The Always On Customer, Digital Trends 2014

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Recently, I keynoted at a marketing summit for Ultimate Software, a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work for winner. At Ultimate, their focus is always on people whether employees, customers, or prospective customers. As a B2B human capital management technology company, they thrive and grow because of that focus so it was no doubt that when we brainstormed the theme for the keynote, it would be about people, in this case, their customers.


<ul><li>1.THE ALWAYS ON CUSTOMER: 2014 Digital Trends Presented by Maria Harrison January 23, 2014</li></ul> <p>2. The Customers Screens and Channels Stats and Wins2 3. TARGET AUDIENCEDefinition help me.3 4. DELIGHT YOUR CUSTOMERS4 5. ALL PROFITS ARE GOOD ?5 6. 10 YEAR SHARE PRICES WITH INCREASESSTRUGGLE TO HOLD SHARE PRICE CONSTANT6 7. 7 8. 8 9. 9 10. Chicken Syndrome?10 11. 11 12. &lt; 12 13. So, were talking to.13 14. DIGITAL TREND 1mobile is transforming the customer experience 14 15. PC salesTablets/Phones 15 16. Source: 16 17. 65% of C-level executives are completely comfortable with making a business purchase on a mobile device. 18. Google study reported that half of all B2B-related tweets happen on mobile devices, and 83% of executives are posting to businessrelated social media sites.18 19. Check in via smartphone app or via text message Supported on both feature phones and smartphones Device on door recognizes smartphone/code provided via text Avoids waiting in lobby Since users may repeatedly enter their room in a day, it gives marketers a chance to market other hotel amenities inside that app and increase $$$ per traveler Inline with boutique hotels personality of going above and beyond for travelers Just launched Jan 2014 19 20. TRADE SHOWS Duponts Pioneer Brand Farm Progress Show iPad app No more printing 50 different brochures! App displays map so attendees could pinpoint where their growing operation is and see a custom list of relevant products for that area. Attendees could also have the custom list of products and information about them sent to their email. 21. TAKEAWAYYou cannot ignore mobile in your marketing plans.21 22. DIGITAL TREND 2content is still king this year. context is queen. 22 23. DIGITAL TREND 223 24. 24 25. WHY DO IT? Brand Awareness Lead Gen Sales Thought Leadership SEO Value List goes on and on. 25 26. CONTEXT IS QUEEN Be mindful of the location of your content. Whitepapers dont play well on a smartphone who wants to read that? Serve an alternative landing experience 26 27. ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE MARKETING CAMPAIGN BY SUNGARD 27 28. Situation Educate IT professionals on the benefits of Cloud and how to utilize these while fully protecting their data and applications Cut through a lot of noise about these types of services Solution Create an infographic and E-book that paralleled the theme of moving to the Cloud with surviving a zombie attack Success would be measured on the number of times the infographic was shared by influential third-party Cloud-based sites Infographic and E-book outlined what IT leaders and business need to consider in a survival guide format, should their data be lost or compromised in a disaster. The survival guide played on a zombie attack, a timely pop-culture theme today, and walked readers through a three-phase plan, Prepare, Plan and Protect Used a popular trendy topic of zombies Debuted in timely fashion right before Halloween 28 29. 29 30. Results Yielded more than 3x expected downloads 2x expected open and CTRs Featured prominently on home pages of several influential niche cloud sites 30 31. Key takeaways: Leverage current trends (e.g. zombies) Have a personality Repurpose/reuse content in multiple channels (e.g. social, email, landing page) Measure success by more than just sales (e.g. shares) 31 32. Bonus ideas: Create quizzes about whitepapers Create polls about topics related to whitepapers Create multiple blog posts that hone in on various topics within whitepaper 32 33. TAKEAWAYCreate interesting engaging and timely content and then share the hell out of it. Optimize for device. 33 34. DIGITAL TREND 3native advertising34 35. DIGITAL TREND 3 Advertiser provides content in the context of the users experience Seamless integration Feels less intrusive Less user-experience disruption35 36. DIGITAL TREND 3 View native ads 53 percent more than traditional displays Have an 18 percent higher purchase intent after viewing native ads as compared to banner ads Are 13 percent more likely to share native ads as compared to regular banner ads. PG Media Lab and Sharethrough 2013 Study36 37. 37 38. NATIVE AD - SHARETHROUGH38 39. TAKEAWAYLook for opportunities to ingrain your content with your key publishing partners. 39 40. DIGITAL TREND 4programmatic ad buying40 41. WHAT IS IT? Defragments a complex media landscape Aggregates inventory and applies algorithms to determine where your ad $$$ will be most effective Supposedly reduces need for human oversight Aggregated, Purchased, Scheduled, Analyzed, Optimized, via Demand Side Software Real-time bidding networks FB Ads API GDN41 42. DIGITAL TREND 442 43. WHAT IT PROMISES? Cost-effective Constantly optimized Highly targeted43 44. WHATS RIGHT FOR B2B THOUGH? CRM highly targeted buys You provide CRM retargeting company with CRM data, namely email addresses CRM retargeting company matches your offline and online data keyed off an email address to an anonymous online audience via cookies with extensive coverage and high accuracy. CRM company places the online audience on a real-time ad exchange (DSP) &amp; campaign runs supposedly with larger, more valuable, and more targeted audience. Your customers see a relevant and timely message from your brand. 44 45. TAKEAWAYTest it. Its newish; test and learn.45 46. SO, TO RECAP. Customers want to be loved Theyre overworked, tired, have attention spans &lt; goldfish and interacting on multiple screens The trends: 1. Mobile is big 2. Content king; context queen 3. Native advertising is less disruptive and highly shared 4. Programmatic buying is worth testing46 47. THANK YOU! MARIA HARRISON MARIA@BULLSEYESTRATEGY.COM WWW.TWITTER.COM/BULLSEYEMH WWW.LINKEDIN.COM/MHARRISON WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/BULLSEYESTRATEGY 954-609-9110 (M) 954-591-5999 (O) 47 </p>