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PIONEER HISTORY OF William Meikle & (1795 1853) Margaret Jessie Jackson (1799 1887)


  • 1. PIONEER HISTORY OF William Meikle & (1795 1853) Margaret Jessie Jackson (1799 1887) Files of: Erma P. Gordon Anderson (additions by Joe Anderson) Joe Anderson: A great great grandson William Meikle Born:19- 26 Jul 1795 (or 1798) Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland Christened 28 Jul 1795 Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland Died: 7 Jan 1853 Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland; Buried: 1853 Parkhead Cemetery, Gallow Gate Road, Lanark, Scotland Married: 22 Jun 1834 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland Margaret Jessie Jackson Born: 15 Jun 1799 Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland Christened 19 Jul 1799 Cambuslang, Lanark, Scotland Baptized: 15 Oct 1848, England Died: 22 Feb 1887 Smithfield, Cache, Utah William Meikle Died: 22 Jun 1853 Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland LDS Emigration Margaret Jessie Jackson Along with: William /Meikle/ Born: 15 Oct 1824 Bethwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland (Step Son) Isabelle /Meikle/ Born: 6 Apr 1837 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland (Daughter) James Joseph /Meikle/ Born 5 Jul 1839 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland (Son) 23 March 1856 DEPARTED: Liverpool, England; aboard ship Enoch Train. 30 April 1856 ARRIVED: Boston, Massachusetts 2 May 1856 DEPARTED: Boston, Massachusetts; via train Mid May 1856 ARRIVED: Iowa City, Iowa 11 June, 1856 DEPARTED: Iowa City, Iowa with 2nd Handcart Company 26 Sept 1856 ARRIVDED: Salt Lake City, Utah -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 2. Meikle, William & Margaret Jackson marriage proclamation record MARRIAGE: 1834 Hamilton, Lanark, Scotland Parish Register to Margaret Jackson - "Proclamations" "Proclaimed William Meikle and Margaret Jackson both in this Parish for two days on the 15 and 22nd June [1834]"
  • 3. Kirkmichael, Ayrshire, Scotland Kirkmichael is a village in South Ayrshire, Scotland, located between Patna, Maybole and Striton. Kirkmichael means "The Church of St. Michael". Kirkmichael lies three miles east of Maybole and started life as the focus of a well populated rural parish served by its church. It is a small village set amid the rolling hills of South Ayrshire. It is a ten mile drive south of central Ayr. Back of Church Its origins date back to the 1200s when John de Gemmelstoun founded a church beside the Dyrock Burn here, which he dedicated to St. Michael. For much of its early life the village was called Kirkmichael of Gemilston, after its founder, but the name was eventually simplified. The village church you see today dates back to 1787 and is a fairly typical T-plan design intended to provide a large number of seats within a fairly small space. The surrounding churchyard reflects its much greater age, though the attractive lich gate leading to it only dates back to 1702, according to the inscription on its bell. The lich gate was intended to accommodate mourners at funerals. The mining industry dominated much of South Ayrshire and Kirkmichael Kirkmichael Front of Church
  • 4. Kirkmichael Cambuslang, Lanarkshire, Scotland Cambuslang (Scottish Gaelic: Camas Long from camas - river bend, long - ship) is a suburban town on the south-eastern outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland located within the local authority area of South Lanarkshire. The town is located just south of the River Clyde - about 6 miles south-east of the centre of Glasgow. It has a long history of coal mining, iron and steel making and ancillary engineering works.
