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Presentation made to British Occupational Hygiene Society Control Workshop 30 June 2011


<ul><li>1.Mike Slater</li></ul> <p>2. Recognition Evaluation Control 3. Recognition Evaluation ControlThe three key aspects of occupational hygiene 4. Recognition Evaluation Control 5. RecognitionEvaluation ControlOf these CONTROL is the most important 6. Recognition EvaluationControlIts what were trying to achieve 7. There are still many workplaces where control ofexposure could be improved 8. Awareness Specification DesignImplementationUse 9. Some examples of whereimprovements could be made 10. Lack of awareness about the risk? 11. Lack of awareness about the risk? 12. Lack of awareness?Poor specification? (relying on PPE) 13. Poor specification and design 14. Poor specification and design 15. Poor specification and design.Poor implementation 16. Lack of maintenance Poor implementation 17. Lack of maintenancePoor implementation 18. Lack of awareness Poor specification (reliance on PPE) Poor implementation and use(PPE not used properly) 19. Poor implementation and use(PPE not used properly) 20. Poor implementation and use(PPE not used properly ) 21. Awareness Specification DesignImplementationUse 22. Some good guidance is available from the HSE 23. What can we do? 24. Dont try to reinvent the wheel 25. Dont try to solve all the worldsproblems 26. Collate best practice 27. Develop practical guidanceon controls 28. Including guidance onmanagement of controls 29. The COSHH Essentials control sheets are a goodexample of simple, but effective advice 30. @diamondenvMike Slater 31. Mike Slater, Diamond Environmental Ltd. ( This presentation is distributed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlikeUK:International Licence </p>