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  • 1. Lunch Session Stephane Vermeiren - Rabobank Caroline Vervaeke

2. The 3 main services of The House of MarketingTemporary Marketing SupportMarketing ConsultancyMarketing Talent DevelopmentTo bridge Capacity & Competence gapsTo tackle strategic marketing challengesTo develop, counsel & train marketers on the jobPresentation12 3. 2013: The marketer lacks faith, belief and confidence Will he be more optimistic in 2014? Mar/13MCI compared to the Consumer Confidence index Mar/1320 151515131210 54 210 2005-32006-220072008-31 -1 201020092011-52012 -52013 -5Sept: -6-10 -15-15 -17-20-20-24-25#yms2012 -30Presentation1MCI3CI (data from Feb/13)Mar/13: -24 4. THoMs belief: Marketers must become more FACTSPresentation14 5. More strategic focus, aiming for more relevance and simplicity More agility and customer centricity in the organization More creativity in their marketing approach and innovationMore tangibility without losing faith in intuitionMore sustainable reflectionsPresentation15 6. Build consistent & relevant brand equities Define customer segment(s) Check customers' needs & insights React fast to changes Adapt fast to new expectations Define efficient marketing processes Define unique value propositions Make everyone contribute to brand marketing Innovation that reaches new customers/markets Stimulate creativity when dealing with turbulent times Analytical skills Make strategic analysis of the market Define KPIs and improvement plans Demonstrate Pragmatism Analyze competition objectively Appreciate impact of sustainable decisions Combine sustainable performance Raise awareness of sustainability across company Presentation16 7. 45 CEOs gave their opinion about the performance and responsibilities of marketers, linked to our FACTS visionPresentation17 8. Performance2Focus Agility1.5Creativity6Tangibility 1Sustainability0.5Importance16 0 -2-1.5-1-0.50 11 178 0.518 515-0.510 4 9-1-1.5-2 Presentation1814 27131131.5122 9. Importance of Marketing responsibilitiesMarketers 1.2Focus Agility2 1331Creativity Tangibility19 0.8Sustainability10 818 0.615126416147 0.45170.2 11CEO's 0Presentation1-0.500.5911.52 10. marketers0.11612Performance of Marketers0 -1-0.50130.511.5CEO's 18 8-0.169 14 4-0.21715510 13-0.3Focus Agility11Creativity 2-0.4Tangibility Sustainability7-0.5-0.6Presentation110 11. Marketers see marketing responsibilities as slightly more important than CEOs do ... but they are even more severe on their own performance than CEOs arePresentation111 12. The CEO values segmentation and market analysis, but not more than that Marketing seems to be a short term responsibility where pragmatism is expected Marketing looks more and better at the past than to the future Marketing is not in the lead for innovation Marketing is not convincing in building a consistent brand And marketing is not expected to put sustainability on the agendaDOES MARKETING FAIL?Presentation112 13. CEOs are looking for equilibrists to tackle the marketing challenges Personality traits to adress challenges 60% Analytical skillsMarketers50%Sense for business40% Communication skills 30%See the bigger pictureConviction powerCreative skillsMake experts work together20%Guts Passion for marketing 10%DisciplineIntuitionEmpathyHumility 0% 0%10%Yearly marketing survey 2013 Presentation120%30%CEO's 1340%50%60% 14. CEOs are looking for equilibrists to tackle the marketing challenges GeneralistCreativeAnalyticalDisciplineGutsHard skillsSoft skillsHumilityConvictionPassionate about Marketing Presentation1Curious about specializationBusiness driven 14 15. For more informationCaroline Vervaeke Mobile: +32 (0) 475 96 16 96 E-Mail: caroline.vervaeke@thom.euThe House of Marketing Kardinaal Mercierplein, 2 B-2800 Mechelen Belgium www.thehouseofmarketing.beJoin us on LinkedIn Follow us on TwitterPresentation115