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http://300internetmarketer.com 300 Internet Marketers is the newest product put out by Brian G. Johnson. 300 Internet MarketersBrian taught me everything I needed to know to make money online. Thanks to him I now work full time from the comfort of my own home.

Text of 300 internet marketers

  • 1. Welcome to Video #1 300 Internet Marketers

2. Who Is Brian G. Johnson

  • A Professional Internet Marketer Who Makes a 6 Digit Figure Annually With Affiliate Marketing Alone
  • Brian Has Also Made a High 6 Digit Figure By Creating His Own Products
  • Brian Has Helped Thousands Of People Make A Full Time Living Online
  • I Am Working With Brian Johnson Directly
  • I Have Been A Part Of All Of His Online Courses
  • Brian Is The Real Deal- His Techniques Are Tested and Proven While Other Products Are Theories To Make Money Online.

3. Some Of Brian Johnsons Screenshots 4. Brian s Web Hosting Commissions 5. Domain Sales 6. Screenshots

  • These screenshots arent posted here to show off
  • Brian posted these to show that THIS REALLY WORKS
  • Brian G. Johnson is in the trenches using these methods that will be taught in 300 Internet Marketers

7. My Story

    • I Was Working 60+ Hours A Week At A Dead End Job
    • I Worked In A Mailroom
    • Gave My Blood, Sweat and Tears
    • I Was Disliked By My New Boss
    • Overtime Was Cut Because My Boss Said I Didn t Deserve the Overtime
    • Was Constantly Competing With Ass Kissers

8. My Story Continued

  • Since I Couldn t Survive On The Salary I Was Making I Looked Into Other Ways To Make Money
  • Started To Look For A 2 ndand 3 rdJob
  • Looked Into Making Money Online

9. My Story Continued

  • The Job That I Had Before Was In Entertainment
  • Lots Of Fun, But Low Pay
  • I Needed To Make Extra Money Somehow

10. My Story Continued

  • I Was Burned By A MLM Company Before And Didnt Want To Get Involved In A Make A Million Dollars In Less Than A Year Hype
  • I Only Wanted To Make $100 A Month With Internet Marketing. (talk about low expectations)
  • I Found Brian Johnson On YouTube
  • He Spoke About Making $100,000 A Year ($100k seemed much easier to digest than $1 Million Dollars)

11. My Story

  • I Bought Revenue Domains Exposed
  • The Best Part Is Brian Answered All Of His Emails
  • I Began Applying The Methods He Suggested
  • I Was Taking Action And Making Mistakes
  • I Eventually Began Perfecting The System That Brian Johnson Laid Out

12. Today

  • I Was Laid Off From My Crappy Job
  • I Make A Full Time Living Online
  • I Work In My Pajamas

13. My Work Schedule

  • Wake Up At 8AM
  • Eat Breakfast and Drink Coffee
  • Check Emails and Respond To Emails
  • Watch The Price is Right at 10AM
  • Begin Working
  • Go For A Hike With My Wife
  • Watch The Sunset From The Highest Hilltop In My Neighborhood

14. While Doing Taxes It Dawned On Me

  • After Taxes I Was Only Making $65 A Day Working At A Dead End Job
  • I Drove 55 Miles Daily and Spent 3 Hours In The Car Every Day
  • Thats 15 Hours a Week In My Car!

15. The Price Of Gas Was Killing Me

  • Today As I Create This Gas In Los Angeles is $3.79 A Gallon
  • I Spent $160 A Month On Gas
  • I Was Too Afraid To Quit
  • Once The Pressure Was On To Make A Full Time Living From Home, It Didnt Take Long
  • I Make A Lot More Money Now Than I Did At My 9-5

16. The Time Is Now

  • Im Not Saying To Go Out and Quit Your Job Today
  • Begin Learning How To Make Money Online
  • Take Action
  • Have Belief In Yourself and Brian Johnsons Methods

17. See You In Video #2 18. Welcome to Video #2 300 Internet Marketers 19. What Is 300 Internet Marketers Going To Teach?