  • 5. The Cambuslang Subscription School of 1848 provided basic education to the children of miners and weavers in return for a few coppers. It was attractive to those who did not like the influence of the gentry and the Minister on the Parish School. Cambuslang has been very prosperous over time, depending first upon its agricultural land, (supplying food, then wool, then linen ) then the mineral resources under its soil (limestone and coal, and, to some extent, iron). These were jealously guarded by, first of all, the Medieval Church, then the local aristocracy. The manufacturing industries that grew up from them attracted immigrants from all over Scotland and from the rest of the United Kingdom, which included at that time Ireland. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- William Meikle first married (1822) Marion M. Cochram and the couple had five children 1- Elizabeth /Meikle/ Born 1823 at Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland 2- William (Jr) /Meikle/ Born: 15 Oct 1824 Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland 3- Clifford /Meikle/ Born: 1827 at Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland 4- Jane /Meikle/ Born 1 Jul 1830 at Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland 5- Gilbert /Meikle/ Born 3 Feb 1833 at Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland Bothwell is a small town in South Lanarkshire, Scotland, that lies on the right bank of the River Clyde, adjacent to Hamilton and nine miles east-south-east of Glasgow. It is predominantly a residential town. Marion M. Cochram died during 1833 By banns* posted June 15 and June 22, 1834, William Meikle married Margaret J. Jackson at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland * The banns of marriage, commonly known simply as "the banns", (from an Old English word meaning "to summon") are the public announcement in a parish church that a marriage is going to take place between two specified persons
  • 6. Hamilton is a large town in west central Scotland, which serves as the main administrative centre of the South Lanarkshire council area. It lies 12 miles south-east of Glasgow, and 35 miles south-west of Edinburgh. It sits on the south bank of the River Clyde, close to its confluence with the Avon Water. The town of Hamilton was originally known as Cadzow (the "z" representing the letter yogh, ie pronounced Cadihou), but was re-named in honor of James Hamilton, 1st Lord Hamilton. The Hamilton family constructed many landmark buildings in the area. Other historic buildings in the area include Hamilton Old Parish Church - a Georgian era building completed in (1734) and the only church to have been built by William Adam. The graveyard of the old parish church contains some of the remains of the Covenanters. Hamilton Palace was the largest non-Royal residence in the Western World, located in the north-east of the town. A former seat of the Dukes of Hamilton, it was built in 1695, subsequently much enlarged, and demolished in 1921 due to ground subsidence. It is widely acknowledged as having been one of the grandest houses in Scotland, was visited and admired by Queen Victoria, and was written about by Daniel Defoe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- William Meikle and Jessie Jackson Meikle were married on 22 Jun 1834 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland. The couple had three children: 1- Robert /Meikle/ Born: 15 Apr 1835 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland 2- Isabelle /Meikle/ Born: 6 Apr 1837 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland 3- James Joseph /Meikle/ Born 5 Jul 1839 at Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland Tradition states that William worked in the knitting mills in Glasgow. In the 1851 census we find the family living in Calton, Lanark, Scotland, at 85 Reid St. William is listed as a shoemaker for an occupation, and Margaret is listed as a milk shopkeeper, and the children listed are Robert, Isabella and James. Calton is a district of East Glasgow in the parish of Barony, closer to Glasgow than Bridgeton. William Meikle and Margaret J. Jackson Meikle, with their family embraced the LDS gospel in Scotland William was baptized on 12 Jul 1844, by James Houston. Margaret Jessie Jackson Meikle is show to be baptized on 15 Oct 1848
  • 7. The family was discussing and considering the Come to Zion call of President Brigham Young. However, William Meikle died 1853, before it was possible to emigrate. Son, Robert Meikle, Born 15 Apr 1835, being the oldest son and a dependable, energetic young man, his mother decided for him to emigrate to Utah first. He was nineteen years old when he started for Utah. He landed in Salt Lake City in 1854. [Meikle, Robert, 1854, Old England, Ship roster on microfilm(s) 200177 25690] Vessel Rig Registry Tons Master No. LDS Pass. Depart. Port Depart. Date Arrival Port Arrival Date Passage Days Comp Old England Ship U.S. 917 J. Barstow 45 Liv. 3-5-54 N.O. 4-26-54 52 J. Angus During 1855-56 Margaret Jessie Jackson Meikle (age 58) along with her step son William (age 32), daughter Isabella (age 19) and son James Joseph (age 17); decided to emigrate, with others, to Salt Lake City, Utah.. The LDS Church, under President Brigham Young, established the Perpetual Emigration Fund to assist emigrants meet the call to Come to Zion re Zion = Utah. They made their way from Hamilton , Lanarkshire, Scotland to Liverpool, England. (a distance of 209 miles) There, along with 500+ other LDS converts, they began their journey to Utah. This group became part of the 1st and 2nd Handcart Companys. Meikle, Margaret & family members - British Mission record of emigration. LDS RECORD: 1856 abt, British Mission Record [FHL #0,025,691] Book #0145, p. 86: Enoch Train: Margaret Meikle 57 widow, Isabella 19 spinster; James 17 carpenter, William 30 weaver, P. E. fund Enoch Train (23 Mar 1856 - 1 May 1856) LDS Emigration DEPARTED: Liverpool, England; 23 March 1856; aboard ship Enoch Train. ARRIVED: Boston, Massachusetts; 30 April 1856 DEPART: Boston, Massachusetts; 2 May 1856; via train ARRIVED: Iowa City, Iowa DEPART: Iowa City, Iowa, 11 June, 1856 with 2nd Handcart Company ARRIVDE: Salt Lake City, Utah 26 September 1856 Six ( 6) months, three and a half (3 ) of which was with the 2nd Handcart Co. Look at biographies of sons Robert and James Joseph Meikle for information on Jessie Jackson Meikle in Utah. I can find no additional information concerning stepson William, after being shown on the rosters.
