The State of Social Media by Brian Solis

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Get a view of the current and future landscape of social media trends, benefits, and tools. The social media universe is vast and constantly changing. Understanding which platforms are best for you to connect and engage with customers and prospects is critical. This session will introduce you to some of the most popular social networks and tools in use today and provide insight as to where these tools are moving. What does the landscape of social media look like in the near and long term? How can small businesses and organizations harness the power of these social platforms in a meaningful way to drive real business results? What tools and approaches are going stand the test of time? Learn the answers to these questions and more!


<ul><li> 1. Its Time To Go Social!<br />Presenting Brian Solis<br />The State of Social Media<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Welcome!<br />Mark SchmulenGeneral Manager of Social MediaConstant ContactEmail:<br />Blog:<br />mschmulen<br />@mschmulen<br />markschmulen<br /> 3. Were Making Social Simple<br /><br /> 4. Join The Twitter Chat<br /><br />CCSMM<br /> 5. Meet Brian Solis<br />@briansolis<br />TheBrianSolis<br />BrianSolisTV<br /> 6. What is Social Media Marketing?<br />An introduction to a new type of consumer<br />A window into the thoughts and experiences of customers<br />Insight into new channels and incentives to reach and motivate customers<br />A dedicated approach that complements existing marketing practices<br />An opportunity to connect with prospects and customers to build meaningful relationships<br />The ability to turn social networking into commerce, loyalty, and advocacy<br /> 7. Social vs. Traditional Marketing<br />Social Marketing<br />Traditional Marketing<br />Social Reviews/Ratings<br />Conversations<br />Networking<br />Advertising<br />Group couponing<br />Checking-in<br />Web video<br />Word of Mouth<br />Reviews<br />Local directories<br />Online guides<br />Advertising<br />Cable/Local/Broadcast<br />Mail/Email<br />Lists<br />Coupons/Flyers<br />Display<br />Word of Mouth<br /> 8. Social vs. Traditional Marketing<br /> 9. Social vs. Traditional Marketing<br /> 10. What are the Benefits of SMM?<br />A greater community of advocates who engage online and in the real world<br />Insight into developing better products and services<br />Platforms to communicate value, expertise and differentiation<br />Empathythe ability to feel a consumer experience and to live a day in the life of<br />Increased social capital online and stature offline<br />New customers and commerce<br />Goodwill, recognition, reciprocity<br /> 11. 12. Social media adoption among U.S. small businesses doubled in the past year from 12% to 24% <br /> 13. 14. 15. Facebook<br /> 16. Twitter<br /> 17. The State of Popular Social Networks<br />Twitter has over 160MM registered users with over 100MM tweets a day<br />Facebook has over <br />500MM users Mobile has over 100MM users<br />YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine <br />Over 9B streams per month<br />Foursquare has 3.5MM users adding 20,000+ every day<br /> 18. If a Conversation Takes Place Online &amp; Youre Not There to Hear It, Did It Really Happen?<br /> 19. Its not what you say, its what they say that counts.<br />Engagement steers perception and experiences, drives word of mouth, and increases sales<br /> 20. Customers Become Your Advertisers<br /> 21. 22. 63% of small businesses say word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to market their business and find new customers <br /> 23. 80% of consumers stated that following a brand on Twitter results in referrals<br /> 24. 25. 60% of online shoppers already use social media sites and networks regularly<br /> 26. 56% of those online shoppers friend or follow retailersHello, are you there?<br /> 27. Why do consumers follow businesses online? <br />Affinity<br />Allegiance <br />Invitations to special events<br />Exclusive offers/promotions<br /> 28. 29. Facebook is Your Brands New Website in Social Media<br /> 30. The Wall is The Conversation and a Source of the Social Effect <br /> 31. Tabs are the Web Pages for Facebook<br /> 32. F-Commerce (Generate Revenue)<br /> 33. Custom Tabs/Applications Encourage Interaction<br /> 34. Photos Bring Your Business to Life<br /> 35. Twitter Connects You to the Now Web<br /> 36. Search Uncovers Experiences and Opportunities <br /> 37. Influencers Drive Activity<br /> 38. FourSquare Connects Online + Offline<br /> 39. Special Offers Drive <br /> 40. Mayors are Your New Ambassadors<br /> 41. Tips Help Consumers Enliven Your Business and Everything Around It<br /> 42. Customers are Rewarded by You to Encourage Interaction<br />Introduce a Click to Action<br /> 43. Learn More About Whos Checking-In<br />Most recent visitors<br />Most frequent