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  1. 1. Youth Pulse
  2. 2. Official distinctions 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 X Generation Y Generation Millennials Digital Natives Paparazzi Generation Z Generation GenEdge Silent Generation 1989 The fall of the Berlin Wall 2001 The 9/11 attacks 1969 Woodstock but the states of mind overcome the age brackets X : 35 - 55 y.o. Y : 20 - 35 y.o. Z : under 20 y.o. x. y. z. generations
  3. 3. Millennials
  4. 4. Fundamentally different from the previous generations Different vision of the world. They were born and grew up with the economic crisis, the digital and the globalization
  5. 5. 1 A lucid generation 2 A narcis generation 3 A global generation 4 A creative generation 5 A Hedonist generation 5 key values and behaviors
  6. 6. Despite their financial issues (student loan debt, poverty and unemployment), and their mistrust about institutions 70% of 18-24 y.o pessimistic about the evolution of the society * Pew Research Center, 2014 1. A lucid generation - but self confident Millennials remain optimistic about their own future 66% are optimistic about their life 85% say they would have enough money to lead their way
  7. 7. What they value most in a job : - They want to learn and build their skills - They want to spent time with their family with work from home and flexible hour options - This is a relationship - oriented generation that expects mutual respect - They want to work in a tech friendly environment 1. A lucid generation - different values at work
  8. 8. 75% of millennials believe business are to fixated on their own agendas an not enough on helping to improve society. 1. A lucid generation - different expectations from companies
  9. 9. #FOMO From the Fear of Missing Out to the Focus On Multitasking Opportunities. The Millennial sickness : the fear of missing out refers to the feeling of anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere. - The tension & desire to stay continually connected with what others are doing - They have the tools : the smartphone increases the addiction for the Paparazzi Generation - New technologies provide the power of ubiquity through multi-screens and networks. 2. A narcis generation - #fomo
  10. 10. Starification of their life : they use the social networks everyday and all day long to express and show a life in which they are the main actor. - The You(th)niverse is the personal world where the Millennial promotes his/her personality and preferences. - The digital world and the social networks enhance the trend with profile customization and likes accumulation. - In real life, the 3D printing is a new way for mass customization by creating personalized items from scratch. 2. A narcis generation - you(th)
  11. 11. empower the self expression
  12. 12. Its no more about individuals but about micro-communities of passion points and influence without borders. - # = the symbol of the micro- community : behind a sign and a few words, individuals from the world are together. - As many micro-communities as passion points, and not exclusive. #beliebers #lovewins #got 3. A global generation - tribes
  13. 13. 3. A global generation - global projects Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing are participative ways in which the youth vox pops got the power. - Half of Millenials prefer be a part of a project that look like them rather than just buy. - More than collaboration, its about self expression in music, fashion, sport - Millenials = actors - and not just spectators - by building a global culture without borders.
  14. 14. The Millennials mix bits from different universes, they value unusual collaboration. 3. A global generation - mash up
  15. 15. Millenials value entrepreneurship, creativity and start-up culture. - Start-up is a perfect work place for a generation of rapid learners with a strong ability to adapt - Everything is made to be creative and its a great place to grow personally and professionally - Being able to work closely with the innovators, the founders, is something you rarely get to do if youre working for a corporation - not a start-up 4. A creative generation - ideas
  16. 16. 4. A creative generation - language 64% of Millennials regularly communicate using only emojis instead of words. - Emojis are a powerful tool for humanizing mobile messaging, which can often feel impersonal and expressionless. - A second & specific language representing visually a part of who they are. McDonald's has brought "Emojis" to life in this last spot
  17. 17. 5. And hedonist generation - gamification Half of Millennials say they see real life as a video game and almost 6 out of 10 say #winning is the slogan of my generation. - Hedonism : pleasure, fun, excitement, sensations. remain key drivers for Millenials. Gaming is an expression of this Hedonism. - Video games have transcended pure entertainment, and evolved into places where players can learn, build communities, and explore aspects of their identity they can't express in the real world. - Millennials love video games so much that they've turned watching other people play into a multi-million dollar industry. The most subscribed-to channel on YouTube, PewDiePie, is run by a Swedish gamer who has gathered his 35 million followers and 10 billion vues by posting reviews, run-throughs, and live-streams of nearly every new game to hit the market. * Gravity Media, 2015
  18. 18. Life steps Average age Start university Move out of parental home Move in with partner Birth of the first child 22 y.o. 26 y.o. 31 y.o. 33 y.o. * SIMM TGI, filtre 22-35 ans, octobre 2015 Same values but different life cycles
  19. 19. z generation
  20. 20. And evolution, more than a revolution More or less the same values Just more highlighted THE FIRST TRULY DIGITAL NATIVE GENERATION THE FIRST TRULY GLOBAL GENERATION 70% say the world became smaller thanks to new technologies 74% say that its easy to learn about other cultures * Cassandra Report 2014
  21. 21. Hannah from Girls: Selfish, failing financially and professionaly Alex from Modern Family: Conscientious, hard-worker and future oriented Concretely what does it mean ?
  22. 22. Ungendered is the new gender Extreme mash-up The brand has introduced a range of gender-neutral clothing to its vast inventory.
  23. 23. The most motivated and eager ones but their stories are unusual ! Joshua Wong Joshua Wong, a co-founder of the student-activist group Scholarism, was one of the most compelling figures in Hong Kongs pro- democracy Umbrella Revolution in 2014. His nonviolent protest message and energetic idealism galvanized crowds that, over months, numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Marie Lopez dite EnjoyPhoenix EnjoyPhoenix is a 20 y.o. French beauty guru as well as a fashion, lifestyle, and teenage advice vlogger. She uploads videos to her YouTube channel EnjoyPhoenix with more than 2 million subscribers. She has a second channel called EnjoyVlogging which had more than 1 million subscribers. Tavi Gevinson Tavi Gevinson is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of the Rookie Magazine, aimed primarily at teenage girls. Gevinson, who became an online sensation at 11-years-old for her blog StyleRookie, shifted focus to pop culture and feminist discussion and in 2011, Gevinson founded Rookie at only 15 years old. Generation ambassadors
  24. 24. WORK FAMILY 72% say an interesting job is the most important thing for the future 35% want to found an happy family HEALTH 46% want to be healthy * Junior Connect 2015 More active, more alternative Even if they still need points of references
  25. 25. Often compared to the silent generation who rebuilt the world after the second ww Born between : The Great Depression World War II 1925 1945 Children from this generation worked very hard and kept quiet. In 1951, Time Magazine introduced the name Silent Generation to refer to those individuals described as cautious and unadventurous.
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