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Let Big Rex walk you though his Twelve Rules for Content Marketing. No matter what your species, you're bound to pick up an idea or two that will boost your social media presence.



2. I BRAKEFOR ASTEROIDS WANT TO BECOME A CONTENT MARKETING MEAT-EATER LIKE BIG REX? READON! WHASSUP? MY NAME IS T. SMITHSON PIERPONT REXX, III BUT ALL MY TRIASSIC HOMEYS JUST CALL ME BIG REX! EDITORS NOTE: Big Rex and his pals may be extinct today, but the fossil record has left us many clues as to the re-imagined MarComm wisdom of these magnificent carnivorous creatures who ruled the planet for well over 150 MILLION YEARS. Evolutionarily speaking, they were able to easily adapt to every environmental condition EXCEPT for the Chicxulub Asteroid Event. If not for that one historic anomaly, theyd most likely still be around - and no doubt super-active all over the Social Media MegaVerse. Heres what we think theyd be saying if they only could. Enjoy. Mike Houle > > > 3. ONLINE PROFILE: T.Smithson Pierpont Rexx,III Nickname: Rex /T-Bone/ T-Dawg DOB: EarlyTriassic(approximate) BodyLength: 443.5includingawesometail Weight: 6.85metrictons Build: Athletic/couldloseafewpounds Relationship Itscomplicated. Status: Likes: Cuddling, dinosaurpop-upbooks, tabletennis,Pinterest,eating organicprey,watchingTMZ Dislikes: Patronizingvegans,doingpushups, losingattabletennis,flossing, SpellCheck,tofu,asteroids FavoriteFilm: Godzilla(1954)w/subtitles IdealJob: ContentMarketerorBarBouncer Quote: Dinosaursdontkillpeople. Peoplehaventbeeninventedyet. BIG REX 4. 1 The Five Pillars of Content Marketing: According to contentmarketing.com (one of Big Rexs favorite CM sites.) 2 3 4 5 SOURCE:http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2007/07/the-ultimate-co/ 5. EDITORIAL-BASED. (or long-form) content. It must tell a relevant, valuable story. Must be informative, educational or entertaining. SOURCE:http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2007/07/the-ultimate-co/ 1 KEEP IT RELEVANT, YO. 6. MARKETING-BACKED. The content has underlying marketing and sales objectives that a corporation, association or institution is trying to accomplish. SOURCE:http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2007/07/the-ultimate-co/ 2 SCHWEET. 7. 3 BEHAVIOR-DRIVEN. Seeks to maintain or alter the recipients behavior. SOURCE:http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2007/07/the-ultimate-co/ ILL TAKE TWO! BOGO SALE ENDS MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, YO. 8. MULTI-PLATFORM. (print, digital, audio, video, events). It can be, but does not have to be, integrated. SOURCE:http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2007/07/the-ultimate-co/ 4 CAN I COME? 9. Targeted toward a specific audience. If you cant name the audience, its not content marketing. SOURCE:http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2007/07/the-ultimate-co/ 5 THAT WAS A LITTLE TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT! HEY! 10. Rexs Rules 12 WAYS CARNIVORES CAN REACH CONTENT MARKETING NIRVANA AND FULLY MANIFEST ABSOLUTE SOCIAL MEDIA BLISS. 11. Great Content is everywhere. CHECK IT OUT, BRADLEY WE FOUND A BRAND NEW FOOD SOURCE. THIS ONES GOING ON LinkedIn! RexRule#1 12. 4 Customer News 4 New Contracts 4 Employee Profiles 4 Annual Reports 4 Industry Trends 4 Nostalgia / Vintage 4 Volunteer Activities 4 Technical Breakthroughs 4 Strategic Partnerships 4 Personal Milestones Cool Carnivore Content Ideas: 13. The Best Content Is Visual. THEY CALL IT SHOW& TELL FOR A REASON, HOLMES! AWESOME DINO-NOTE:Tryusingacooldinosaurpic,acutelittlebaby,oranattractivefemaleofanyspeciestograbattention.Rememberthat,ontheweb,yourcompetitionisEVERYTHINGELSE!Picturesreallydohelptremendously. RexRule#2 14. This is a T-Rex. VS. Visual Content Check fail 15. Tweets with Images get 49% more favorites. Tweets with Images get 150% more Retweets. Source: http://www.convinceandconvert.com/content-marketing/9-best-from-buffer/ NoImage NoImage ImageIncluded ImageIncluded This is a T-Rex. This is a T-Rex. 16. Remember WIIFM * *THE WHATS IN IT FOR ME? FACTOR SO, WHATS IN IT FOR ME, REX? YOU'LL LOSE 900 POUNDS AND LOOK EPOCHS YOUNGER! RexRule#3 17. Your prospects arent super interested in hearing about your awesome grass seed. But they are always thrilled to learn more about their lawns. DINO FACT JACK! WHAHH? 