visitors<br />Times of day for check-ins<br />Number of unique visitors<br />Histogram of daily check-ins<br />Gender<br />Check-ins also broadcast to Twitter and Facebook<br /> 44. Blogs Are Your Place to Shine<br />Demonstrates expertise and what makes you special<br />Boosts SEO<br />Guides decisions<br />Helps consumers gain insight and answers<br /> 45. Establish Expertise and Leadership<br /> 46. Establish Expertise and Leadership<br /> 47. Blogging Tips<br />Brand the blog as an extension of the site or as a distinct entity<br /><br /><br />Demonstrate expertise<br />Use posts to help people answer questions or make decisions<br />Keep it relevant, not commercial<br />Make it a hub for all you share on the social web<br />Videos<br />Pictures<br />Deals<br />Connect posts to other bloggers<br />Pitch your stories!<br /> 48. YouTube Brings Your Story to Life<br /> 49. Thought Leadership and Expertise<br /> 50. Embeds Expand Reach and Your Story<br /> 51. Social Video Tips<br />Customize a channel on YouTube<br />Title, tag, and describe each video with important keywords<br />Engage inside and out of the YouTube Network<br />Promote your videos in other mediums and networks<br />Use the free analytics tools<br />Make your videos useful and informative<br />Keep a rhythm<br />Quality is key<br />Feature customers<br /> 52. 53. Review Sites: Listen, Learn and Become Part of the Process<br /> 54. Reviews Tell Your StoryHow Will You Shape them?<br /> 55. Reviews are Pervasive<br /> 56. They Also Reveal Opportunities to Improve Experiences<br /> 57. 58. Craig Stoll, co-owner of Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco, outfits his servers in T-shirts emblazoned with quotes from the restaurant's harshest critics. A diner may be greeted by a waitress wearing a shirt proclaiming, "This place sucks." <br />Eric Kirsammer, owner of Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago, avoids engaging his critics openly online. Instead, Kirsammer uses negative reviews as a tool to improve customer service. <br />Sarah Dunbar, owner of Pretty Penny, a vintage clothing boutique in Oakland, California, makes a point of responding privately to each critical review.<br /> 59. Social Commerce Creates a Frenzy<br /> 60. Your Keys to Success in Social Media<br /> 61. Top 10 Ways to Excel in Social Media<br />10. Competitive intelligence<br />9. Insight and performance<br />8. Development of relationships through engagement<br />7. Lead generation6. Customer service<br />5. Coupons/Discounts/Promotion4. Acquiring followers and growing communities<br />3. eCommerce2. Increasing awareness and demand<br />1. Word of mouth<br /> 62. Special Offers<br />California Tortilla (@caltort), a chain of 39 Mexican restaurants based in Rockville, MD, sends coupon passwords via Twitter<br />Customers must say at checkout to redeem the offer<br />Chris Mannas Woodhouse Day Spa tweetsspecial discounts and offers for massages and manicures everyday<br />Twitter is a popular source of new customers<br /> 63. Sales<br />Coffee Groundz (@coffeegroundz) uses the direct message channel on Twitter to receive and prepare orders<br />Reports 20 to 30% increased sales and market share<br /> 64. Word of Mouth Marketing<br />Moonfruit offered 10 Macbook Pros and iPod Touches to celebrate its 10th anniversary<br />$15,000 investment<br />Contestants were asked to send tweets using the hashtag #moonfruit to enter the competition<br />Randomness was encourage<br />One month later, site traffic was up 300% and sales increased by 20%<br />Landed on the first results page on Google for free website builder<br /> 65. Customer Service<br />MightyLeaf Tea uses Facebook and GetSatisfaction to answer customer questions<br />United Linen in Bartlesville, Okla. manages expectations via Twitter<br />When a major snowstorm hit the area, UL used Twitter to let customers know deliveries would be delayed<br /> 66. Direct Sales<br />Brian Simpson (@BSIMI) helped The Roger Smith in New York monitor dialogue related to NY hotel stays and travel<br />Offers specials to attract new guests<br />Uses Twitter search to identify prospects and offer them a 10 percent discount on the lowest-rate rooms<br />Twitter and other forms of social media have netted between $15,000 to $20,000 in additional revenue<br /> 67. Mobile and Geo Location Marketing<br />Local businesses use social tools to identify customers within the area<br />Kogi (LA) and The Crme Brulee Cart (SF)broadcast mobile locations and offers<br />Each stop is greeted by lines of customers<br />Kogi is now considered the worlds first viral eatery and has over 76,000 followers<br />@cremebruleecart has over 14,000 followers<br /> 68. Advice, Help, Direction<br />@homedepot seeks individuals who are tackling home projects to offer tips and instructions<br />BestBuys @Twelpforce helps consumers with decisions related to consumer electronics<br />H&amp;R Block helps people seeking tax and finance advice<br />@NAKEDPizza offers advice, answers questions,related and unrelated to pizza<br />Twitter made the cash register ring<br />The Wydler Brothers Realty Team offers insights in the Washington, D.C. market<br /> 69. Events<br />Coffee Groundz hosts "tweetups<br />Attracts hundreds of customers <br />RedWire, an online collaboration provider, uses Twitter to spread the word about Wired Wednesdays<br />A weekly gathering of entrepreneurs looking to share ideas<br />Milwaukee burger joint AJ Bombers hosts Tweetups and FourSquare events to get customers Tweeting and Checking-in<br /> 70. Rewards<br />Berry Chill (@YogiJones) uses Sweet Tweets to reward its followers with free yogurts<br />Moniques Chocolates in Palo Alto acquired 50 new customers and over 100 redemptions for a special buy one get one for truffles via FourSquare<br />Redemptions converted into 25% repeat business<br />Compared to an ad in a local paper, it earned 1 new customer for the cost of $300 <br /> 71. Bringing the Experience to Life<br />Umi Restaurant in San Francisco tweets about the fresh fish of the night with colorful hunger-inducing descriptions<br />Gets five new customers a night from Twitter<br />Scott Seamans Bed and Breakfast operates in a town of 1,500 residents<br />Uses TweetDeck to talk to people who tweet with keywords related to this business<br />Shares experiences to lure new customers<br /> 72. A 360 Approach to <br />Social Media<br /> 73. Tom Bihn: A Look at a Complete Approach<br />Seattle-based Tom Bihn is a small business that makes and sells travel bags<br />Competes against very big companies<br />Uses social media and engagement spur word of mouth<br />Uses profiles in multiple networks to connect with customers and prospects<br />Anytime a company is given more ways to directly communicate with customers, its an opportunity for growth<br /> 74. Tom Bihn: Blogs<br />Blog provides a centralized source for information<br />Features customer stories<br />Spotlights real world use<br />Solves problems and answers questions through posts<br />Demonstrates expertise<br /> 75. Tom Bihn: Flickr<br />Not just a catalog<br />Showcases products and uses<br />Packing techniques and tips<br />Involves customers in feedback and design<br />Creates products based on insight<br />Tagging, describing and titling pictures helps them show up in customer searches<br /> 76. Tom Bihn: Facebook<br />Invites people to join them on Facebook<br />Interacts with the community<br />Offers specials/deals<br />Shares reviews<br />Spotlights customers<br />Hosts scheduled chats to answer questions<br /> 77. Tom Bihn: YouTube<br />Shares videos of products and demonstrates usefulness<br />Uses story telling to describe products <br /> 78. Tom Bihn: Twitter<br />Includes a nice mix of <br />Retweets<br />Customer experiences<br />Company mentions<br />Thank you messages for customers<br />Announcements of new products and updates<br />Travel regulation notices from the Transportation Safety Administration<br />Links and photos from the companys blog<br /> 79. Everything Starts with Listening and Research<br /> 80. Use keywords related to your business (not just company &amp; competitor names<br />Local merchantsinclude location in your search <br /> 81. Research<br /> 82. 83. Run a search for keywords in Facebook to see what turns up<br /> 84. 85. 86. Engage outside of <br />your domains<br /> 87. Word of Mouth doesnt work, <br />tell everyone you know<br /> 88. 89. 90. Reach Out to Bloggers and Tastemakers<br />Find bloggers who write about your space or related experiences<br />Assess their angle<br />Create a story thats special to them<br />Package an experience that inspires them to share with their audience<br />Create social objects that help them tell their story <br />Video<br />Pictures<br />Customer story<br /> 91. A Word About Your Website<br /> 92. Website 2.0<br />Social media is only part of the story<br />The website is a reflection of your business and quality of service/products<br />You only get one click to make a first impression<br />Complement your social activities with a site that completes the experience<br />Make it easy to buy<br />Make it easy to contact you<br />Include links to social presences<br /> 93. Learn from the Source<br /> 94. Communications Tools/Dashboards<br /> 95. NutshellMail Email Alerts<br />Learn from the Source<br /> 96. Engagement Dashboards<br />Learn from the Source<br /> 97. Learn from the Source<br /> 98. Learn from the Source<br /> 99. 100. Identify ways to provide value<br /> 101. 102. Become the people we want to reach<br /> 103. #ThisisYourTime<br /> 104. 105. @briansolis<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> 106. Join Our Live Twitter Chat<br />Friday<br />October 15, 2010<br />11:00 a.m. ET<br /><br />CCSMM<br /> 107. Were Making Social Simple<br /><br /></p>