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    Dr. Vijay Sharma, MSCosmetic Surgeon

  • INTRODUCTIONThe world is the greatest museum of the human race. India in particular has one of the largest specimens of all races and ethnicities. Though it is true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there is also a universal acceptance of some faces and looks, which are termed universal good looks. Probably like the looks owned by Miss Universe Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta and Miss World Priyanka Chopra or by internationally acclaimed models like Cindy Crawford or Hollywood beauties like Julia Roberts and Nichole Kidman.

  • What is it that makes these faces so popular, so universally accepted as the epitome of beauty? Blame it on the media, but is that all or is it just the tail of the dragon we are chasing, is it a cause or is it a consequence of this concept of universal beauty.Scientifically speaking, certain facial shapes and features are considered attractive, even infants respond better to those faces, which are considered and accepted by most. It has been found that an infant connects better to a beautiful face as found by the smiles and giggles.

  • There are certain facial shapes that are considered attractive. The oval face is considered the most beautiful for a woman in contrast to round, square box type or triangular faces. High cheekbones and wide-open eyes are also considered beautiful.Looking at it from a strictly medical cosmetic point of view with these findings make perfect sense. The oval face leads the feminine grace and ensures that the unfeminine parts like firm jaw line do not exist. It signifies in essence a feminine bone structure. High cheekbones mean the individual is more resistant to facial wrinkles, similarly for wide-open eyes.

  • GOLDEN RULES OF BEAUTYOval or egg shape face is always counted better than square, boxoid, triangular, round or circular faces.The length of the nose and face above & below the nose should be almost equal to each other.Bright, bigger eyes with high cheek bones spreaded over not more than one third total length of face gives immediate acceptance

  • Side profile, if you draw a line it should touch forehead, upper lip, lower lip and chin all together.Angle of the nose in contrast to the face should be roughly around 30 degree and is counted as the best, but between 25 to 40 is also like compromise.Convex faces are better than the Concave faces.

  • 7. IMAGINARY TRIANGULAR TEST, the outer most portion of left and right eyebrows and the center most point of the lower lip, In this imaginary triangle unity of all the organs should be perfect likeThe space between both the eyes should be equivalent to the size of the eye. (Factor X) Yellow line.Width of the nose and width of the mouth should have a ratio 3:5 (Blue & Yellow line)The opening of the mouth should not be larger than one and half time of factor X.

    Factor XFactor X

  • 8. The thickness and the volume of the upper lip verses lower lip should be 70 / 100 in other words the upper lip should not be more than 70% of the volume of the lower lip.

  • 9. The length of the body and the length of the legs should be either equivalent or the legs should be longer than the body, longer the legs is noted more beautiful, when folded knee should come up to the shoulder and ankle should touch the bottom.

  • 10. Projection of breast and projection of buttocks from central median line of the side profile should be absolutely balance. 11. Breast should not project more than the nose while standing posture.

  • Leaving that aside, what is it, that not just men and women notice these things and work at aligning themselves with the universal axis of beauty but are obsessed with looks? Here let us think in term of labeling it, or let's say postmodern term and call it HYPERAESTHETIC TENSION which created a need of inventing GOLDEN RULES OF BEAUTY BY DR. VIJAY SHARMAThe nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw hypertension causing furrows on the brows of many of the population and an increasingly younger population at that. The twenty first century could well see a spread of this hyperaesthetic tension of epidemic proportions.As in all epidemics, the most important first step is recognition and awareness. People were dying of bacterial diseases for long enough before the lay public accepted their presence. Even doctors of yore were not entirely convinced of the presence of these carriers of doom. Ignorance about their presence did not stop epidemics. In fact plague has been all but abolished an account of acceptance, education and then steps to control and eliminate.

  • The first step therefore is recognition of this hyperaesthetic tension. Most of us though vaguely familiar with it, in principle we do not consider it exists.Hyperaesthetic tension is the constant increasing worry as regards looks for an individual. It is exemplified by the photo shoots and wardrobes of the stars, the repeated foreign jaunts of our models for breast jobs for females, hair weaving for males. It is however not as we believe limited to the page three of society. It is also as signified by the stolen looks at any mirror rather any reflecting surface not just of females but also males and individuals, who are not just teenagers but even those in their late forties. It is the depressive bouts that not just an adolescent undergoes an account of pimples, an adult male undergoes an account of premature hair loss, a housewife undergoes an account of a flat chest or a middle aged man experiences an account of his developing eye pouches or a double chin. That which affects all of us to such an extent that looks matter us more than most other things is hyperaesthetic tension. This hypothesis shall soon get proned, we believe

  • IDENTIFICATION AND ANALYSISHyperaesthetic TensionIn contrast to the popular old sayings like- Never judge an envelope by its cover- Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder- What matters is inner beauty- Beautiful is that beautiful doesHow outdated these adages appear in today's world.Unbelievable as it seems, looks and their importance have suspected basic human virtues to the extent that the total number of necessary surgery for basic medical problems have been surpassed by people opting for willful beautification under the knives of cosmetic surgeons. The world over, rapidly changing trends for acceptability are evident as not even in the not so distant past.I call it 'hyperaesthetic tension' rather similar yet uniquely different from hypertension, which commonly exists in today's modern society rather today's modern industrialized society. A society, which lays tremendous emphasis on youth, beauty and success, a heady cocktail in itself.

  • Gone are the days, when aging was viewed as a sign of wisdom and valued as such. Today the emphasis is on youth and the adage looks belie age holds true with the advent of the information age, which has caused an explosion in knowledge and education, exposure is prime. Those who are more exposed to the world are considered wiser, they are considered the pillars of knowledge of society, which essentially reiterates repeatedly that looks not just matter they have the power to make or brake careers.

  • With growing job opportunities in modern industrialized society comes rapid migration of people. This has caused large gaps rather tears in the basic fabric of society. The time, when the joint family system was the base of society is long gone. The total collapse of the joint family units consisting of husband, wife and children or in some case the DINKS (double income no kids) or even single parent families. This is not the fault of anyone in particular rather fallout of the changes in the standards of living, a perpetual run for the goal and ever-elusing targets of growth. The push propels people more towards material read physical progress instead of spiritual progress.

  • In the joint family system a large number of people cohabitated. The high threshold of tolerance was what made for peaceful coexistence. Today the pressure of living and looking good ensures each man for himself. Every relationship is affected by these expectations. Every husband today wants a Cindy Crawford, an Aishwarya Rai or a Naomi Campbell for his wife, who in turn expects no less than a Tom Cruise, an Hrithik Roshan or a Pierce Brosnan for a spouse. Gone are the days, when men with out good biceps and women without svelte bodies or girls without perfect features and boys without a good personality can hope to succeed. The emphasis is no longer on just the best foot forward rather the best face forward or even may the most beautiful win is what stands true today.Overall societal tolerance towards mediocre or even reasonable lookers has decreased to such levels that it is impossible even think of the not good looking unfortunates,

  • as anything other than less miserable. A person, who is not attractive to people fails to make a positive impression and is considered unlucky up until he proves his virtues. Even during medieval times the ugly or the deformed were considered cursed and were supposed to bring bad luck as per both Western and Indian cultures. This not to justify the fact that virtues have today taken to being backstage and looks take center stage. It may be much more difficult for such aesthetically challenged individuals to even match, leave alone rise above a similarly or sometimes even a less talented but aesthetically endowed individual society's constant thrust on youth, beauty and success altogether is pushing more and more p