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Black comedian

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  • 1. Flip Wilson was born on December 8, 1933 in Jersey City, New Jersey and died on November 25, 1998 in Malibu, California at age 64. In the 1970s, Flip was among a group of rising black comedians, such as Bill Cosby and Dick Gregory.He is best known as the host of the Flip WilsonShow. He was born with the name, Clerow Wilson, Jr. He got the nickname Flip from his Air Force buddies who joked about him being flipped out. He has been accused of being gay.
  • 2. In his early career, he got himself noticedby performing in hallmark black clubs suchas the Apollo in Harlem and Regal inChicago. His early performances featured black stereotypes of the controversial Amos n Andy-type. Soon he made a successful appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. He also performed on The Tonight Show, recommended to him By Red Foxx. After making guest appearances on a few television shows, Flip Wilson was soon offered an hour-long prime-time NBC show, which was the Flip Wilson Show.
  • 3. The Flip Wilson Show was a variety show which included comedy skits performed by Flip and his guests, usually featuring his most famous character, Geraldine Jones. The first episode was aired on September 17, 1970, the last episode aired on June 27, 1974. It had a total of 94 episodes and 4 seasons. The show was one of the first American programs starring a black person.White people in the audience highly The show alsoenjoyed the performances as much as the featured manyblack people did, making the show really black guests.successful. The show was a hit!
  • 4. The Flip Wilson Show featured a fewcharacters which were created byWilson and played by him. Such as Reverend Leroy, of the Church of Whats Happenin Now And a female character, Geraldine Jones.
  • 5. Geraldine Jones, played by FlipWilson, is the most popular characterof his show. She always talks about her boyfriend, Killer, and is always the star of the show.One of her catchphrases is The devilmade me do it. Wilson playing this character has made people accuse him of being gay. She is usually featured in short skits with guest stars on the show.
  • 6. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x9dsng_the-flip-wilson-show-geraldine-bill_shortfilms
  • 7. Presented by Aleshia Coleman.