Collaboration for Marketers

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1Todays Challenges For MarketersReducing Cost & ComplexityManage email overload Ensure secure document transferTrack ROI on content based campaignsManage multiple projects Manage a large volume of content

Increasing Productivity

Sending & receiving large files securely Boost efficiency of agency collaborationSyncing documents across multiple personal and company devices Manage commenting and review process Automation of push informationReduce searching of emails for inputsImprove multi party document co authoring & comparison Managing Brand RiskStrategicOperationalFinancialRegulatory

Distribute information in a timely manner and control access

Team & Agency CollaborationInter Company CollaborationIntra Company Collaboration Campaign Content Creation Measuring team productivity & campaign effectiveness Content Creation: its a Complex Task



Review and Approve

Content Creation

MarketingTeam Design Agency

Copy writer



Sales TeamContent DistributionInternal CommunicationsExternal Communications33 Conf Calls 8 Emails12 Inputs4 Revisions3 Versions4 Emails6 Inputs1 Conf CallContent Creation: Its A Collaborative ProcessEven a simple document goes through a number of stages. At each stage, feedback is received, revisions are made, file types are changed.2 Final Inputs 5 Signoffs 5 Emails5 Approvals

Example:4Content Creation: Marketing Spend on Creation and DistributionCompany SizeCompany SizeCompany SizeContent Distribution Spend