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  • 1.Single Camera Techniques Bethan Hardy

2. Series = a TV series is a on-going television programme that has a different number of episodes. When it comes to shows which have a higher budget you signal camera, however when you have sitcom(such as big bang) they use multi-camera. As it is cheaper and quicker as they can get the shows out quicker. The genres of series can range from comedy, fantasy, horror , sci-fi, drama and action. Most series which concentrate on drama last for 45 minutes, however considering they have adverts they can be known to last 1hour-1hour and a half. When it comes to comedy, most of the time they last for half a hour to 45 minutes, I believe this is the case because you cant exactly have a hour of comedy or drama has took up most airtime. 3. Serial = a serial is when there is a one off drama, a serial is when you have a one off television programme which will have about four episodes. The single camera techniques is cheaper as you only have one camera, however it can be more time consuming. This is used more in serial as there is no rush to bring another series out it is a one off, and they would probably shoot the full serial in one go. They are shown on TV , however they can be brought out on DVD. In America they call a serial mini series and the Kennedy's was a popular one and this is a example of one which came out on DVD. 4. Single Drama = a single drama is a one off, it is like a serial but they dont include episodes it is shown one time and one time only. It is shot with a single camera technique, this is because it is like a film and it means you have more control with it, and they normally have a bigger budget then a soap opera, and they have more time to complete it. 5. Documentary / Docudrama = a documentary are normally on TV but sometimes made as films.9 times out of 10 are shot with single camera because it creates a better shot and when it comes to one born every minutes it is easier to carry around one camera. All documentary are based on real life situations. They also cover important historical events and nature for example planet earth. 6. Soap opera = a soap opera it is shown every day every week of every month of every year. It is a on-going show. They use multi camera as it is cheaper, easier and quicker. In Britain there are popular soap opera like eastenders, coronation street, emmerdale and many more. 7. Feature film = a feature films are single camera, they use this technique because the outcome of the picture is better, you get better lightening and films will have a higher budgets which means they can afford it. You can watch on netflix, lovefilm and blinkbox, however people do watch films illegally on the internet. Feature films include all times of genres, such as comedy, sci-fi, horrors, action and a lot more. 8. Music video = a music video is used by artist to present there new track out. Every music video is different as each artist trys to make theirs be different. They are shot in both multi and single camera, it all depends on their budget and what their video involves. Most videos are shown on music channels, and also youtube and the radio.