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#SXSWh Highlights 2013 @RYANSTEPHENS

#SXSW Health 2013 Highlights

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Some of my favorite takeaways from 2013 South by Southwest's Health track on innovation, digital health, technology, social media, patient advocacy, and more.

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#SXSWh Highlights 2013@RYANSTEPHENS

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Key Data Points• 6 Days• 21 Pages of Notes• 207 Tweets• 25 Miles Walked• 25 Hours Slept

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W20 Group’s Social Commerce Summit


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The PESO Model

“Paid media becomes the supporting actor for earned media.”

– Bob Pearson, President W20 Group

PESO = Convergence of paid, earned, shared and owned media• Paid = Banner, pay-per-click, advertorials• Earned = Traditional media + blogger outreach• Shared = Social networks that facilitate WOM• Owned = Your company’s website, Facebook page, et al.

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Educate Lawyers and Leaders

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Other Social Commerce Summit Highlights

• Digital data’s value should extend well beyond PR and marketing into HR, customer service, product teams, etc.

• Vanity metrics aren’t enough anymore, we want to drive business results.

• Customers review your product/service more than an R&D department ever will.

• Adrian Parker (Intuit) delivers a killer presentation connecting his relationship with his wife to how you should measure the entire marketing funnel (link/slides)

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Mobile + Social


(i.e. Day #1 in AT&T Conference Center before #sxsh and other panels got started)

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Is Mobile Really a Branding Vehicle?

• 75% of all consumers use 2 screens simultaneously

• How do you reduce the friction?• Asking city/state when you already have zip

• Online vs. Offline is an irrelevant argument now.

• Mobile is an access point. It’s not a channel or a tactic in your media mix.

• John Butterill’s Virtual Photo Walks

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Is Mobile Really a Branding Vehicle?

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What Marketers Should Ask Themselves About Social

The move from mass communication to mass communicators represents the largest disruption in communication history.

It requires a re-boot in the way we think about building brands.

--- Jeff Dachis, @DachisGroup Founder

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#SXSWh Highlights

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The Innovation, Data & Health Care Ecosystem

• Patients are increasingly becoming advocates for themselves.

• The US Dept of Health is Innovative. (Who knew?)• http://www.hhs.gov/open/

• Technology is catalyst/accelerant, but tech isn’t solution if culture and processes aren’t in place.

• The three prongs to an open data program:• Data liberation• Data Accessibility• Data Education

• [Interesting]: Working w/ Code Academy to create classes for people who want to hack healthcare.

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Contagious Content: Making Healthy Behavior Stick

• “Health is the new hustle.”

• We live in a culture that is pro-active about their own health.

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Information Overload & Health Decisions

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Following the Patient for Meaningful Change

• Ethnographic research to find core issues & solve problems through design

• Create profiles (ex: chronic vs. acute patient)

• Patient Experience mapping to clinical adoption

• The big brands don’t disrupt and small, mobile teams are nipping at margins

(1) Systems are transparent & clear to all

(2) Communication is productive & seamless

(3) Decision-Making is informed

Kaiser Permanente & Mayo Clinic are reinventing healthcare delivery

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Digital Health Changes Everything

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• MDigitalLife Trailer

• Database of nearly 1,400 U.S. doctors on Twitter and linked to NPI (National Provider Identifier).

• They tweet over 2x per day on average.

• More than 50% of tweets sent between 9am & 5pm

• 2/3 have at least 150 followers (the median is 306)

• More than 1/3 of the doctors are followed by at least 20 other doctors in the database.

• How innovative physicians are leveraging social media tools like Twitter to improve the health of their patients, to grow their practices, to connect with their peers, and to create a platform for influencing the future of healthcare. (Scientific & Quantitative)

From @Chimoose at Social Commerce Summit, but fit better here.

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Other #SXSWh Highlights

• Healthcare is trusted less than banks and big business

• Healthcare moves SLOW• Start small and find advocates to champion your efforts