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  • 1. Airodek High productivity soffit system Notable Projects

2. Project References The Springwood Megacentre Celeste Apartments Aldar HQ, UAE Adelaide Airport Car Park Merriton Apartment Project Gracemere Shopping Centre Kooyong Apartments Isokon Building, UK St Stephens Development, UK 3. The Springwood Megacentre Client: Ikon Constructions P/L Location: Pacific Highway, Springwood The Springwood Megacentre is a large shopping complex located in Brisbane, Australia. Its construction required 40,000m2 of suspended slab over two levels, which was spilt into roughly 4,000m2 pours. For the majority of the construction, the Alshor Plus shoring system supporting Airodek beams and Panels was used and Airodek Prop and Panel sections were used under the flat slab sections. The entire 40,000m2 was poured in less than 20 weeks which isnt a bad effort in anyones language. 4. Celeste Apartments Client: Westform Formworks Pty Ltd Location: Breakfast Point, NSW To reduce construction time on this project and thereby reduce costs, Westform decided to pour the structures columns and slabs at the same time. This construction method meant that Westform wouldnt be able to secure the Airodek soffit formwork to the columns for the forming of the slabs, as normally occurs, and therefore they would be unable to stabilise the Airodek panels. However by using Rapidshor shoring towers, instead of props, in a 1.8m x 1.8m grid at 3.6m centres both ways as bracing bays, the structure was totally stabilised. Westform Formworks were extremely happy with Airodeks faster erection times, which provided distinct savings in labour costs. 5. Aldar HQ Building Client: Aldar Properties Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE ALDAR Properties new HQ building is one of the most unique designs in the world today, and RMDK Middle East supplied Airodek soffit support system for one of the buildings key amenities. After considering competitor systems, Temporary Works Coordinator Lee Richardson recommended the Airodek system to the HQ Project Management Team. With the slabs having few internal and no external drop beams, the Airodek Prop and Panel system seemed the perfect solution to me. When Airodek was demonstrated, the efficiency and safety benefits of the system quickly became clear to the rest of the Project Management Team and realised that Airodek was perfect for this project. 6. Adelaide Airport Car Park Client: Newgen Formwork Pty Ltd Location: Adelaide, SA The new Adelaide Airport Car Park will provide parking for 2,000 vehicles and is expected to meet car parking requirements to beyond 2030. Newgen Formwork Pty Ltd was sub- contracted to erect the concrete frame building comprising of four floors at approximately 12,500m2 per floor 50,000m2 in total. Newgen Formwork utilized the design and supply services of RMD Australia to layout the Airodek Panels supported by the Rapidshor shoring system. The first floor at 6.2m high suited the use of the high-strength Rapidshor shoring system topped out with RMD Airodek Deck Beams and Panels. In addition with the Rapidshor Captive Decking being used within the shoring it enabled the customer to erect Rapidshor to both beam and slab areas without having to provide handrails to the beam, proving to be quick, effective and ultimately safe. 7. The Meriton Apartment Project Client: VSF Formwork Location: Sydney, NSW The Merriton Apartment Project is a part of a multiple building complex at Waitara in North Sydney. This project rises from a common base and car park to form two towers, both fifteen stories high. Approximately 8,000m of Airodek was used on the two towers. VSF Formwork used Airodek because it provides substantially decreased erection and dismantling times thus reducing construction costs. The Airodek high productivity soffit system provided a versatility for the formworkers that has not been achieved by other systems. VSF Formwork were also particularly impressed with the quick release system on the props. 8. Gracemere Shopping Centre Client: McConaghy Group Location: Rockhampton, QLD The construction of Gracemere's Shopping Centre in Rockhampton by the McConaghy Group, consisted of using Alshor Plus supporting 3,800m2 of Airodek Panels and Deck Beams for the floor slabs. They found that Alshor Plus was much quicker than the frames, which they are more accustomed to. 9. Kooyong Apartments Client: Dean Guest Concreting Location: Melbourne, VIC. The RMD Airodek system was used for the construction of floor slabs in the four story Kooyong Apartments in Toorak, Melbourne. Approximately 900m of Airodek support was utilised in conjunction with RMD Strongshor frames, perimeter balconies and props for back propping. The client achieved over 40m erected per hour. The smart simplicity of Airodeks design means it is lightweight and quick to erect and dismantle. 10. Isokon Building, UK Client: Dunne Building & Civil Engineering Location: Glasgow, Scotland. Airodek was used in conjunction with Alshor Plus for the construction of this 13 storey building in Glasgow. This combination allowed the 4,680 square metres of insitu concrete floors to be constructed efficiently, achieving the desired one week cycle for each floor. This resulted in substantial time, labour and cost savings for the customer. 11. St Stephens Development, UK Client: John Doyle Construction Ltd Location: Hull, UK. Airodek was used in conjunction with Alshor Plus for the construction of 52,000m2 mixed use retail development in UK. The combination of Airodek and Alshor Plus was used to support the construction of the 325mm thick slab for the 11,000m2 single storey supermarket. With the ability of quick strike and repositioning of panels whilst the backpropping remained, Airodek was the ideal solution to fulfil a key requirement of the brief - fast construction cycle times. 12. The End Chatswood Railway Interchange, Sydney