18. So think BENEFITS and not just FEATURES when you post. 19. is good content. is way better. Your Their VS. 20. Hack yourself AViral Headline. Google search: Jon Morrows Headline Hacks and download your free copy. Its awesome. http://www.jeffbullas.com/2013/10/11/7-content-marketing-tips-your-audience-attention-cheat-sheet/ GOOD STUFF! RexRule#4 21. Interviewscan make great content. MAN, I DONT MAKE THE RULES. I JUST ENJOY EM! I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW COME T-REX ALWAYS MAKES THE HEADLINES. Source:http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/10-content-marketing-tips-you-can-employ-now/ RexRule#5 22. Create new content Consistently. GUESS WHAT DAY IT IS? PLEASE TELL ME YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT. RexRule#6 23. TWITTERTWITTER INSTAGRAMINSTAGRAM FACEBOOKFACEBOOK BLOGBLOG VIMEOVIMEO LINKED INLINKED IN DUDE, ITS HALF-PAST WEDNESDAY. SO HOWZE ABOUT A LITTLE CONTENT? SLIDESHARESLIDESHARE ETCETERAETCETERA 24. NEXT THING HE TELLS ME HES STILL SPENDING MOST OF HIS MARCOMM BUDGET ON TRADITIONAL MEDIA... BWAHHHAAHAHA! SHOCKING BUTTRUE![ ] 25. SOURCE: http://www.b2bmarketinginsider.com/content-marketing/2014-content-marketing-imperative Content marketing typically costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods yet it generates three times as many leads. - B2B Marketing Insider Winning organizations consistently create, execute and evaluate a well-defined regimen of targeted content marketing. Which begs the question: why arent more of us doing it? 62% 3xSAVINGS RETURN The New Math: 26. Offerafree eBook! Remember your Call to ActionAWESOME DINO-NOTE:Itmightsoundobvious,butremembertoASKFORTHEORDERoratleastfortheconnection.FREEdownloadableHow-ToeBooks,customersurveys,and updatesonindustry trendsareallgreatoptions. RexRule#7 27. SuperiorCustomerService is yourbestSEOweapon. SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/media-network-blog/2014/feb/14/content-marketing-strategies AWESOME DINO-NOTE: Providingamazingcustomer serviceisthenewSEO, saysAlanColeman,CEOof WolfgangDigital. GooglenowincludesCustomer Reviewsasakeyrankingfactor. WERE NOT SATISFIED UNLESS YOU ARE! RexRule#8 28. SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/media-network-blog/2014/feb/14/content-marketing-strategies AWESOME DINO-NOTE:Whileproducingmeaningfulcontentonaregularbasisisimportant,besuretokeepthecreativelevelofyourcontenthigh enough(andthensome)tobreakthroughtheclutter.SometimeslessreallyISmore. CHECK OUT MY NEW CAVE PAINTING. ITS WHAT THEY CALL CREATIVE! RexRule#9 ValueQuality overQuantity. 29. ItsaDINO-MARATHON notaSPRINT. SOURCE: http://www.theguardian.com/media-network/media-network-blog/2014/feb/14/content-marketing-strategies AWESOME DINO-NOTE:Paceyourselfandsticktoa manageablescheduleoftimelycontent.Bettertopostfewer,higher-qualitycontentplacementsthantotireyouraudienceoutwithbland,low-impactcontentthatgetsyounowhere-FAST. IVE JUST GOTTA HIT THAT TREADMILL MORE THAN JUST ONCE EVERY NEW YEARS DAY.... RexRule#10 30. SOURCE:http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2329636/Crush-Content-Marketing-in-2014-5-Outside-the-Box-Techniques-That-Get-Results Guess what? DESIGN and COPY LENGTH matter more than SUBSTANCE. I KNOW, RIGHT? PLUS, IT WAS REALLY LONG - JUST LIKE US! WHAT A GREAT POST. I LIKE THOSE FONTS - AND WHAT A COLOR PALETTE. GOTTA SHARE IT. EDITORS NOTE: I must say, this one surprised me. Id always assumed that in the rapid-fire Internet Age, short and sweet was just naturally better. As a designer myself, its both refreshing and reassuring to hear that good design really does matter. If youve got the time, go to the link in the footer and get the full story. It makes perfect sense now. Mike RexRule#11 SHARESHARE 31. 