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  • FIPA GmbH Freisinger Strae 30 85737 Ismaning/GermanyPhone +49(0)89/962489-0 Fax +49(0)89/962489-11 info@fi


    FIPA Expertise in Gripper Assembly

    More information on the

    FIPA Gripper Assembly and the

    proven Gripper Components can

    be found at

    How to contact us:

    Germany:FIPA GmbHFreisinger Strae 3085737 IsmaningPhone +49 (0) 89 / 962489 - 0Fax +49 (0) 89 / 962489 - 11info@fi |

    Thailand: FIPA Ltd.The Trendy Plaza, 10/30 1A FloorSukhumvit 13, Klong Toey Nua, WattanaBangkok 10110Phone +66 (0) 2 168 7036Fax +66 (0) 2 168 |

    Our contact details for your smartphone:

    FIPA Expertise in Gripper Assembly

    In order to offer you the greatest possible benefi ts of technology and expertise, we have developed three models to offer you:

    > A one-stop service

    > Customised advice

    > Application know-how

    Visit us at:

    Option 1:

    > You design and build the gripper system yourself > FIPA is happy to advise you and will supply the necessary components

    Option 2:

    > FIPA undertakes the design using 3D CAD and supplies all components as well as detailed assembly instructions > You assemble the system

    Option 3:

    > FIPA designs and constructs the complete gripper system to your specifi cations > A completely assembled and preset product is delivered

    Our experts from FIPA will be happy to individually advise you. Many years of experience and a highfl exibility provide the basis for this.

  • FIPA | All Gripper Components for End-of-Arm-Tooling

    We will be happy to advise you


    Contact us at:

    +49 (0)89 / 96 24 89-0

    or info@fi

    FIPA covers the entire

    process chain and will

    provide you with everything

    from a single source!

    Extrusion systems

    > Form the basis of the gripper systems and represent highest stability and fl exibility.

    Finger grippers

    > Safe holding of products. Can also be used in cramped available space due to its slim design. High reliability thanks to robust design.

    Sprue grippers

    > FIPA offers an extensive range of grippers for secure extraction of injection molds. The grippers are characterised by a very high gripping force and a long cycle life thanks to their sturdy designs.

    Air nippers

    > Comprehensive range of manual or automatic air nippers and associated nipper attachments for pinching off plastic gates during or after injection molding. Flexible assembly.

    Vacuum cups

    > FIPA vacuum cups are used in addition to sprue grippers for the extraction of plastic injection molded parts. Heat-resistant vacuum cup materials that enable the parts to be painted afterwards are preferred.

    Gripper arms

    > Gripper arms support the integration of grippers or vacuum cups into gripper systems and represent the greatest functionality and reliability.


    > Wide range of fl exible hoses or cables. Functional screw connectors and plug-in connectors for precise connections.

    Quick-change systems

    > Secure connection between robot and gripper system, even with high loading and frequent exchange of gripper parts. Minimal downtime.

    FIPA GmbH Freisinger Strae 30 85737 Ismaning/GermanyPhone +49(0)89/962489-0 Fax +49(0)89/962489-11 info@fi