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Salado public library computer basics

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Text of Salado public library computer basics

  • 1. Computer Basics Salado Public Library

2. Today We Will Learn

  • The parts of a computer
  • The difference between hardware and software
  • How to use a keyboard
  • How to use a mouse

3. Types of computers Desktop 4. Laptop 5. Other

  • Tablet Computers
  • Cell Phone/Hand Held Computer

6. Fun Fact

  • Sales of laptop computers are higher than sales of desktops
  • It is predicted that tablet and smaller computers will soon outpace laptops.

7. Hardware

  • Hardware is any part of the computer you can touch.

8. Keyboard

  • Use the keyboard to type in commands or information.

9. Mouse

  • The mouse allows your cursor to move around the screen.

10. Monitor

  • The monitor is the screen of the computer.

11. Tower or CPU

  • The CPU or Tower is where the information is stored on the computer and where the actual computational work is performed.It contains the hard drive and memory.

12. Printer

  • Printers print out information from the computer

13. Software

  • The name given to programs that instruct the computer to perform certain tasks
  • Operating Systems
  • Applications

14. Operating Systems

  • Basic computer operations, general operations
    • PC: Microsoft, etc.
    • Mac: Apple

15. Applications

  • Programs that perform specific functions such as word processing, games, email or accessing the Internet.

16. Where can I find software?

  • Software is included on a computer when you buy it.
  • The Internet
  • The store

17. The Mouse

  • Place your right hand
  • on the mouse as
  • illustrated.

18. The Mouse SetupLeft Button Right Button 19. Playing With the Mouse

  • Point and click: When you move the mouse around you will notice an arrow moving around the screen.This is the cursor.You use the mouse to point and click.

20. Left Click and Right Click

  • Sometimes you will be asked to click on something.That means to position the mouse pointer over an object and press the left button once.
  • You can also click on the right button.It usually produces a shortcut menu.

21. Practice


22. CONGRATULATIONS! You have just completed your first computer class! You are on your way to becoming a computer genius!