Scooby doo monsters unleashed

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  • 1. Scooby Doo Monsters Unleashed Opening Sequence Analysis

2. Beginning of the Title Sequence 3. Warner Bros Studios The opening of this film shows the companys logo in an almost transparent way, fitting in with a ghost like theme. Following this there is a trace of mist which is appropriate to the eerie, mystery semantic field being created. 4. Logo Changes into the Moon 5. The Beginning of the Title Sequence 6. Transformation Edit The logo is covered by the eerie mist before it transforms into the moon of the night time sky. This then leads on to the opening credits which use a bright green font. The titles are exactly in the centre of the moon. 7. Zoom Out Shot 8. Moving away from the Full Moon The camera zooms out from the up close shot of the moon. The titles continue to appear and fade out, turning to mist. Out of the mist a flying creature appears and flies across the moon. This is a clever transition from the word titles, to the mist, to the mysterious beast as it flows smoothly and demonstrates advanced editing techniques. This also links to the mystery theme of Scooby Doo, as it is unknown what the flying being is. 9. Movie Title Presented 10. Scooby Doo 2 Monsters Unleashed This title appears just as the music grows more dramatic which emphasizes the importance of the film name. It links to the pterodactyl which has flown across the sky previously. 11. Opening Credits 12. Establishing Shot and Credits 13. Planned Placement of Names The following titles are shown as the camera moves down from the sky to an establishment shot of the city at night. The titles are placed above the dark silhouette of the background mountains and hills that surround the city. As the title sequence plays further, we see that the city surrounds a lake. 14. Titles Move Bellow Skyline 15. Titles Adapt to Moving Camera As the camera moves out, showing more of the established setting, the titles remain in the centre of the screen. They move to the mountains in the background which is bellow the skyline, standing out against the black. 16. Titles Move Again 17. And Again 18. Following the Pterodactyl The camera pans from a horizontal shot, to diving down and following the flying creature which has a dinosaur-like appearance. The winged animal then flies in-between the skyscrapers with speed. As the camera follows it, the titles continue to appear. They float in mid air before dissipating when they come in to contact with a building.


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