How to Create Surveys Using Google Forms

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Learn how to create survey forms by using Google Forms.



2. go to your Google Drive2 3. this is the old look of the drive3 4. click Create4 5. Click Formseveral options will be shown5 6. Click Formcreate a new folder6 7. Click Formlike these folders7 8. Click Formcreate Document: word8 9. Click Formcreate Presentation:Powerpoint9 10. Click Formcreate Spreadsheet:Excel10 11. Click Formcreate Survey Form11 12. Click Formcreate Drawing12 13. HOW TO CREATE A GOOGLE SURVEY FORM13 14. click Form Form14 15. a Welcome dialogue box will appear15 16. lets take a tour of this window16 17. Make formsquicklywith keyboardShortcuts17 18. and auto-saved changes18 19. Work together tobuild forms19 20. withothers in real-time20 21. Invite people to Respond21 22. via emailand social networks22 23. Send responses to a spreadsheet23 24. for powerful analysis24 25. click Get Started25 26. another Dialog Box appears26 27. another Dialog Box appearstitletheme27 28. type a title for the survey28 29. browse on different themes29 30. choose a theme for the form30 31. click the thumbnail for the theme31 32. click OK32 33. [Tentative] Form is created33 34. let us take a tour of this window34 35. Navigational Toolbars35 36. check the toolbars36 37. check the header toolbarFILEEDIT37 38. check the header toolbarVIEWTOOLS38 39. check: file39 40. make a New formcheck: file40 41. open a filecheck: file41 42. download as a filecheck: file42 43. export File to embed in a blogcheck: file43 44. print the formcheck: file44 45. Check: View45 46. the chosen theme is shown hereCheck: View46 47. Check: insert47 48. choose types of questionsCheck: View48 49. Check: insertinsert a table49 50. insert a Date or timeCheck: insert50 51. insert as section header in the formCheck: insert51 52. insert an imageCheck: insert52 53. insert a videoCheck: insert53 54. change theme54 55. UNDO / REDO55 56. form settings: check progress set-up56 57. floating widgetWrite / Edit57 58. New postfloating widget58 59. Trashfloating widget59 60. Confirmation Page60 61. Form Settingscheck the Body of the form61 62. Questioncheck the Body of the form62 63. Question Type63 64. fill up the form64 65. check the box to check65 66. the progress on the form pages66 67. add a short description of the form67 68. type in a related question68 69. select type of question69 70. Type of Question: Text70 71. Type of Question: Paragraph Text71 72. Type of Question: Multiple Choice72 73. options will be shown belowType of Question: Multiple Choice73 74. click here to add another choiceType of Question: Multiple Choice74 75. type in the new choiceType of Question: Multiple Choice75 76. Type of Question: Checkboxes76 77. options will be shown belowType of Question: Checkboxes77 78. click here to add another choiceType of Question: Checkboxes78 79. type in the new choiceType of Question: Checkboxes79 80. after choosing a question type, click Done80 81. this form will be created81 82. click here to Add another item82 83. after creating the form, click SEND FORM83 84. a dialog box of a send form will appear84 85. get the Link for sharing85 86. share in social sites86 87. share in Google+87 88. share in facebook88 89. share in twitter89 90. share via email90 91. Enter email addresses of respondents91 92. Add collaborators92 93. Click done to finish93 94. Click X to close the window94 95. choose response destination95 96. choose response destination96 97. choose response destinationClick new spreadsheet97 98. choose response destinationAlways create a new spreadsheet per new form98 99. choose response destinationClick create99 100. choose response destinationclick X to close the window100 101. Go ahead and make your first survey now!101 102. 102