Internet Marketing Mashup- Social Media for Research

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  • Consumer research through social media

    Mashup of various slideshares

  • Introduction to social media researchNetnography big principles


  • *Brands not only need to reach their consumers, they need to engage them into meaningfull relationships at each touch points.

  • *Brands are not central to their interactions, people interact with other people to share their experiences

  • *Social media is the door to consumers

  • *We can listen to what they say quantitatively, but also dive into their world in a qualitative way.netnography

  • *But consumers are sharing so much on the net, their experience, their needs..even solutionscan we not only listen but also interact with them ?

  • *From insights gathering throught observation to ideas as effective solutions issued from co creation

  • *The role of research institutes is evolvingfrom voicing up to helping the connexionbetween brands and consumers

  • *They are becoming more a connector between consumers and brands, and between brands and agencies.

  • *In order to observe consumers in their natural environment or interact with them to gather insights or co create Netnography insight community co creation

  • *It depends on the brand project advancementNetnography insight community co creation

  • *The research institutes can adapt the level of interactivity with them Co creationobservationcrowdsourcing

  • Introduction to social media researchNetnography big principles


  • *Netnography is nothing new.

  • *The same approach for foreign cultures as well as offline behavior, and digital behaviour ?

  • *Netnography is = (net) ethnographybut not only.

  • *Netnography appears with people self expression of the net

  • *But netnography is not just content analysis

  • *Netnography is also about observing people in their natural context

  • *How can we define netnography ?

  • *Netnography doesnt exist as a discipline, its a mix of disciplines.

  • *It doesnt pretend to be a science, its just an explorative methodology

  • *It allows us to see the world throught the eyes of consumersto gather real life insights.

  • *But not just regular insights, it allows to go deeper into the life of consumers to understand the why

  • *To uncover insights opening up solutions, ways the brand can help people do something (involving the brand/product)

  • *Interdisciplinary teams need to be involved as we are at the cross roads of analysis and creativity

  • *The only way the team can work together is by being user centric not just data centric or idea centric

  • *This is the overall process of a netnography (5 steps)

  • *Step 1 = research definition (who do we want to gather in our community ?)We need to get an understanding of who the consumers are, where they are on the net, how many they are, and if they are gathered into open communities before defining the scope of the study =Desk researchExpert interviewsMonitoring of key words

    In this phase we shall identify the various targets we will gather, dress up their profile (before tagging them in the next phase).

  • *Step 2 = community selection and gathering into a listening plateformGather highly involved consumers we identify through extensive social web monitoring based on key words.

    Add sources we have validated and which correspond to the voice of a consumer, not a media / a professional blogger).

    Tag the sources with relevant informations that will structure the analysis.

  • *Step 3 = community observationEveryday, the observer will fine tune the community clusters and the topic clouds, and categorize the content he will then extract for analysis.He can also set up some specific filters to access more relevant content.

  • *Step 4 = data analysis to extract insights.Data analysis

  • *Step 5 = get a deeper understanding of the issues raised behind these insights, and the ideas they mentioned

  • *3 outputs = personas + scenarios + proposition.

  • Thank youGautam VermaLets connect on Twitter @gtmtwt



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