  • The Spartan 6 Figure Affiliate Blueprint
  • Live Weekly Webinars With Brian Johnson
  • These Webinars Will Go From April to June
  • Establishing A Solid Foundation To Create A Successful Business

20. 6 Figure Blueprint

  • Brian Johnson Has Made Just About Every Mistake In The Book in His 10+ Years Of Marketing
  • Brian Will Help You Avoid Those Pitfalls
  • Whether Youre New To Marketing Or An Expert
  • Brian Will Show You All Of The Things You Need To Do To Set Up A Perfectly SEO Optimized Website
  • Ive Had Websites Rank In The Top 10 Within Weeks Using This System

21. Example

  • I Became An Affiliate For A Friends Company
  • Built A Website Using Brians Techniques
  • Search Result Gets 27,000 Monthly Searches
  • Google Has Over 205 Million Results
  • Was In The Top 10 Within A Week
  • He Hired Me To Do SEO For His Company
  • I Also Make Commissions Promoting His Products Too

22. What Brian Will Show You

  • Proper Keyword Research
  • Proper Niche Selection
  • SEO Techniques
  • What Sort Of Products Are Good To Promote
  • What Plugins To Use
  • How To Start Making Money ASAP

23. In Order To Succeed

  • You Need To Learn To Walk First
  • Brian Will Cover All The Basic Fundamentals
  • Proper Link Building Techniques
  • What Sort Of Tools Brian Uses
  • How To Use The Tools In 300 Internet Marketers and more

24. What Tools Will Come With 300 Internet Marketers?

  • Wordpress Theme Flexsqueeze
  • I Use Flexsqueeze for 99% of My Sites
  • Easy To Use
  • Create Different Looking Templates Every Time
  • Google Video Sitemap Plugin Helps Sites Rank With Minimal Effort
  • 3 Month Access To Blogging Underground Example Next Slide

25. Aidan Booth

  • Aidan Booth Is Brian Johnsons Most Successful Students
  • He Raked In Over $25,000 in 2 Months On Halloween Costumes
  • Aidan Is Promoting 300 Internet Marketers
  • When Promoting Products For Others You Will Have Competitors
  • Ive Talked With Aidan About SEO
  • Why Did Aidan Booth Outrank Me?

26. He Built Backlinks Using Blogging Underground

  • Blogging Underground Gives You Access To Other Peoples Blogs
  • Create Content and Add A Backlink
  • The Best Part Is Nobody Else Can Build Backlinks Where Your Backlinks Are Without Blogging Underground
  • Aidans Sites Were In The Top 3
  • Mine Was In 5 thPlace
  • I Didnt Use Blogging Underground

27. Spartan 6 Figure Blueprint

  • Also Includes: Core Manuals
  • Videos
  • Mindmaps
  • Everything Brian Has Done To Dominate Online and Make A Ton Of Money
  • 300 Internet Marketers Will Also Include A Private Members Forum- Huge Piece Of The Puzzle
  • Members Forum Will Make Sure You Stay The Course

28. See You In Video #3 29. Welcome to Video #3 300 Internet Marketers 30. After The Spartan 90 Days Course

  • Well Move Into The Live No Pitch Experts Webinar With Industry Leaders
  • These Pitches Have Been A Huge Success For Internet Marketers and Have Been Gaining A Ton Of Attention
  • These Webinars Usually Charge $1,000
  • The Speakers Are Going To Be Amazing

31. Here Are Some Of The Speakers

  • Alex Goad
  • James J. Jones
  • Kevin Rogers
  • Daniel Morley (Brians Clickbank Rep)
  • Many More

32. How These Meetings Help People

  • They Show You Different Perspectives Of Internet Marketing
  • Jay Boyer Was A Struggling Marketer That Attended One Of These Sessions
  • Jay Is Now Making $10,000 Monthly
  • He Swears That If It Wasnt For One Of These Sessions That Hed Still Be Struggling

33. Im A Sucker For These Types Of Webinars

  • I Buy Just About Every Panel Webinar
  • I Download Them To My Iphone and Listen To Them in My Car
  • You Never Know When That One Interview Will Trigger Something To Make You Rich
  • You Also Learn About All The Other Marketing Techniques Out There

34. If You Belong To My Email List

  • You Received My Building Mini Sites Course For Free
  • I Also Included An Interview With One Of The Speakers On This Panel
  • If You Havent Signed Up For My Email List, Head Over To 300internetmarketer.com

35. One Last Thing

  • If You Purchase 300 Internet Marketers Through My Affiliate Link I Will Be Giving Away Big Bonuses
  • This Will Be The Biggest Bonus Available
  • I Wont Reveal My Bonus Until 24 Hours Before Launch Of 300 Internet Marketers