Using Web 2.0 tools for learning, teaching, communication and collaboration.

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The expierience of Simon Dacho progymnasium in LSL project


<ul><li> 1. Using Web 2.0 tools for teaching, learning, communicating and collaborating Virginija Bireniene 13 January 2014 Klaipeda, Lithuania</li></ul> <p> 2. STEPS plan2 3. About Simon Dach Pro-gymnasium 2 IT laboratories 20 Whiteboards Computers and internet access in every classroom 964 students 86 teachers Racio 5:1 iPad Class: iPads 31 WiFi Apple TV Apple Mac mini 3 4. Share/Present Presentation toolsSymbaloo webmixVideo toolsCommunity tollsCreative ToolsMobile Tools4 5. Teach/Technology Website Skaitmeniniai mokymo objektai (Digital Learning Objects) Website Mokykis su Web 2.0 (Study with Web 2.0) Website Klaipdos Simono Dacho mokyklos mokytojai (about teachers experiences) Website Aktyvi mokykl laboratorija (about LSL project activities) 5 6. Evidence/Research/Collaboration Partners In the national project funded by EU Structural Funds Main Competences 20 partners In the multi national school exchange project The Magic Touch 8 partners In the national school project Management and Teacher Training trough Cooperation 14 partners In the progymnasiums associationResearch projects Inspire iTEC Aspect eQNet LSL CCL6 7. Plan/Innovate Seminar for AP schools Usage of Web 2.0 tools for teaching, learning, com municating and collaborating 03-262013 Webinar Collaborative tools 11-28-2013 Face to face seminars GlogsterEdu, Dachas,0228-2013 Web 2.0, Varpelis,03-212013 Google tools, Varpelis 04-02-2013 Learning Scenarios, Dachas, 0917-2013 iPads in Classroom, Dachas, 0925-2013 7 8. Other: CCL U mokyklos ribMokykloje8 9. Other: VLE Edmodo9 10. Other: Growing LSL Network Palangos pradin mokykla10 11. Thank you web email web email virginija.bireniene@gmail.comThe work presented in this presentation is partially supported by the European Commissions 7th Framework Programme project Living Schools Lab (Grant agreement N 317587). The content of this presentation is the sole responsibility of the consortium members and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission and the Commission is not responsible for any use that might be made of information contained herein.</p>


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