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  • 1. BY:You have MAGDA MILENA anYour bestOCAMPO PUERTAargument You see a friendYou ghoststealsborrowYou accidentlyYou see aSomeone lion in thegivesstreetYou areA friendofferedasks AWHATYou see shopkeepe r gives DO YOUyour bestfriends You winDO IF..Your son/daughterYou loseA waiter yourmoney You lose You find You crash You forgetyour job a wallet

2. You see a ghost I Run 3. You see a lion in the street I cry, and run 4. You are offered an excellent job in anotherI dont Needcountry 5. Your best friend steals something in aI tell him stop supermarked 6. You have an argumentI apologize with your boss 7. A shopkeeper gives you too much I give it batck 8. You borrow and lose a I buy a new CD CD from your friend 9. You accidently hit another Not problem I car in a parking lot andhave in insurance nobody sees you 10. Someone gives you the I think answer to an exam 11. You win the Iam travel with lottery my family 12. A friend asks you to I think, maybe be his/her guarantor 13. You find a wallet with I call by phone and I too much money andreturn the wallet documents on the street 14. You lose your moneyon vacation I give a home 15. Your son/daughter I speak with himstarts smoking 16. A waiter in a resturant I talk with the is rude to you manager, i dont give 17. Its not problem, I You crash your have in insurance. husbands car 18. You see your best friends husband/wife withI tell she its to another woman/manmee you. 19. You forget aI call by telephone appointment and apologize 20. You lose your jobI cry, and I look foranother one