YMCA International Youth Exchanges

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Discover the positive organizational and community impact of Youth Exchanges. Learn how these types of initiatives can provide youth with new and relevant community experiences while opening a whole spectrum of opportunities for your community, staff and members to explore global issues and cooperation North-South.

Text of YMCA International Youth Exchanges

  • 1.

2. Effective Youth Exchanges Patricia JimenezInternational Relations Coordinator YMCA de Mexico Esperanza MonsalveManager, International Program YMCA of Greater Toronto 3. Goal

  • Share best principles that have been successful in our communities to the design, implementation of youth exchanges programs,

4. Qu es un intercambio juvenil?What is a youth exchage?

  • Oportunidades para compartir lo que aprendieron en su YMCA local/the opportunity to share what they have learnt at thier local YMCA
  • Interactuando con jvenes de otros pases en su lugar de origen/to interact with youth from other countries in their host country
  • Son las experiencias que tienen los jvenes en un pas extranjero/are the experiences of the youth in other country

5. 6. Intercambios


VIVENCIAS FORMAS DE SER, PENSAR Y SENTIR VALORES 7. Juveniles 8. Efectivos 9. 10. Por qu hacemos intercambios?Why do we do exchanges?

  • Para permitir a los participantes tener nuevas perspectivas, compartir sus culturas, ejercer su liderazgo, y tener mejor comprensin de diferente culturas /To allow the participants to have a new perspective, share their culture, show leadership, and have a better understanding of different cultures

11. Efectivos?Por qu?Why are they effective?

  • Porque las experiencias en pases extranjeros proporciona algo diferente y nico, y al interactuar con jvenes de otras culturas permite su crecimiento integral/because the experiences in a foreign country are different and unique, and the interaction with youth from different cultures allows integral growth
  • Para que todos sean uno
  • For everyone to be one



15. Qu hacemos? What do we do?

  • Relaciones internacionales de la YMCA Mxico fortaleceel desarrollo de los participantes y suscompetencias a traves de diferente programas: /International relations at the YMCA Mexico,strengthenparticipant development, andskills through different programs:
  • Liderazgo/leadership
  • Crecimiento personal y profesional/personal and professional growth
  • Voluntariado /volunteering

16. A lo externo 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. A lo interno Trabajo entre pares: joven-con joven. Fortalecimiento del liderazgo -trabajo en equipo. -conocimiento de la cultura mexicana Desarrollo del voluntariado Fortalecimiento de los vnculosEntre las YMCASTrabajo entre pares: joven-con joven. Fortalecimiento del liderazgo -trabajo en equipo. -conocimiento de la cultura mexicana Desarrollo del voluntariado 23. 24. 25. SPRING BREAK -Actividades que desarrollan el liderazgo -trabajo en comunidades vulnerables beneficiando su identificacin ante problemas sociales -trabajo en equipo . -conocer las tradiciones mexicanas NKU-UNIYMCA -Desarrollan en los jvenes una mejor visin de la economa del pais -desarrollan sus capacidades intelectuales-conocen la cultura de otro pais- -incremento del idioma espaol. 26. 27. 28. Cmo lo hacemos?How do we do it? 29. Para qu? What for?

  • Contribuira las estrategias propuestas por la Alianza Mundial de YMCAs, siendo una de ellas empoderamiento juvenil/to contribute to the World Alliance strategies including Youth Empowering
  • Alcanzar los objetivos del Milenio de la ONU/to reach the Millenium Development goals.
  • Cumplir con nuestra misin como individuos, como Institucin en un mundo globalizado/To reach our misin, as individuals and as Institution in a globalized world

30. Te invito a /I invite you to :

  • Formar lideres en tu YMCA local /create leadership in your local YMCA
  • Fomentar el voluntariado/encourage volunteering
  • Atreverte a innovar.. /dare to innovate
  • Creer y confiar en los JOVENES! SON NUESTRO FUTURO! /believe and trust the YOUNG! THEY ARE OUR FUTURE


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnnUERV40tA

32. YMCA of Greater Toronto 33. YMCA four fold approach

  • Conceptual tools:
  • Determinants of Health
  • Asset Building Approach
  • Harm Reduction
  • Stages of Change Model

34. What are Social Determinants of Health? Que son los Determinantes sociales de la Salud?

  • Economic and social conditions that influence the health of individuals, communities, and jurisdictions as a whole. /Condiciones economicas y sociales que influencias la salud de individuos, comunidades y jurisdicciones como en su totalidad
  • - healthy or ill /saludabe o enfermo
  • - possesses the resources /posee los recursos
  • - society makes them available /la sociedad los hace disponibles?

35. A Strength Based Approach: Asset Building Una perspectiva basada en fortalezas: Construccion de activos

  • Collaborative process/proceso colaborativo
  • Emphasizing the strengths rather than gaps /Enfasis en fortalezas mas que en falencias

36. How do we use the strength based approach?

  • Problem BasedStrength Based
  • Basado en Problemas Basado en fortalezas
  • Youth problemsYouth strengths
  • The work of experts Everyones work
  • People absorbing resources People as resources
  • Programs alone Relationships
  • A focus on troubled people All people
  • Blaming others Claiming responsibility
  • Helping/giving others Mutual strengthening
  • Development Cooperation

37. Developmental Assets (ages 12-18)

  • External Assets
  • Family support
  • Other adult relationships
  • Caring neighborhood
  • Community values youth
  • Youth as resources
  • Service to others
  • Positive peer influence
  • Youth programs
  • Internal Assets
  • Caring
  • Equality and social justice
  • Responsibility
  • Planning and decision making
  • Interpersonal Competence
  • Cultural Competence
  • Peaceful conflict resolution
  • Sense of purpose

38. Global Citizenship

  • It goes beyond simply knowing that we are citizens of the globe to an acknowledgement of our responsibilities both to each other and to the Earth itself
  • Oxfam

39. A global citizen is someone who:

  • is aware and has a sense of their own role as a world citizen;
  • respects and values diversity;
  • has an understanding of how the world works;
  • is outraged by social injustice;
  • participates in and contributes locally and globally
  • is willing to act to make the world a more sustainable place;
  • takes responsibility for their actions

40. Why we do International Work

  • It is embedded in the essence of our organization
  • It strengthens us, our communities and our youth
  • Our mission goes beyond our borders:
  • Our communities will be home to
  • the healthiest children, teens and young adults

41. International Programs

  • International Partnerships

42. International Partnerships

  • Senegal YMCA
  • Ghana YMCA
  • Liberia YMCA
  • Lebanon YMCA
  • MexicoCity YMCA
  • Medellin, Colombia YMCA
  • Kingston, Jamaica YMCA
  • Myanmar YMCA

43. What we do

  • International Partnerships
    • Global Awareness

44. Global Awareness Program

    • Educate and inform about current global issues
    • Encourage global responsibility and action
    • Global awareness is integrated into programs:
      • YMCA Academy
      • YMCA Camping and Outdoor Education
      • YMCA Child Care
      • YMCA Employment
      • YMCA Family Development
      • YMCA Health, Fitness and Recreation
      • YMCA International Development
      • YMCA Newcomer Services
      • YMCA Youth Leader Corps
      • YMCA Youth Outreach
      • Support Services

45. What we do

  • International Partnerships
  • Global Awareness
        • Exchanges

46. Youth Exchanges at a glance

  • When: Every summer since 2008
  • Who :Young leaders - From partner Ys - Ages 15-