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Will you think of me production evaluation By Chloe Nicole

Evaluation Of Media Production

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Page 1: Evaluation Of Media Production

Will you think of me production evaluation

By Chloe Nicole

Page 2: Evaluation Of Media Production

How does my media product challenge the forms and conventions of similar media products

• In my music video I do not have any footage of the band. Although I do use the lead singer of the band in my video I have no footage of him actually singing. This is challenging the forms and conventions of a music video as the majority of music videos use footage of the band or artists to help advertise the band members as well as there music. This is called a start identity. Stars tend to develop there own star identity , in the way they dress, wear particular jewellery etc. They do this in and out of videos which over time becomes part of there stage identity and makes them stand out this same style will be shown in most of there music videos to help emphasise there star style.For example the band kiss, The had black and white painted faces , and a punk rock dress and are recognised world wide through their music and image but mostly their image.

• I haven't used a star identity in my body of work, but I have given my video, CD cover and CD advert a similar style to link them all together.

Page 3: Evaluation Of Media Production

• Another way that I have challenged the forms and conventions of music videos is by including digetic noise in my music video. The digetic noise I use is a conversation between Ellie and Arjun. Music videos do not include digetic noise, so I tried to find examples of ones which do include it.

• John Legends ‘ We just don’t care’• Fall out boy ‘Dance Dance’

Page 4: Evaluation Of Media Production

How I made my body of work link together.

For my CD cover I used, a image which I had taken myself and edited it to give it a more glowing from within feel. I wanted to carry out this glowing style from my photo into my body of work. I also wanted to carry across the emphasis on a scenic surrounding.

For my digi pack each page uses the image of the sky as a background. All the pages have a similar colour scheme. I did this so it fitted together as a whole product.

Digi pack

Page 5: Evaluation Of Media Production

For my magazine advert. I chose to include the image of the CD I had made. I did this, so the audience would no exactly what to look for when looking for the CD.

I chose to use the image I used for my CD cover and use it as the background for my advert, I did this so they linked well.

All the font I used in the advert is white. I chose this colour as I felt it stood out against the background, so it was eye catching but it didn't stand out in a way that it looked odd.

Magazine advert for my CD

Page 6: Evaluation Of Media Production

The VideoIn my video, I tried to link it to my ancillary task’s through mise-en- scene. I did this mainly through lighting , in both my ancillary task’s I gave them a glowing feel, through editing the images. I linked the video to the song lyrics by having the setting for my video in the autumn. This makes them link as the song lyrics include the words ‘memories of the autumn’

Page 7: Evaluation Of Media Production

What have you learnt from your audience feedback.

• For my audience feed back I decided to do a quiz showing three of my Possible CD covers and get people to choose which one they feel is the most suitable for the song I have chosen.

• To help the audience no a bit about the band i wrote a short paragraph summarising the band and there style of music.

• My audience feedback showed the cover below to be the proffered cover.

Because of the results of my audience feedback, I decided to use this as my final cover, but change the font. I chose to do this as when handing out the quiz people suggested that I could change the font as the particular font I was using seemed more suited to classical music.

Page 8: Evaluation Of Media Production

How did you use media technologies in the construction, research , planning and evaluation

stages?• I used media technologies In the construction stages of my

production, in a number ways. • How I used media technologies in the construction of my

production:• camera I used camera’s to film footage for my music video. when

using the cameras I used different techniques, such a zoom, and adjusting the light exposure.

• Downloading music from CD to computer.• I burned music from a CD and placed it on to I tunes on the Mac’s. I

then placed the music on the clip board so it fitted to my footage. One I had uploaded the music I edited it by cutting down the song , to make it shorter and because of this I decided to edit the end of the song so it slowly faded out.

Page 9: Evaluation Of Media Production

how I used it in the construction continued…..

• I placed my video footage on the apple Mac’s, and then placed it on I movie. I used I movie to edit all my footage. I cut down clips to make the shorter using a cropping tool. I slowed down certain clips of footage, I did this so the footage would fit in with the slow pace, of the song. I added transitions between clips, using the transition editing tool. The transition which I used the most was cross dissolve, I used this a lot as I felt it was a interesting transition as it merged two images into one, I also used it to help signify the change between past and present, and to signify the changes from verse to chorus. I used the transition fade to black at the end of one of my clips to signify that it was in the past, and also a bad memory.

I used the eye movie editing tools to show change between past and present by changing the colour of certain footage. I changed footage which I wanted to be shown as in the past to sepia, and I change the lighting of the majority of my clips, to give my footage a glowing feeling.

Page 10: Evaluation Of Media Production

How I used media technologies in the research and planning stages of my production: - I made a blog which I placed all my research and planning on. I changed the layout of the blog, by changing its colour to red and oranges. I did this as the song I am making the video for is set in the autumn, so I chose the oranges and red to link to autumn leaves.Below I have placed a link to my blog:http://cnicolemedia.blogspot.com/

- I used websites such as MTV and Youtube to access music videos, which I could then analyse, and take inspiration from for my own music video.

Page 11: Evaluation Of Media Production

The End