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  • 1. Ye Wang 3275908Azura Erizal 3323631Transformersmedia Analysis

2. Transmedia Storytelling According to Henry Jenkins "A process where integral elements of afiction get dispersed systematically acrossmultiple delivery channels for the purpose ofcreating a unified and co-ordinatedentertainment experience. Ideally, eachmedium makes it own unique contribution tothe unfolding of the story" 3. Platforms Print Publications: Books, Comics, Comicstrips Films and Television: Films, Animated series Video Games Soundtracks 4. Always New Toys!AND 5. For instanceThe right order to watch The TransformerGeneration 1 in American version:Season1&2 Transformers The Movie Season3 Beast Wars Beast MachinesFor the Japanese version:Season1&2 Scramble City Season2 (Ep.65) -Transformers The Movie Season3 Rebirth Headmaster Masterforce - VictoryNon-official result 6. Production StrategiesTake what you have and bring an age relevant messageMarvel brought the Autobots VS Decepticons concept that isstill familiar todayTransformers: The Movie 1986 provides an epic sweep to thestory. Death of Optimus Prime and Megatron transformationinto GavaltronThis film also provides perhaps the biggest single example ofhow canny marketing decisions can give rise to complextransmedia narratives, for the narrative of this 1986 filmliterally killed off characters from the 1984 - 1985 toy lines asthese toys were being phased out of retails assortments in fourof all new characters 7. Strong sense of emotional resonance acrossgenerations Another example of expansion of the project isbringing new demographic or in this case youngerboys with a first responders toy line that focuses onthe heroic characteristics of Transformers instead ofputting emphasis on robots battling for control ofthe universe Different generations may have different entrypoints to the story Longevity and complexity are the two strongestcharacteristics of this Transmedia project Stories have been repeated, taken apart, rebuilt andrepeated again for generations of fans for over 25years. 8. References

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