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Presentation for Art 508-U of Idaho


<ul><li> 1. WOMEN and QUILTS More Than Just Decorativeby Jeanne Aird for Professor M. Deyasi Art 508 Department of Art and Design University of Idaho2009 </li></ul> <p> 2. There is a hierarchy in the arts: decorative art at the bottom, and the human form at the top.Because we are men. Le Corbusier and Amedee Ozenfant, 1918 3. Fiber art in general and art quilts specifically,are considered inferior to painting andsculpture because of an aesthetic hierarchythat has deemed certain forms of art, those usually created by men, as dominant over those art forms created primarily by women. 4. Portrait of an Old Man with a Boy byMarietta Robusti Tintoretto, c. 1585 5. Gunta Stolzl &amp; Anni Albers 6. Old Mistresses, Women, Art and Ideology 7. e First Wave of Feminism 8. Second Wave of Feminism 9. Project Womanhouse 10. Miriam Schapiros Femmages 11. Third Wave of Feminism 12. Fiber Art of the 1970s 13. Quilts as Art </p>