Brian Solis Engage or Die!

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Engage or Die! by Brian Solis @SMiCS2011 in Monte Carlo.


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2. Digital Darwinism is already changing thelandscape of business 3. The world has changed forever.Will you change with it? 4. This is not Social Media marketing 5. Fast and Easyis the beginningof the end ofSocial Media 1.0 6. Customers will breakup with organizations that dont deliver value, now and over time 7. People = the 5th Element 8. Traditional ConsumerDigital ConsumerCONNECTED CONSUMER 9. An Audience with an Audience of Audiences 10. A look at the world through the eyes ofa connected customer 11. The Fight for Consumer Attention Takes Place Where Attention isFocused. Hint: Its not your website New Media has thepower toreach people where their attention is focused 12. Attention is a Precious CommodityRed = where users looked the mostYellow = indicate fewer viewsBlue = least viewedGray = didnt attract any fixationsGreen = boxes drawn on top of the images after the study to highlight the advertisements 13. THE VOICE OF THE CUSTOMERBRANDS ARE NOT CREATEDTHEY ARE CO-CREATEDJUST GOT LOUDER 14. Without design orThe future of yourengagement,business is definedwhat will sharedthrough they say?What will they do?experiences 15. Is your business antisocial? 16. YOU CANT BUILD A CUSTOMER-CENTRIC BUSINESSIF YOU DONT KNOWWHAT CUSTOMERS WANT 17. Taking the customer point of view:Closing the Customer Gap in Social MediaDO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT WE WANT OR WHAT WE VALUE? 18. The brand perspectiveCustomers want to learn aboutnew products 19. The brand perspectiveThey want to engage with us tocreate a community 20. The customer perspectiveI want discounts and specialoffers! 21. The customer perspectiveI need the ability to purchasewithin my social network! 22. Obtaining tangiblevalue or recognitionis why people seekout organizations insocial networks 23. The number 1 leastasked question issocial business isWHY? 24. The 5 Ws + H.E. WHOEXTENT WHAT HOWWHEN WHY WHERE 25. CRMSocial CRMRELATIONSHIPS 26. Three sectors are driving the evolution of of Mobileconsumer behavior and businesses must adapt to lead the future The Golden TriangleSocial Real-time 27. Technology Opens New Doors to Intelligence & Engagement Business ValueConsumer Value User Experience Sales Lift Immediate Return Brand Lift Long-term Yield 28. Social and Mobile represent the natural evolution of commercebut everything changes in the process. 29. Consumer AttentionAwareness InterestEvaluationThe TraditionalDecision CustomerJourney Action Referral Loyalty 30. Decision making cycle of connected customers3. Commerce Self-expressionClosure 2. Pre-Commerce EvaluationBrandReviewsDecisionEngagementBrand Strength ConsiderationReconsiderationWord ofExperienceMouth Brand Interruption Sentiment AdvocacyPost-purchaseTrigger researchWord of MouthInfluence LoopValidationAttentionInfluence Enjoy Brand Experimentation AwarenessReconsiderationAdvocate Passive SharedSentiment LoyalistLoyalty Rival1. Formulation AttentionCommitmentBond 4. Post-Commerce 31. 3. Commerce 2. Pre-CommerceEvaluation Decision ConsiderationExperienceTriggerAttention Enjoy AwarenessLoyalty1. Formulation Bond 4. Post-Commerce Social CRM reveals new touchpoints to influence consumer behavior 32. Big Data presents big challenges AND opportunities 33. The 5 IsInfluenceof SocialMarketing Interaction IdeationInsightIntelligence 34. BIO WORD CLOUD TOP 100 35. LOCATION WORD CLOUD TOP 100 36. FINDINGS! @starbucks followers identify themselves as: enthusiasts,geeks, addicts, junkies, creatives! Music, Food, Coffee, and Fashion are the most popularareas of interest! @starbucks followers may favor dogs to cats 2 1! Students account for more than any single Professionalfield 37. The Tenets ofSocial BusinessAre Designed to Build RelationshipsENGAGEDRelevance CONNECTEDADAPTIVE 38. @ is the universal sign for engagement 39. Engagement is defined by how a brand andconsumer connect and interact within theirnetworks of relevance 40. EngagementYouYouProspects Prospects 41. Engagement is measured by takeaway value,sentiment, and resulting actions following theexchange 42. You are Now Entering the Trust Zone 43. Do you know whos influencing your market? 44. Content Context is King Content is King 45. Build relationshipsTrigger actions & outcomes Feed the community 46. ARE YOU DESIGNINGCAMPAIGNS AROUNDMEASURABLE & MEANINGFUL OUTCOMES? 47. Social MediaMarketing isnow expectedto play abigger role inbusinessperformance 48. WE CAN NOT MEASURE WHAT IT IS WE DONTKNOW TO VALUE 49. Likenomics: The value of a Facebook Likeis worthy of study 50. Likenomics: The value of a Facebook Likeis worthy of study 51. THE A.R.T. OF SOCIAL MEDIA = ACTIONSREACTIONS TRANSACTIONS 52. influencechangecausebuildI want to inspire somethinghelpteachlearndiscoversell 53. The Value + Innovation CycleResearch &IntelligenceListenEngageLearn +Adapt +Create ActionMeasureOptimize 54. There is nobox to thinkoutside of