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  • 1. Reflex: notable projects Curved Walls The Easy Way

2. Notable Reflex projects Mildura Waste Water Treatment Plant Burringbar Waste Water Treatment Facility West Pottsville Reservoir Yepoon Reservoir Tanks Sandgate WWTP Mt. Julian Reservoir Tank Point Lonsdale Tank Heathfield Waste Water Clarifier Tank Mt Usher Reservoir 3. Mildura WWTP Client: G & A Constructions Location: Mildura, Victoria A water treatment plant was constructed in Mildura with the capacity of 80,000Ml to remove high levels of blue green algae toxins from water taken from the Murray River. RMD Australia supported the project by supplying Reflex formwork to construct the circular PAC Contact Tank and Wash Water Tank. The main reason Reflex was used on this project was because Reflex makes the construction of curved concrete walls easy due to it being a pre-assembled panel that is easily adjusted to suit the dimensions of just about any curved wall. 4. Burringbar waste water treatment facility Client: Delnote Constructions Location: Mooball, Northern NSW RMD designed and supplied the Reflex circular wall formwork system for the construction of two circular Reactor Tanks with an internal diameter of 7.5m and wall height of 2.2m. When these tanks were completed extra panels were used to construct an Overflow Storage Tank with an internal diameter of 9.6m and wall height of 4.5m. To achieve this height two 2.4m high Reflex panels were used on top of each other. A Reflex walkway was used to keep workers safe and provide access. 5. Client: Tweed Shire Council Location: North East, New South Wales The Reflex curved wall formwork system was ideal for the Tweed Councils requirements because of its excellent durability, high productivity and significant labour gains. The majority of the reservoirs they required were 32m in diameter and 7.2m high. The walls were poured in four full height segments. RMD Australia supplied special 3.6m high reflex panels with splice plates to eliminate the need for any stiffening soldiers across horizontal joints. Super Slim Soldiers, push/pull props and accessories were supplied for plumbing purposes with special walkways on external and internal forms. A pour rate of 1.5m per hour was achieved. West Pottsville reservoir 6. Yepoon reservoir tanks Client: Hornick Constructions Location: Yepoon, Queensland This is one of two reservoir tanks that Hornick Constructions built in Yepoon, this one is 12m in height and 45 metres in Diameter. Hornick Constructions are recognised as one of the leaders in the design and construction of liquid retaining structures, reservoirs and tanks in Queensland. Hornick used the Reflex circular formwork system to construct the base of the tanks and they were very happy with its capabilities. 7. Sandgate WWTP Client: John Holland Pty Ltd Location: Boondal, Queensland The Sandgate WWTP is located at Boondal in Brisbane and was constructed by the Brisbane Water Enviro-Alliance (B.W.E.A). RMD Australias client was John Holland Pty Ltd. RMD supplied 540m of Reflex Panels to form the clarifier tank wall and the baffle wall forms; the pour length was 8.0m (4 panels long) and 6m high 2 x (2.4 + 1.2 Panels). The photograph shows the Reflex formwork with Super Slim Soldiers running up the back of them, these are required to strengthen the join in the panels when the panels are being gang lifted. 8. Mt. Julian reservoir tank Client: Clough Downer RML JV Location: Mackay, Queensland The Mt. Julian Reservoir Tank located near Mackay in Queensland was constructed using the Reflex circular wall system. The tank has an internal diameter of 11.8m, wall height of 3.8m and wall thickness of 250mm. The Reflex panel system was erected to the full height of the reservoir using a 2.4m high panel and a 1.2m panel bolted and clamped together. The main benefits realised from using Reflex on this project was the need for less labour and the ease and speed at which the Reflex was erected and dismantled. 9. Point Lonsdale tank Client: Ace Water Location: Point Lonsdale, Victoria Single sided Reflex circular formwork was used by Ace Water to construct a tank at Point Lonsdale, a coastal township on the Bellarine Peninsula, near Queenscliff in Victoria. Due to the Reflex panels being single sided, Slimshor vertical shoring was required to keep the panels in place. 10. Heathfield waste water clarifier tank Client: Delnote Constructions Location: Heathfield, South Australia Delnote Constructions required support in the construction of a waste-water clarifier tank. This involved the construction of one tank inside another. The smaller tank has the radius of 6.9m and the larger tank has a radius of 14.7m. Both tanks have the same wall height of 4.8m, which was catered for by using 2 x 2.4m Reflex panels. Delnote Constructions elected to use RMD on this project because Reflex provides significantly improved on-site productivity and improved labor costs. 11. Mount Usher reservoir Client: Whitsunday Island council Location: Whitsunday Island The Mt Usher Reservoir is a 1.52ml water reservoir with a diameter of 21.5m and a height of 4.9m. The initial wall pour used the Reflex curved wall system only, and for the second pour, the Reflex panels were supported on a Super Slim Soldier walkway structure that used the tie locations from the first pour. This provided an access walkway around the external and internal panels. The Council were pleased with the Reflex system because the panels are easy to radius and erect, had fewer components to use and required less labour than other systems. 12. Reflex