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  • 1. Written Evaluation

2. In what ways does your media product use, develop and challenge form and convention of real product?We chose to create an Funky House music video, and as any other music video genre, it has the originalcodes and conventions. Most R&B/Funky House music videos follow the convention of a narrative where astoryline is used to reflect the meaning of the song; in this case we thought we would stick to thisconvention but develop it further. As our music video appeals to the R&B and Funky House audience, thenarrative was made quite simple as the lyrics tell the story. The narrative is about a break up which is atypical storyline for an R&B video. We chose this narrative because from our research we noticed that theaudience can related and sympathise with the artists and the lyrics, when theres a narrative and it engagesthe audience to watch and listen to the song. An good example is Tyrese-How you gonna act like that, wherethe female leaves and he starts to remember how they were when they were together and it shows clips.Many people can relate to this as it is a part of everyday life.Notion of looking was one of the conventions that are used in some R&B narratives. Normally, in musicvideos Goodwins theory of, Notion Of Looking is used to demonstrate the dominance between male andfemales, and sex appeal however we did not demonstrate dominance or appeal, we used it in a differentway. We expressed this by linking it to the narrative and emphasising to the audience who was more hurtfrom the break up. We showed this by displaying emotions through body language and facial expressions,clips of the female looking upset and emotional emphasises that she is the one most affected compared tothe male. To some, this is a stereotype; that females are always more emotional than men. Throughout themusic video, due to the female being the artist she is shown more frequently, which again expresses to theaudience how she is feeling, and gives them the chance to relate to the situation the female and male are in.Mise-en-sceneMise-en-scene is used widely throughout music genres. Lighting is key in a music video and can make a bigdifference to how the video is meant to be interpreted by the audience. In R&B music videos, low and highkey lighting is used, both to create an effect. Due to our narrative being a relaxed and realistic theme withinour music video we chose to use a lot of natural light, as the video is set outside, in a park, street and by acanal. By keeping the natural light it creates an more realistic feel to the video and compliments and links thesettings to the theme and lyrics. 3. Costume&CropsNarratives doesnt usually have a lot of costume changes because the whole point of a narrative is for it toflow, like a story, so within our music videos there werent a lot of changes to keep the video as realistic andsmooth as possible. A lot of costume changes are known to be in abstract videos. The dress code was keptsimple and casual and represented our music genres, all of which they are recognised for their urban/streetstyle, such as hoodies, jeans, trainers etc. We done this as the scenes within the video are day to day scenes,not party or work atmospheres. The colours were kept the same as expected in R&b/Funkyhouse musicvideos, dark blue, black, white and the odd printed t-shirt. We chose to keep these colours also because ofthe weather conditions, when filmed, it was just the end of winter and it is unusual for people to be wearingbrightly coloured clothes in the winter, its most expected in the summer, so we had to think about theweather conditions of outside also.EditingWhen researching about editing and effects we realised that not a lot of effects are used however editingand transitions were used a lot. We incorporated this into our music video and used transitions such as fadesand cross fades. These two transitions establish the passing of time and emphasis how happy they were as acouple as the happy scenes fade into another and so on. Another effect we use that brings to attention thepassing of time is the black and white effect. Black and white clips are used widely in the R&B genre as aremembrance, of past events. We did use the black and white effect for this reason. The audienceimmediately assumes that its a flashback of how the couple was before the break up, happy, joyful andpleased at that current time. When the clip changes and it goes back to colour it tells the audience that ithas gone back to what is happening currently, which is the opposite of the past. Colour and Black&White isgood way to emphasis conflict and change, in personality, appearance, or atmosphere. An example of anR&B music video is, Mariah Carey-We Belong Together, where she has flashbacks of the party and they firstmeet and that scene also is in black and white. Another effect we used was echo, this emulated a ghost likeeffect and by using a different effect that isnt a usual code and convention of an R&B video we were able tolink it with the other sub genres such as funky and dubstep 4. Sound and camera anglesWhen analysing music videos we realised that quite a lot of music videos include non-diegetic sounds, werean action is over exaggerated to emphasis the meaning, however we tried this but came to realise it never fitin with the narrative and theme of the video and together, there was too much going on in the video for theviewers to focus as well as the non diegetic sound, so we chose to stick to diegetic sounds only, which wasthe music. However while creating the video it became clear that by using just diegetic sound was just aseffective as non-diegetic sound. We used a technique were the image moves or changes the same time asthe base in the song, this is effective when making a video catchy and exciting video to watch. When thechorus comes in we used the opening of fireworks which fitted in well with the beat, we repeated this acouple times throughout the video. This technique is also effective as it helps the audience remember thelyrics to the song when they can think back and remember the video.The movement of the camera also was a technique that contributes to linking the lyrics and actions to thesound of the music. We used sudden cuts when showing the black and white clips. The sudden cutsemphasise the happy times, that resembles a fantasy life and then she comes back to reality. The maincamera angles used in this genre is mid shots and close ups, especially in narrative videos. We used a fewclose ups show the facial expressions and emotions, when she is alone and waiting, then we used it to showhow the male and female looked at each other when they were together and show the eye contact whichhighlighted their feelings for each other. Mid shots were used to show the body language between thecouple, body language is key in a narrative because it can also show feelings. For example if the couple arestanding quiet far apart it may demonstrate that they are in a argument or arent as close as normal couples,however if they are close and relaxed it shows that they have positive feelings for each other and feelcomfortable and safe around each other. Body language and lyrics is a good combination, so we decided thatwhen she mentions about love we would have positive body language and vice versa so its clear buteffective to watch.Overall, we felt as though our music video did challenge the codes and convention of a real music video as itdid comply with the usual conventions of our chosen genre. 5. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?In the early stages of planning our music video we knew that the main product, the music video and theancillary text, promotional poster and DVD cover would have to relate to each other in order to be effectiveand in turn be successful. To accomplish this it was important to make sure those aspects from the musicvideo links with the ancillary texts, to do this we decided to take elements from the main product such asthe styling, mise en scene and the theme to make it effective. The theme of our video was heart ache, whichinvolved trying to evoke the feeling of anguish and vulnerability through the actress. Scenes in our musicvideo where the actress displayed these emotions were frequently used to emphasis the theme, and toclearly establish the theme to the audience, using various different camera angles. To incorporate thesubject of heartache to the ancillary texts we used photographs which the actress illustrated this feeling, indoing so creating an effective platform of advertisement by informing the audience on the overall theme ofthe album. Furthermore, the location of the music video predominately took place in an outdoorenvironment, we created a link between the backdrop of the promotional poster and DVD cover by usingsimilar settings which were taken in a park. As well as this, the location also provides essential information tothe audience about the genre of the collection of songs. Since, both the main product and ancillary textswere set in parks it allows the audience to establish the genre of the album, which had influences fromdubstep, rnb, and UK garage because many videos that are majorly set outside are either of these genres.Continuing with the setting, the bench featured on the promotional poster is largely involved within themusic video as it is at the center of the when the couple were captivated with each other, whereas it is alsofeatured as the place where we see the beginning of her broken heart when she is now alone andreminiscing of the troubled moments they spent together. The bench could be symbolic of the two sides tothe album, such as portraying the feeling of energy and love or either despair and sadness, however becausethe bench plays a part of mainly the more emotionally scenes it does set the tone for the majority of thealbum. Moving on