The Final Indignity - MH17

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Text of The Final Indignity - MH17

  • PowerPoint Show by Andrew
  • As if the heartache couldnt get any worse, families of MH17 victims were today greeted with the most undignified scene imaginable their loved ones in black body bags being lined up on the side of a road and thrown into the back of rubbish trucks. Almost 200 victims were piled high in the sweltering heat on eastern Ukraine before being carted off to a refrigerated train after their passenger jet was shot down by a surface-to-air missile. For three days the 298 victims of the attack were left where they fell, in a field near the village of Grabovo in eastern Ukraine which is controlled by pro-Russian rebels, widely suspected of shooting the plane out of the sky on Thursday afternoon.
  • The bagged victims were gathered and piled onto vehicles before being taken to a train station and placed in refrigerator cars.
  • Workers are pictured yesterday at the crash site plucking and bagging up remains of victims.
  • Rescue workers are pictured above at the MH17 crash site in Grabovo, eastern Ukraine, moving bodies onto trucks.
  • Black bags are still being taken from the crash site by rescue workers.
  • Two workers prepare a rubbish truck for the corpses.
  • The bodies are dumped in rubbish trucks by rescue workers. Despite criticism, militiamen insist they are doing everything they can for the dead.
  • Some of the emergency services laid flowers on the bagged-up bodies, as outrage at their treatment intensified across the world.
  • The international community has expressed outrage over the undignified scene - with swarms of flies buzzing around the train.
  • Emergency workers were pictured today at the crash site still struggling to gather together the last bodies of victims.
  • Separatists armed with machine guns were seen outside the train today, to which international observers have been given access.
  • Rebels armed with AK-47s were surrounding the train carriages today, which before had been openly accessible to members of the public.
  • A rebel can be seen holding his nose as the door to a carriage containing the heaped bodies is opened.
  • An inspector from the OSCE international body covers her mouth and nose as she stands in front of the morgue train loaded high with corpses.
  • Investigators wearing face masks were seen walking through the refrigerated train cars containing the massed corpses.
  • A Dutch forensics expert, center in blue and orange, was seen flanked by armed men coming back from the train carriages.
  • Experts from the Netherlands and the OSCE are pictured above reporting on the condition of the bodies.
  • Locals in Ukraine were yesterday seen walking up and down the train containing the bodies of the MH17 victims.
  • Despite the presence of armed guards, Ukrainian citizens and their families seemed able to walk right up to the carriages.
  • Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko today left flowers outside the Dutch embassy in Kiev.
  • Mr Poroshenko (background) and Dutch ambassador Kees Klompenhouwer (foreground) were seen today kneeling in front of the tributes.