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Food Makeover

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Making use of leftover sardines.

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Leftovers Makeover

By GreenBeing Nancyhttp://greenbeingnancy.blogspot.com/

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Sardine Leftover Makeover

Ingredients Leftover sardine Leftover meat dish

(optional) Margarine Onion chopped up Oil

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Quarter your bread, that is, cut a piece into half and half again.

Put the cut slices into a plate.

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Prepare to Cook

Prepare Sardine Remove bones from sardine

and mesh it up with margarine.

Mince and add meat leftover to sardine mixture if available.

To Cook Sardine Pour a little oil in pan and fry

chopped up onion till it is soft. Then add sardine to pan. Fry till the mixture is cooked. It should not be too wet that it

will make the bread soggy.

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Pan Fry Bread with Sardine

Heat up pan with a little oil.

Spread sardine on one side of bread.

Put the bread, sardine side down, into pan to fry.

Turn over to fry the other side once sardine side is done.

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Read to Eat

Decorate the pieces in a plate and it is read to be served.

So, what if you have more sardine than bread?

See next slide for

Sardine Makeover

Part 2

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Sardine Makeover Part 2Pancake

Additional Ingredients Ratio of 2 Tbsp of plain flour to 1

Tbsp rice flour Salt Water

Method Create batter with rice flour and

plain flour by adding water gradually.

Add batter to sardine mixture and mix well.

Add salt to taste. If the batter is too watery to coat

bread, add a little flour to the mixture.

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Fry Pancake

Heat up a little oil in a pan.

Scoop 2 Tbsp of the batter onto the hot pan to fry.

Keep doing that till all batter is used up.

Serve your pancake on plate.

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So, before you throw away….

Take a look at what you can…


Save the Environment

…. find abundance from the abandoned.