her gift of cooking</p></li><li><p>Phase 2 ExeperienceKey hook: Online Activation</p><p>Objectives: Help the young people to realize the wishes of their grandparents to make them feel younger</p><p>Description: Cif will form a CIF CLEANING CRUISE who will appears at the big apartments and residential areas in 6 </p><p>big cities with the mission of make 1,000,000 houses beautifully clean. They will ask the housewives to exchange </p><p>what the often use to clean stubborn stains (water, DWL, cloth) for a kit of cleaning tools including Cif and help </p><p>them clean their house </p></li><li><p>Phase 3 AmplifyKey hook: Viral clip</p><p>Objective: Spread the meaningful messages of the campaign further to the public</p><p>Content: The clip is the record of how Cif cleaning cruise help housewives clean their house and how they feel about the house </p><p>Trade MarketingDesign package with Tet theme</p><p>Add Print-ad and the provide PG at supermarket</p><p>Sell Product along with the activation in Phase 2 </p></li><li><p>THANK YOU</p></li></ul>