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Chris Gilbey's "Preparation for You Selling You" component of ARTS301 course

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  • 1. ARTS301 Spring 2013 *This presentation uses ideas presented by Steve Blank in the Lean Launch Pad program

2. Today: Storytelling for people pitching themselves as a product Over the next 2 weeks: You prepare and plan your presentation Date of presentation: 6th Sept 2013 3. Each of you presents for no more than 8 minutes on You Start: Identify a job that is currently advertised that you would anticipate applying for when you start looking Your task is to pitch You 4. Start with I am. Then Identify the company and job you are going for Explain your qualifications Demonstrate your understanding of the requirements Discuss your experience Explain the relevance of your degree Be memborable 5. Your slides or prezi should be Rich in visual content pictures, charts, graphics, etc. Low in text content Use slides to frame an idea and add narrative Dont just read the text on your slide Demonstrate that you have done your research Use humour if appropriate Show enthusiasm and interest in the field Eyeball the audience 6. What makes movies and books entertaining? Stories have a Beginning Middle End 7. Act 1 -Hero confronts problem that initiates journey Act 2 - Along the way the hero encounters and overcomes obstacles Act 3 - Ultimately the hero devises a strategy, executes it and wins 8. Try to grab the audiences attention Show emotion Use body language, humor, enthusiasm to keep the audience engaged Dont oversell Listen: Treat them as a part of a conversation Allow time for questions. Answer the question you receive, not one you would like to answer.