Online Marketing Workshop: SlideShare and Presentations

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SlideShare is best known as a place to upload presentations, and since most people do not give public talks, they overlook this awesome marketing resource. SlideShare can be used to summarize videos, articles, blog posts, and more. This workshop presented by Chris Wechner of The Ultimate Analyst at WCCCD gave people an overview of SlideShare, presentation marketing, and even an SEO trick using something free from Google.


  • 1. Online Marketing Workshop:SlideShare & PresentationsChris WechnerDirector of MarketingThe Ultimate Analyst

2. This Workshop: My Perspective First used SlideShare a few years ago, but Only Recently Started Using SlideShare Still new, but pretty impressed so far 3. This Workshop: My Objective Help people gain basic how to instructionwith different marketing fundamentals via Conceptual Explanation Live Demonstration Participant Hands-on Practice Disclaimer: Everyone is welcome, but thisworkshop is designed for people who broughttheir laptops. 4. Tonights Outline What is SlideShare? Why you might like SlideShare Getting valuable info from SlideShare Posting presentations to SlideShare Enhancing SlideShare Another Place to Upload (besides SlideShare) Transforming Articles to Presentations Give Live Demonstration Quick Intro: Google Presentation (Free Resource) Ideas to Create Presentations 5. What is SlideShare? Online site to upload presentations SlideShare receives 500 percent more trafficfrom business owners than Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, and LinkedIn. Twenty percent of visitors come to SlideSharedirectly from Google. 6. Why I Like SlideShare Over 60 Million Unique Visitors/Month Convenient Way to Share Presentations Easy for People to Share on Social Media Easy to Embed on Websites or Blogs 7. Why I Like SlideShare (Contd) It Provides Useful Metrics Sometimes Presentations Rank on Google Great Opportunity for Backlinks (SEO) Integrates with LinkedIn (They own it now!) 8. You can add aSlideShare file intoyour LinkedInProfile(It gets views here!) 9. SlideShare Metrics1. Views2. Likes (Loves/Hearts)3. Comments4. Downloads1 2 3 4 10. You can Embed aSlideShare file intoWebsite or Blog PostTo see the SlideShare example within this blog post, visit 11. How to Upload to SlideShare Upload Presentation File Add Title, Description, Tags, Other Info Select Private/Public Get Link 12. (After logging in)Click the Uploadbutton to get started 13. (After logging in)Click the Uploadbutton to get startedYou can selectwhether you wantyour presentation tobe Public orPrivate 14. You can get theSlideShare link hereYou can set yourPublic/PrivateSetting hereClick Save andContinue whenyoure all done. 15. You can get yourEmbed Code here orShare your SlideShareYou can add yourSlideShare to yourLinkedIn Profile 16. Adding More to SlideShare Re-Uploading File Add YouTube Video Change Download Settings 17. For more options,click AdvancedSettings 18. Reload Your PresentationClick Upload tostart the process ofreplacing the file Links remains the same (Corrections are OK!) Presentation Statistics remain the same 19. Change Privacy SettingsYou can decide to makeyour presentationPublic or PrivateYou can decide whetherto let people downloadyour presentation 20. Add YouTube Videos1. Enter YouTubeVideo URL2. Select PositionwithinPresentation toinsert video3. Click Insert &PublishNote: You can remove the video afterward, if you decide. 21. Google Drive:Another Place to Upload Free Place to Store Files Can Share Link People can Download 22. Click this icon for anoptions menu to appearSelect Drive 23. 1. Click this icon to beginthe file uploading process2. After menu appears,select Files 24. After file uploads,click Share 25. Click Advanced 26. Under Who has access,click Change to changefrom Private to Public 27. Select your preferred privacysetting(HINT: You probably want On Public on the Web)Click Savewhen done 28. Blogs & Articles to Presentations Create Outline or Bullet Points Crate Slides Upload to SlideShare Upload to Google Drive 29. Lets do a LIVE DEMO 30. Using Google Presentation Google Drive is Free Can Start from Existing Presentation Can Create Your Own Presentation 31. 1. Click the CREATEbutton to activate a menu2. After menu appears,select Presentation 32. To see more details how to create a presentation on Google Drive, visit 33. Lets do a LIVE DEMO(Quick) 34. Ideas for Presentations Live Presentations Your Online Material Articles/Blog Post Summaries Video Summaries Lists Summaries/Synopses of Material from Others(Give them credit, but add your own twist.) 35. Bonus Idea for Affiliate Marketers You can use slides to build excitement oversomething youre selling. Then you can add a Call-to-Action button.Click to see my list of Recommended BooksCLICK HERE 36. Final Questions for You The Lesson: What is something new you learned? What did you find to be interesting? What important reminder did you get(of something you already knew)? The Action: How can you benefit from what you learned? How soon will try to do it? 37. For Questions or Comments:Chris@TheUltimateAnalyst.comChris WechnerThe Ultimate Analyst