Social Media - Making Your Business The Hub

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Coffee shops have always been places to meet and socialise, meaning that social media by its very nature can act as an extension of the business, by helping to create conversations online and to encourage lasting loyalty amongst customers.


  • 1. SOCIAL MEDIA: Making Your Business The Hub PK Vaish Managing Director Livelink New Media

2. ABOUT ME MD of a leading digital marketing agency based in Manchester Specialise in relationship marketing using digital channels Expertise: Digital strategy, digital marketing, web design & development and user experience. Twitter: @VaishPK 3. HOW IS SOCIAL MEDIA RELEVANT to you?? 4. Social media can help to give your caf a personality Coffee shops are natural places to meet and socialise People like to talk about things they are enjoying! It can help you to foster a sense of belonging Differentiate yourself from your competition Help you create conversations Create lasting loyaltySocial media influences purchasing decisions in 78% of customers (Market Force) 5. FRIENDSHIP IS ABOUT CREATING a shared history Some of the key qualities of a good friend: Fun Unique Interesting Trustworthy Supportive Attentive 6. OVERVIEW Set your targets Social media types Pick your channels Engage your customers Offer promotions Use advertising 7. MEASURE Step 1:Start off by defining KPIs Step 2:Measure current position and look back 6 months Step 4:Set targets Step 3:Check out the competitionFacebook Analytics offers some great statistics and customisable charts to measure how youre performing its free and accessible to all page owners 8. SOCIAL MEDIA EXPLAINED WITH COFFEE 9. CHANNEL 11. CHOOSE 1 OR 2 CHANNELS and focus on them You are time pressured - so dont try and do everything Pick 1 or 2 channels and focus on doing them well Spend some time making the pages visually appealingCHANNEL 2 Ensure the pages have accurate information (e.g. opening times), promotions, specialities Make sure you get into a routine of posting regularly Get your staff on board too! 10. 2. ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS 11. Focus on a pull strategy Dont sell - Make your products compelling to buy! Ask questions, listen, and respond Have a sense of humour Be local be relevant Take advantage of current events Involve customers in your decision making Photographs and videos result in much higher engagement rates The more engaging your posts are, the more exposure they will get 12. Attractive, seasonal cover photo showcasing products 425 likes, 42 shares, over 20 comments! Engaging with customers informing they can purchase the products on their website 13. Facebook post Highlights attendance at a local event Photograph of staff getting involved Received 32 likes 14. 3. OFFER PROMOTIONS Reward and retain loyal customers Attract new customers e.g. Facebook offers Grow your community E.g. Check in on Facebook to receive 15% off Facebook apps can be created to obtain customer details and offer rewards Twitter competitions retweet this to be entered into prize draw Photo competitions e.g. post photos of you enjoying your coffee using the hashtag #ilovePKsCoffee to win! 15. App encourages engagement by asking customers to get involved Prize is on offer to encourage people to join in Fans must like page to enter Opportunity to obtain customer contact details 16. Recipe app created to encourage repeat visits to Facebook page Allowed customers to build their own weekly meal planner using recipes Customers rewarded for their participation with money off coupon for products Customers also able to submit their own recipes for the chance to win a bigger prize 17. 4.USE ADVERTISING Its increasingly important to take advantage of paid advertising to get the most out of social media platforms It helps you to grow your audience This allows you to segment and select who you want your message to be shown to It can be used to reinforce your message with your existing audience 18. 4.USE ADVERTISING It can also be used to reach new audiences, for example, different age groups, locations etc. Youre usually charged by how many times a user sees/clicks on your ad You can set a daily budget for the amount you wish to spend. 19. Sponsored story based on friends recent activity Friend updates status and checks in to venue Ad created related to status update and is shown to that persons friends 20. Any questions? @VaishPK @livelinkuk