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If you have a brand new site, your site will need some SEO love in order to get found. We list six of the best reasons here.



2. Congratulations, you have a website. But just having a website isnt enough anymore. Nowadays every guy and his dog has a website and youre all competing for the same top places in Google. How do you make sure that your site stands out from the clutter? 3. By investing in SEO for your site youre not only going to start generating more traffic to your site, you are going to start reaching your target audience which in turn makes you money. By targeting the market segments most important to your business, youre building your companys future today. SEO HELPS YOU GET FOUND 4. SEO success does not happen overnight but over time as your brand finds a home at the top of search results, your brands mindshare develops as well. Its this exposure that helps your audience choose your brand over others when making buying decisions or researching your products and services. LONG TERM SUCCESS 5. SEO has the ability to send your website steady volumes of traffic that should increase over time as your SEO efforts achieve greater reward, sometimes even long after your campaign has ended. PPC sends a steady stream of visitors too but as soon as it stops raining (cash), the visits stop. SEO IS CHEAPER THAN PPC 6. What makes SEO a great investment? Every aspect of your successful SEO campaign drives measurable results. Data driven decisions make evaluations and updates easy and build a customer first philosophy that will help drive more online business. MEASURABLE RETURNS 7. Just because you call your product the one touch incorporated solution or some other term made up of insider jargon doesnt mean that your market does too. Speak their language and market to your visitors on their terms. SEO makes this happen. UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE 8. The greatest advantage of SEO is the ability to grow your business. Open 7 days a week your sites search results are working even when youre not. SEO also helps you find hidden opportunities and markets for your business to target. GROW YOUR BUSINESS 9. gullanandgullan.com