Meal Makeover Rebecca Matsko

Meal makeover

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Meal Makeover

Rebecca Matsko

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Before Meal• Beverage- Water • Appetizer- Calamari

Calories- 941 Fat Content- 66g Saturated Fat- 13g Sodium- 1960mg

• Main Dish- Lobster Ravioli Calories- 511 Fat Content- 22g Saturated Fat- 14g Sodium- 1211mg

• Dessert- Tiramisu Calories- 1060 Fat Content- 83g Saturated Fat- 53g Sodium- 83mg

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After Meal• Beverage- Water • Appetizer- House Salad

Calories- 278 Fat Content- 25g Saturated Fat- 4g Sodium- 374mg

• Main Dish- Grilled Chicken Calories- 287 Fat Content- 7g Saturated Fat- 2g Sodium- 788mg

• Dessert- Dessert RosaCalories- 576 Fat Content- 22g Saturated Fat- 13g Sodium- 570mg

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• The After meal is a better choice than the Before meal because there is a significant decrease in calories, fat content, saturated fat, and sodium. The After meal is also better than the Before meal because it includes healthy foods like salad and grilled chicken.