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  • 1.Characterization Characterization with Scooby Doo By: Michaela Meuse

2. What does he look like? Brown Hair Black Spots Pink Tongue Blue Collar 3. Where does he live? He lives in Coolsville. 4. What does he do? He fallows his owner Shaggy around. He helps solve mysteries. He eats and gets scared a lot. 5. What does he think? Food! I hope there are no ghosts... I want a Scooby Snack. 6. What does he say? Ruh- Roh! Im Hungry. Thats Sacry! Can I have a Scooby Snack? 7. What do others think of him? The other monsters dont like Scooby Doo, because he helps catch them. The members of the gang all love him.