1. Longer Content Has a Much Higher Perceived Value When someone sees a long post they automatically think wow, this must have taken a ton of work. I need to share this. Posts with 300 words dont have the same effect. According to SearchEngineWatch.com: SOURCE:http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2329636/Crush-Content-Marketing-in-2014-5-Outside-the-Box-Techniques-That-Get-Results SEEEEE? TOLD YA. SIZE REALLY DOES MATTER. I WISH MY ARMS WERE BIGGER. 32. According to SearchEngineWatch.com: (cont.) 2. You can create the definitive guide on a topic. I can tell you from experience that having the definitive guide to something on your blog is the fast track to hands-off link development. But its hard to cover an entire subject in 400 words. SOURCE:http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2329636/Crush-Content-Marketing-in-2014-5-Outside-the-Box-Techniques-That-Get-Results Big Rexs DEFINITIVE GUIDECarnivore Content Marketing to Were writing this one now. 33. SOURCE:http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2329636/Crush-Content-Marketing-in-2014-5-Outside-the-Box-Techniques-That-Get-Results According to SearchEngineWatch.com: (cont.) 3. More engagement and time on site. Reading 1,500 words of pure gold puts someone in a very appreciative mood. A mood that encourages them to share your stuff. Brian Dean Search Engine Watch WHERE DID THE MORNING GO? THIS BLOGGER WRITES SOME REALLY DEEP STUFF. I MUSTSHARE! 34. Guy Kawasaki is known for posting the same content multiple times, and one reason he advocates doing this is to reach your followers in different time zones. Hes found that this increases the traffic to his content, particularly when Tweeting the same link several times. Leo Widrich Convince And Convert SOURCE:http://www.convinceandconvert.com/content-marketing/9-best-from-buffer/ Postmultipletimesfor multipletimezones. RexRule#12 35. The reason for repeated tweets is to maximize traffic and therefore advertising sales. Ive found that each tweet gets approximately the same amount of clickthroughs. Why get 600 page views when you can get 2,400? - Guy Kawasaki Super Famous Tech Dude Apple, Google, Canva, etc. SOURCE:http://www.convinceandconvert.com/content-marketing/9-best-from-buffer/ NOW JOEL, DONT TRY THIS UNTIL YOURE OLDER... MR. KAWASAKI IS A PROFESSIONAL - AND A GROWN-UP. 36. THE 5 PILLARS 1. Editorial-Based 2. Marketing-Backed 3. Behavior-Driven 4. Multi-Platform 5. Targeted Audience SOURCE:http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2007/07/the-ultimate-co/ Lets review! 37. The12 Rules of Rex 1. Content is Everywhere 2. Use Visual Content 3. The WIIFM Factor 4. Write a Viral Headline 5. Use Interviews 6. Post Consistently 7. Remember Call to Action 8. Killer Customer Service 9. Quality Beats Quantity 10. Run a Marathon 11. Lengthy + Well-Designed 12. Repeated Posts 38. DEFINITIVE GUIDECarnivore Content Marketing to Big Rexs Rexs NeweBook Is Coming Soon! But we still need lots more content. Ironic, right? Send us your CM tips, ideas and true stories and well include the best ones. With full attribution of course. No one is as smart as all of us so send a message to the Editor here to get the process started: < CLICK MEHEY MIKE!HEY MIKE! 39. DEFINITIVE GUIDECarnivore Content Marketing to Big Rexs THANKS FOR VIEWING! PLEASE SEND MIKE A NOTE IF YOUD LIKE HIM TO CREATE ANYTHING COOL FOR YOU. HEY MIKE!HEY MIKE! NewPlanetCreative.com MIKE HOULE Founder New Planet Creative < CLICK ME 40. NewPlanetCreative.com Mike@NewPlanet1.com print | web | display 2014 by New Planet Studios, Inc. | All Rights Reserved N E W P L A N E T C R E A T I V E