Black Friday, White Noise

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Black Friday has become White Noise. Door busters are now 24 hour binges. Cyber Monday has become cyber week. Retailers beckon with "Black Friday in September." With the days and deals blurred beyond recognition, all that's left of the Black Friday we've known for decades is nostalgia. And while many shoppers still feel a little tug of the heartstrings thinking back to the good old days, its evolution brings convenience and collaboration to the holiday shopping experience. Here are five ways how.


<p>Door busters are now 24-hour binges.Cyber Monday has become cyber week.Target beckons with Black Friday in September.Black Friday has become White Noise.</p> <p>All thats left of the Black Friday weve known and loved for decades is nostalgia, with the </p> <p>days and deals blurred beyond recognition. And while many shoppers still feel a little tug of </p> <p>the heartstrings thinking back to the good old days, its reincarnation, an experience with </p> <p>the same soul but a different body, gives more shoppers the deals theyre looking for at </p> <p>their leisure, on their device of choice. Here are five ways how.</p> <p>one-day-only deals are replaced byalways-on deals</p> <p>Brands and stores are leaking deals earlier and earlier every year via social </p> <p>media, making it easier for you to share socially via whatever device you </p> <p>happen to be on, rather than the traditional in-person prep with your posse. </p> <p>Retailers post deal after deal, many times only days apart, one-upping </p> <p>yesterdays 20% off with 25% off and free shipping tomorrow and its all </p> <p>being pushed via Twitter, Facebook, email, even Instagram and Pinterest. </p> <p>Retailers are training us, saying hey, if you miss todays great deal, not to </p> <p>worry, another one is right around the corner.</p> <p>the thrill of the hunt is replaced </p> <p>by the thrill of theUPS delivery text</p> <p>These days, rather than scheming with friends and mapping out who goes </p> <p>where to look for which deals, you rely on the best deal-watching sites and </p> <p>apps via social media. lets you put your name on a waiting list if </p> <p>somethings sold out, and will email you the second your </p> <p>desired item is available for purchase. Last year, Walmart created a handy </p> <p>little Black Friday app that told you exactly where the deals would be and </p> <p>at what time. The thrill that used to come from physically having that hot </p> <p>little item in your hot little hands has been replaced by the thrill of getting </p> <p>a UPS text message telling you a package has been delivered.</p> <p>me-me-me is replaced by </p> <p>we-we-weIn the good old days, your personal success was dictated by the size </p> <p>of your Black Friday haul which youd relay in multiple phone calls to </p> <p>your friends. These days, bragging rights are less about deal hoarding </p> <p>and all about deal sharing. With experiences like Targets Cartwheel, </p> <p>your network of friends gets to see when youve redeemed a coupon, </p> <p>and how much you saved. Not only does sharing the best deals and </p> <p>deal-watching apps via social media help your street cred, it can also </p> <p>be rewarding. Sites like ShopBop give you a $25 gift certificate when </p> <p>you invite friends so the kudos go both ways.</p> <p>one big social event is replaced by </p> <p>multiple solo surfsPrepping for Black Friday used to be as much about the camaraderie as it </p> <p>was about the deals. But the days of getting everyone together to plan are </p> <p>long gone. With so many devices on hand, people are shopping more </p> <p>often, in more places and in more ways, effectively breaking up the posse </p> <p>you used to plan and shop with. So instead of 4 AM coffee runs, you can </p> <p>relax while claiming deals in your PJs from the comfort of your couch, bed </p> <p>or favorite tropical vacation spot. </p> <p>finding your deals is replaced by your </p> <p>deals finding youToday, no hunting and gathering required. Sites like </p> <p>ping you the second a new Black Friday circular is dropped, so you just </p> <p>have to sit back and wait. Plus, deal-watching sites like </p> <p>and Amazon Price Watch and apps like PopSugar do it all for you. </p> <p>Simply drop in your wish list and wait for texts and emails to come to </p> <p>you. What used to take hours can now be squeezed in between getting </p> <p>out of work and dropping the kids off at soccer practice.</p> <p>So the fact is,Black Friday truly has become White Noise. </p> <p>But thats not a bad thing. Shoppers are always on, </p> <p>and retailers are finally giving them what they want.</p> <p>Discuss. #BlackFridayWhiteNoise</p>