Module 4 lesson 4.1

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<ul><li> 1. Prepositions are little words such as of, to, from, in, and at. Most prepositions are one word. A few prepositions are two words (because of) or three words (in front of). Module 4 Prepositions </li></ul> <p> 2. List of Common Prepositions About Above Across After Against Along Around at Before Behind below Beneath Beside Besides Between Beyond By Down During Except For From In Inside 3. List of Common Prepositions Into Like Near Of Off On Out Outside Over Since Through Throughout Till To Toward Under Until Upon With Without According to Because of In addition to In front of In place of Next to Out of 4. Prepositions are difficult to classify, but we will try to classify some. In, On, Over, behind, Under, By, In front of, At, between, next to. Prepositions of place down, up, to, into, onto, out of, toward, away from, through, across, under, over, along, past, Prepositions of Movement At, in, on, during, after, before, until, from-to, for Prepositions of time 5. Prepositions of Place BEHIND The rabbit is behind the box. UNDER The rabbit is under the table. BY The rabbit stands by the box. 6. IN The rabbit is in the box. ON The rabbit is on the table. OVER The rabbit is over the box. 7. IN FRONT OF The rabbit is in front of the box. BETWEEN The rabbit is between the blue box and the red box. 8. DOWN She is walking down the stairs. UP He is walking up the stairs. Prepositions of Movement 9. INTO He rides into the cave. OUT OF He rides out of the cave. 10. TOWARD He runs toward the dragon. AWAY FROM He runs away from the dragon. 11. ACROSS He runs across the bridge. OFF He jumps off the bridge. ONTO The swimmer jumps onto the bridge . 12. OVER The plane flies over the cloud. UNDER The plane flies under the cloud. THROUGH The plane flies through the cloud. 13. AROUND The plane flies around the cloud. PAST The plane flies past the cloud. 14. Prepositions of Time IN He was born in 1999. ON The class is on Monday. AT The class is at 7 oclock. 15. Some words, such as TO, are sometimes prepositions and sometimes another part of speech. Compare the two sentences: 1. We went to the supermarket. 2. We wanted to buy some fruit. In sentence 1, to is a preposition. It is followed by a noun ( the supermarket). In sentence 2, the word to is part of the infinitive verb phrase to buy. Writers Tip </p>


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