  • 8. Passengers aboard Encoh Train and members of 2nd Handcart Company Include: MEIKLE, Margaret Age 57 Glasgow, Scotland Widow MEIKLE, William Age 30 Glasgow, Scotland Weaver (step-son) MEIKLE, Isabella Age 19 Glasgow, Scotland Spinster (daughter) MEIKLE, James Age 17 Glasgow, Scotland Carpenter (son) Other ancestors aboard Enoch Train and also members of 2nd Handcart Company Passengers aboard Encoh Train and members of 2nd Handcart Company Include: Name Birth Date Age PARK, Isabella 62 DRANEY, John 31 DRANEY, Mary Jane 28 Isabella Parks daughter (Mary Jane Park Draney) DRANEY, Samuel 2 1/2 DRANEY, Isabella 4 mo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also aboard the Enoch Train and with the 2nd Handcart Co were Corrine Baldwins ancestors. Corrine Baldwin is Duane Baldwins wife. Corrine Baldwin is a descendant of: ELIKER, Barbara Age 24 ELIKER, Heinrich , ELIKER, Margaratha , ELIKER, Margaratha , ELIKER, Heinrich, Jr , ELIKER, Barbara EELIKER, Elizabeth , ELIKER, Konard , ELIKER, Susanna , ELIKER, Johannes From an account from the Second Handcart Company. John and Nancy McCleve, natives of Ireland, took their seven children across the plains with this caravan. Sharing the tent with them was a German family, none of whom could speak English. It comprised Mr. and Mrs. Elliker and their seven children. Mr. Elliker and three children died on the journey. John McCleve was buried two days before the party reached Salt Lake City. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ENOCH TRAIN Source - The Cork Examiner, 28 March 1856 - THE MORMON EXODUS.--On Wednesday last an extraordinary scene was witnessed at the New-street railway station, Birmingham. A fine ship, the Enoch Trail [sic- Enoch Train], having been chartered to convey a cargo of Mormons to the United States, en route to their settlement in Utah territory, three hundred men and women, boys and girls, formed the contingent supplied by the Birmingham district. They left by the half-past ten train. All seemed to belong to the working classes, and the proportion of the sexes was about equal. Many hundreds of their relatives and fellow-saints assembled at the station to bid them fairwell ; and in spite of the efforts of the instrumental bands to cheer the spirits of the females, some very affecting scenes were witnessed. They sail to-day from Liverpool. There will be some 900 on board. --Birmingham Journal. SHIP NEWS--QUEENSTOWN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • 9. FROM LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND TO BOSTON, MASS., USA The ship Enoch Train, Captain Henry P. Rich, cleared on Saturday the 23 March 1856, hence for Boston, with 534 souls of the Saints on board, all under the presidency of Elder James Ferguson, Edmund Ellsworth, and Daniel D. McArthur (McArthur leader of 2nd Handcart Co). The company included the first emigrants for Utah by the Perpetual Emigration Fund in 1856 -- who were to cross the plains with 1st and 2nd Handcart Co.s. There were 431 of these [PEF] emigrants, and 103 called ordinary' passengers. There were 4 births and 2 deaths during the voyage. While the ship was lying at anchor at Liverpool, Friday night, March 21, Mary Ann, wife of Elder Thomas Lyon, was delivered of a daughter, who was named Christina Enoch. CLEANING, PRAYERS & STOWAWAYS Sunday 23. A 6 oclock, a.m., the horn was blown for the Saints to rise, the decks were then cle...


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