Terry Meikle - GRSB New Zealand Update

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<ol><li> 1. Sustainable Beef Farming in New Zealand Terry Meikle Regional Manager North America Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef Sao Paulo, Brazil 4 November 2014 </li><li> 2. Reflections on yesterday The #10 playmaker One player doesnt make a team A great coach can help </li><li> 3. OVERVIEW 1. Who We Are 2. The Challenge of Improvement 3. Red Meat Profit Partnership </li><li> 4. BEEF + LAMB NEW ZEALAND Industry-good organisation, farmer-owned Funded by producer levies NZ $25.7m in levies in 2013 Requires a referendum, last in September 2009, next in 2015 </li><li> 5. B+LNZ PROGRAMMES </li><li> 6. OVERVIEW 1. Who We Are 2. The Challenge Of Improvement 3. Red Meat Profit Partnership </li><li> 7. SECTOR CHALLENGES YOU CANT GO GREEN, IF YOU ARE IN THE RED Farm profit variability </li><li> 8. GRSB GRSB Joined in 2014 Provided input from NZ perspective Regional perspective and interpretation is key NZ doesnt have a regional roundtable B+LNZ will have key role. Relationship to NZ law and regulation </li><li> 9. THE TYRANNY OF DISTANCE, BUT Animal Welfare Act (1999): Five Freedoms Carbon and water footprinting studies Global Research Alliance leadership role LEAP (FAO), SAI Platform various leadership roles Global Livestock Dialogue On-farm MPI verification audits 900 farms per year. Quality food safety standards Sustainable Beef Integration Programme </li><li> 10. WATER SUSTAINABILITY THE HOT TOPIC Water quality, quantity, storage and irrigation Environment extension equipping farmers Land and Environment Plans (LEPs) Economic analysis Land and Water Forum (collaborative process) </li><li> 11. OVERVIEW 1. Who We Are 2. The Challenge of Improvement 3. Red Meat Profit Partnership </li><li> 12. RED MEAT PROFIT PARTNERSHIP Partnership to lift sheep and beef profitability and productivity Government Beef + Lamb New Zealand Meat processing, exporting and marketing (Alliance, ANZCO, Blue Sky Meats, Greenlea Premier Meats, Progressive Meats, Silver Fern Farms) Financial services (ANZ Bank, Rabobank) 7 year programme costing NZ$65 million 50% from government 30% from B+LNZ 20% from meat processing industry </li></ol>